Friday, August 06, 2010

Umno Incapable of Change

Ever since I had first suggested certain reforms to the Selangor state economic policies to create a more business-friendly environment to attract more investors as well as to become more equitable to the poor and less fortunate in the state, I've come under daily attacks by Umno leaders as well as their mouthpiece, Utusan Malaysia.

The attacks have culminated in all 22 Umno Youth divisions in Selangor filing police reports against me yesterday, charging that my suggestion was "dangerous, sensitive and provocative while inciting hatred and dissatisfaction against government policies" and of course, "threatening public order and peace".

The suggestion, one of many proposed, which triggered the uproar among the Umno leaders was to abolish bumiputera discounts for luxury property purchase, and that savings from such a move be better utilised for corporate social responsibility programmes for the poor.

The Prime Minister himself has proposed in the New Economic Model (NEM) as well as the 10th Malaysia Plan (10MP) that affirmative action programmes will be reformed to be "market-friendly and merit-based" and will be focused on the "bottom 40% lower income earners".

I would have thought that my proposal was completely in line with both the NEM and 10MP proposed by the Government. Why should the Government impose a policy to continue to subsidise those who can already afford a property costing millions of ringgit?

The police report by Umno Youth proves beyond reasonable doubt that Umno and its youth wing, despite the loud reform rhetoric by the wings' leaders to be inclusive, progressive and focused on the poor, the Party is only interested protecting the interests of those who have benefited lucratively from their connections to Umno.

The Umno President as well as the Umno Youth Chief have been doing the song and dance on how their party's capable of change and reform, like their slogan in the Hulu Selangor by-elections "BN Mampu Berubah". However these are proving to be empty rhetoric, for its now demonstrated clearly that Umno leaders are only interested in upholding 'ketuanan Melayu', even if it is at the expense of public policy, principles of social and distributive justice as well, as well as the greater needs of the poorer bumiputeras.

The police report by Umno Youth is completely frivilous and childish, and the party that is really "dangerous and provocative" is Umno itself.

I will not be threatened by the report for making positive suggestions to improve both the economy of the state as well as the welfare of the poor. I strongly believe that the majority of the population, including the majority of bumiputera community will understand and support the proposals to promote greater equity for bumiputera and Malaysians.


hishamh said...

You have my vote on this, Tony. It's not as if this touches on constitutional protections of Bumi rights,

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Are you doing the smart thing here? The police report filed at you are not rational behaviour. Its basically primal, group think and reactionary and they don't know it. Think about it, its all done too quickly to be organised and thinking.

BUT is that a reason to accuse them of not being able to behave rationally? Instead you should step back and take the higher road. You understand they are used to such reaction, such instinct because they are irresponsibly wired that way for too long by UMNO. BUT they are simply irrational, simply wrong. That you wish for them to behave rationally, for their own good and the good of their race.

But having said that, its true UMNO cannot change because irrational behavior are hard to self-change. So the only choice is for someone else, the rakyat to force change on them.

Anonymous said...

You are speaking reasonably and rationally to an unreasonable and irrational crowd. It is plain to see that in this country, there can be no civil discourse with a significant segment of the population.
What I have to say, then, is please pick your battles carefully. MPs like you are few and far in between, and we need you alive!
PJU voter

Anonymous said...

its a long road to reform Malaysia, if more politician like you around maybe they still a glint of hope to shine through .. keep up the good work and be true to yourself

Anonymous said...

YB Tony, PLEASE dont say anything more about umno or malays things unless you have a back up plan where your colleagues in PAS can stand up to defend you which have been proven all the time they did not-we wonder why.Every time Dap makes any noise those umno warlords will retaliate back not Dap but the whole chinese community and will accuse the WHOLE community of trying to question malays rights,islam and royalty etc and play with fire, eventho' your subject matter is about helping the poor.Our country is a circus dont take it too seriously,dont be a hero bcos we have too many eunuchs(plus east malaysians)who prefer to cari makan besar,buat apa peduli nanti kena marah dari amno.

Anonymous said...

I think it may not be proper to comment that UMNO incapable to change. I am sure they could change, but the question is "Are they willing to change?". If they are not willing to change, even they are capable, they still won't change.
But my view is that they will definitely change, the question is they will change to be more "open" or more "conservative"? It will become a key turning point for this giant party. And for sure, this change will affect their next generation seriously, because with advance in technology, distance between people shorten. Time taken to make a change will also be shorten. That also means if you are not progressing, but others are, then you will fall very far behind within short period of time.

