Saturday, May 26, 2007

Coming Near You This Weekend...

Just some quick announcements ;) The weekend's about to get busier for me.

For those who have Astro, and understands Mandarin, I'm on tonights talk show "Talking Issues" ("就事论事") at AEC Channel 19 @ 11pm. The issue being discussed is slightly relevant to the current civil service 'controversy' - "Who's Responsible For The Public Works with Major Defects?"

Brand new buildings and highways, as well as recently completed expensive renovations in Putrajaya, Parliament and the mega-Court complex are showing extensive and unbelievable defects. Who's responsible? The Government? The Civil Service (Public Works Department)? The Minister? Or The Contractor? Find out more tonight! ;)

In addition, for those living in the Petaling Jaya (PJ) vicinity, just a gentle reminder on the dinner event being held by the PJ Action Team in Sungai Way. I'll be speaking at the event together with other leaders like DAP Secretary General, Sdr Lim Guan Eng, and MP for Bukit Mertajam, Sdri Chong Eng. Click here for more details. ;)


Anonymous said...

This goes like this.

People blame govt. Govt blame contractor. Contractor blame NEP. Samy Vellu then go tell PM, he will take the heat if he keeps his job. Samy Vellu then say there is no choice but to pay him and his cronies to fix it.

How to break the cycle? You start with Samy Vellu being fired.

Anonymous said...

SV got big powerful khram! Nobody,and I mean nobody dare touches him.....even 'superstar' rajnikanth

Maybe superhero Tony Pua can neutralize him....

Anonymous said...

It could goes like this also....

First the gov appoint the main contractor and consultants they like. So, easy to "kau-tim" if anything. ka ki lang mah.

Then the main con selects the sub-cons they like. Again, easy to "kau-tim" if enything goes wrong.

Then, some officer from the gov starts to squeeze the main con on the pricing, you can guess what i mean. Since they are "ka ki lang", this request "sub sub sui".

Subsequently, the main con will squeeze the sub-contrators on the pricing.

Lastly, the sub-con got no one to squeeze, they don't want to lose money, so save on materials and labor cost lah.

The one who inspect the work (clerk of work) is from the main con, easy to "kau-tim", a perfect "gau-tim" loop.

I was in the construction line before, this kind of thing, common. To break this thing, must have a strong investigation body.

123 said...

Let us not forget Sami Vellu's substantial political influence in the country which, in a sense, gives him immunity.

Besides, sacking him does not exactly guarantee a non recurrence of the status quo by the succeeding minster.

The epidemic will continue indefinitely to perpetuate itself unless the realistic step taken, that is to vote for the CORRECT political party in the coming elections.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

Sang Kelembai has a fair comment on your article and surrounding controversy in his blog, if you have not read it already. So some malays do understand where you're coming from.

Btw Samy has to hurry to discover and carry out all the repairs of course - time is running out.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony

I think you have been doing a great job so far. I like how you use logic and facts to justify your arguments, rather than emotions as is so often the case with Malaysian politicians.

With regards to your TV interview on defects in our public buildings, and your recent 'controversial' comment on the civil service, I think we badly need constructive and credible criticism. I also think the government should be more open than it currently is to accept criticism (otherwise, how does it expect to improve?).

However, from what I can see.. it seems that you (and also DAP in general) are limiting yourself to being "reactive" rather than "proactive". Meaning that, most of your comments are targeted at identifying the government's mistakes... rather than specific suggestions of new ideas on how the country can improve. In other words, most than just giving a critique, it would be helpful to give fresh ideas as well.

For example, the civil service IS bloated (and the opposition has done a great job highlighting this)... but what are your ideas on how we can solve this problem and at the same time, not "neglect" our umemployable (not unemployed) graduates.

Perhaps you (and DAP) have been proactive, but as things are, it is not obvious (to me at least). I follow your blogs and Lim Kit Siang's as well... but I'm still unclear of DAP's action plan for Malaysia. If DAP were to take over the government, what changes would it implement with regards to our education system, civil service, unemployment problem, rising crime rate, racial (dis)integration etc.?

I believe DAP is playinng a very important role in keeping BN in check. However, for DAP to have any decent chance of making a real difference and maybe even to take over the government one day (I can just imagine some people jumping up and threatening violence at this very thought), it has to move from being reactive to proactive.

Thank you for the great job done so far. Malaysia needs more people like you.

Golf Afflicted said...

Hi Anon 3.45

Thanks so much for your support. ;)

As for the point where you mentioned that we should come up with a thorough "action plan", yes, you are certainly not wrong.

However, within a short few months after I've joined the Party, I've come to fully understand why this is so. We have so few full-time hands to do so. Dealing with daily matters (plus the frequent adhoc stuff) is already stretching the hours a fair bit for everyone, hence any large scale attempts at say an alternative 5-year plan is nearly impossible.

The Government has the entire EPU and even the rest of the big civil service to help them come up with the plans. We have no such machinery, nor can we afford it.

We certainly hope to do as you have suggested (and we won't give up doing so) but it'll be helpful if you (together with more like minded persons) join the party to help with coming up with the "pro-active" plans. Or alternatively, assist in funding research analysts or assistants for the party.

Once again, thanks for your support ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey Tony,

Maybe you could consider issuing apologies that sounds like this - "I would like to apologize to the MINORITY of civil servants out there who are highly qualified and worked their hearts out for the nations and felt betrayed by my statement. I was forced into making such statements because of my anger caused by the government policies that tolerates mediocrity. In fact, you should feel offended by the government's actions and management of civil service."

Hmmm ... Where did I learnt that style of apologies? From 2MPs ... I think most people will know who I mean. Anyhow, this apology is still more credible than theirs.

Anonymous said...

HI Tony,

Indeed, DAP needs more professional like you to join their struggle.

As for the need for DAP to come up with a thorough 5-year "Action Plan", perhaps DAP could make use of electronic and print media to recruit more professionals to assist in this "bold" attempt.

Anonymous said...

DAP stands for Donno Action Plan,