Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tweet Tweet!

I've been on Twitter for more than a year now. However, it was only in the last month or two I become a little more active in interacting on Twitter, especially after getting my Blackberry Curve.

How influential are Tweets? Frankly, I don't know. Do they have limited reach to the electorate?

Before the last general elections, I would have told you that the blogs and Internet will only have limited reach to the urnab areas like Klang Valley. I was wrong. Will twitter and Facebook make a difference. So we'll see. ;-)

Anyway, below is a report of a Twit exchange between Khairy Jamaluddin, internet trailblazer Lim Kit Siang with myself butting in published by The Edge Malaysia.

DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang and Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin have been trading barbs on the micro-blogging site Twitter, over a series of questions that Lim has dubbed an “acid tests” on the 1Malaysia concept.

In a speech in parliament yesterday, Lim posed a series of questions to Cabinet ministers and said their answers would show whether they were sincerely and seriously committed to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s 1Malaysia concept.

The questions are:
  • Whether he or she agrees to the establishment of an Opposition-headed Parliamentary Select Committee on 1Malaysia;
  • Is he or she prepared to declare that the basis of 1Malaysia is “ketuanan rakyat Malaysia” and not “ketuanan Melayu”; and
  • Is he or she prepared to endorse the objective of 1Malaysia as defined by the 1Malaysia Government Transformation Programme (GTP) Roadmap to create a nation where every Malaysian perceives himself or herself as Malaysian first, and by race, religion or region second.
On Friday, March 19, Lim said on Twitter, Umno MPs, including Khairy were stumped by the three questions he posed.

“[This is a] sad day for Malaysia after 53 years since Independence. Umno MPs find it so difficult to answer these three acid tests of 1Malaysia,” he wrote on his Twitter page.

In response to that, Khairy slammed Lim for avoiding the question for Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s regarding the APCO issue.

Anwar recently claimed the 1Malaysia concept was from APCO Worldwide, an international strategic communications company that was engaged to assist the Malaysian government in strategic communication. The opposition leader claimed that the idea originated from APCO ’s involvement in conceptualising the “One-Israel” slogan for the Israeli government.

DAP national publicity secretary Tony Pua stepped in to advise Khairy to direct the question to Anwar instead of Lim, while Lim called Khairy the “Pathetic Umno Youth chief” for diverting attention to Anwar-related matter.

“On Anwar-APCO , I have no information. Let's see who is right, but this cannot justify disappearance after coming on so powerfully righteous until punctured like tyre with no air by three questions,” Lim quipped.

“Pathetic DAP dino who cannot even understand when someone has answered his ‘trick’ question. Better luck next time old man,” Khairy responded on Twitter.

Pua later added that he was proud to be a Malaysian first before considering his race and religion, “unlike all the Umno tools who don’t even believe in their own 1Malaysia rhetoric”.

Unhappy with the term “Umno tools”, Khairy told Pua he had no intention of starting a quarrel with the latter and that he should step aside.

In Lim’s tweets, the DAP man challenged the “Oxford lad” to answer the questions “if he is capable of answering them”, while Khairy called Lim a “revisionist historian as usual”.

Lim continued firing Khairy for being “the world's only Oxford grad who could not answer three simple questions”.

“The supremacy of the Constitution is the basis of 1Malaysia,” Khairy responded the three with an answer.

“Perhaps you no longer uphold the Constitution. It’s like asking a vegetarian to choose between chicken and beef for lunch. False choice. Nice try,” Khairy twitted.

Following the explanation, Lim hurled a fourth a fourth  at Khairy to suppress his “attempt to evade by mouthing generalities about the Constitution”.

The fourth question was whether Khairy would accept a Malaysian Constitution founded on the supremacy of Malaysians and not Malay supremacy.

Khairy responded by saying that Lim was just extending his false-choice question and  he “was getting under Lim’s skin”. He added the crux was that “1Malaysia gets broad-based and multi-ethnic support. Malaysian Malaysia does not”.


Jayejr said...

Well, I'd like to tweet this msg: Khairy, your response 2 LKS confirms you as tai-chi master. Was tai-chi an elective at Oxford?

Anonymous said...