Anonymous said...


Not only is UMNO incapable of change. You too are incapable of change.

We. the PJ folks will change you in the next GE.

Anonymous said...

I think, ketuanan melayu should not be abolished, as long as it does really help the poor malays, instead of helping the rich malays to be richer. Shame on all the corrupted malays! Hidup Melayu!!!

Anonymous said...

Like it or not..only God can change them. A split second twist to their fate is enough and only god is able to do that!

PJU Insider said...

Sources said BN will be putting a very CAPABLE candidate against you in PJU come the bext G.E.

I was told this individual is HIGHLY RESPECTED among BN & Pakatan Rakyat leaders, EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT with well respected academic qualifications, very WELL LIKED by grassroots of his/her party & he/she is a RESIDENT of PJU since 10 year old.

Did you receive any WIND from this piece of NEWS???

I bet you MUST really be SHAKING in FEAR now, huh??? Can this be what your CHAIRMAN called a "ONE TERM WONDER"??? Looks possible though.

Anonymous said...



this move or declaration from you is not wise. The chain effect from your stance, topped with a little racism spices, will be transformed into misleading, adverse perception on what Malay voters have on you.

Malay is particularly sensitive on issues like this, as you know.

There are still considerable number of Malay voters that are indecisive on their politics-preference, any issues that are successfully misled will assist their preference on BN, or at least against you.

you need to involve or organize more social welfare activities among lower layer of malay community to protude your believes and strategies there, not hammering them from the top.

My whole family is supporting you and your hardwork, please keep it up!

Rakyat Tang

Anonymous said...

My comment in Anwar on his arrogant and ignorant attack on the MCA leader, whiich I'm sure will be censored as usual!It's Muslim ignorant and arrogant hypocrites like you, Anwar who cannot accept criticism of the reality of barbarity committed using Islam! Look in the mirror - and stop aping primitive, violent and ancient Arabic cult! Instead of fighting to reform an Islam that worships God in a just way, you'd rather have ignorant and brainwashed non-Arab Muslims to go on being dominated by such evil Arabic culture that use God for their evil supremacy and dominance. For goodness sake, Pedophilia i.e. child rape, is still legitimized under "child-bride" in that supposedly holy land, Saudi Arabia, and the stoning, murder and mutilation of women/girls, all legitimized under Sharia 'laws' in mostly Arabic-style Islamic land! I'm sure you're going to censor this; like a typical Arabic-style Muslim hypocrite and coward; but I'll keep on posting!

Katharina Sri ex Noor Aza

Anonymous said...

yes, remove the discount on luxury house instead channel the 7% to selangor state poverty foundation (as long not let Toyo be the president) to help the poor in subsidize their low cost house and provide single parent with small loan for small business ..
to hell with shrewd umno logic, when Ku Li supported this idea it's not sedition when you point it out it is ...

Anonymous said...

Hello DAP



Anonymous said...

Is this Malaysian Jho Low the flamboyant kid, spending on Malaysian rakyat's tax money?

DAP's job to check and probe.

Col Roseli said...

Why must we hope for UMNO to change. If they really change, we may be out of job.

Anonymous said...

The rakyat wants Tun Maha-thir,Tun Ling Lion sick, Sam Velloo to return their stolen billions from the Government to build fibre optic telephone lines and upgrade our internet system. How much spend in vain in Cyberjaya, that sinful money should have spent more wisely to upgrade our internet and telecommunication system. Now the Unifi sucks, they cannot cope with the volume. Subscribe less than 2 months, now no network service for 1 week and still not connected. Telecom sucks. All money sucked by these taikhos in Umno and still not enough, Tun M still says not enough. This country is going down! Talk so big MSC, super corridor but internet in our own corridor cannot solve. Tak malu-lah. Boast J.Lo lah, buying football team lah, Formula 1 lah, buy Lotus lah... blah blah blah (fruzzzzzzzz)

DistressedNyen said...

YB, we love you for:
- your courage
- speaking up for Malaysians
- your analytical ability in politics

Do not be deterred by the bullet!

Moron-in-the-hurry sends anonymous letter with a bullet

Gentleman sends best wishes with a vote!

Anonymous said...

YB Tony. It's tough to be an opposition MP worldwide. We the public see your logic of questioning the necessity to give rich Bumis a discount to acquire luxury condominium units but the incumbent Umnoputras may not think so. We pray you stand firm despite the bullet that you received from the mail recently.