En KJ,the supremacy of the Constituition is the basis of how the country will be governed.1Malaysia is not mentioned in the Constituition,so dont try to twist around. If you cannot answer just keep silent rather than to show your stupidity by uttering something irrelevent.

KY said...

your debate with khairy on twitter's the best demonstration of how a little interaction between ruling and opposition parties doesn't hurt.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


May God continue to bless Brazil
Giving its people all the needed zeal
The world to restore and to heal
Only with God's mighty glory to reveal

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 210310
Sun. 21st Mar. 2010.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


"United we stand tall
Divided we fall"
Heed this clarion call
Or have no stand at all

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 210310
Sun. 21st Mar. 2010.

TOKZ said...


Firstly, I would say you're WRONG to interfere in the TWEETS between LIM KIT SIANG & KHAIRY. Your existence in the TWEET resembles 2 MEN vs 1 MAN & that's a PATHETHIC SHAME for anyone who call himself a "MAN". Unless you are a LADY such as Theresa Kok, Fong Po Kuan or Chong Eng, then, I CAN accept your interference. Alternatively, if you're a PONDAN or BAPUK....I too would be able to accept your interference. However, if you're a REAL MAN, then please show your GENTLEMAN ATTITUDE & abide to FAIR PLAY, ok?? Let KIT SIANG & KJ battle it out themselves. Moreover, by you SHAMEFULLY blogging about it will only make you a BIGGER ZERO than any HERO. It's very SHAMEFUL for a MAN to stand-up to a FIGHT only when there are support but only to HIDE when he's alone....understand, bro??? "Lu JANTAN kah???"

OK now, let's get back to your COMMUNIST CAPTAIN's 3 GOOD QUESTIONS & herewith are my BRILLIANT ANSWERS:

1) Kit Siang asked for a "Opposition-headed Parliamentary Select Committee"? My answer is a BIG NO!!! If such a Committee is formed by the Opposition, there will only be MORE RED TAPES & OBJECTIONS. In fact, more time will be WASTED becos' the Opposition MPs only know how to OBJECT issues brought up by the Ruling Party MPs. Oppositions simply LOVES to BARK & OBJECT before even evaluating an issue. So much so, they just OBJECT for the sake of OBJECTING although certain issues are considered BENEFICIAL to 'the rakyat'. KJ should have answered Kit Siang by tweeting "Once a DOG, forever a DOG....they just BARK without THINKING".

2) 1Malaysia = “Ketuanan Melayu". Sorry! I ain't being RACIST here. The Malays, Chinese, Indians & 'lain-lain' should all be regarded as MELAYU & NOT 'rakyat Malaysia'. Every Malaysian citizens should be given a NEW MELAYU NAME & have them all throw away their ORIGINAL NAME to the RUBBISH BIN for good. Thus we'll all bear a NEW NAME of which gives us the MELAYU IDENTITY. This means NO MORE such name as Lim XX, Pua XX, Tan XX, Kanapathy XX, Selvarajan XX & bla, bla, bla. Those who still insist to have their OLD NAME on their "NEW MELAYU NAME" must be sent back to CHINA, INDIA, INDONESIA, etc (the ORIGINAL destination their forefathers came to seek asylum). 1Malaysia will bring NOT only a NEW CONCEPT to Malaysia but also a NEW NAME to all Malaysians to enable a "1Malaysia Identity". Makes sense, correct??

3) Kit Siang asked "every Malaysian perceives himself or herself as Malaysian first, and by race, religion or region second". Look....I've stated it above. Every Malaysian Citizen MUST abolish their ORIGINAL NAME & RACE. A 'New Name & New Race' will be given to all Malaysians to identify MALAYSIANS. This means NO MORE such a thing as Malays, Chinese, Indians, Sikhs, Iban, Kadazan & bla, bla, bla. Those who still insist their ORIGINAL RACE to be recognized might as well go COMMIT SUICIDE & REINCARNATE to where they ancestors came from. As for RELIGION wise, we can still upkeep it. Malaysians have all the right to say whether they are MELAYU ISLAM, MELAYU BUDDHA, MELAYU HINDU, MELAYU KRISTIAN & the list goes on.

I strongly believe my ANSWERS above will certainly SHUT that OLD MAN (Kit Siang) up who constantly tries to change Malaysia to China, while giving a SLAP to KHAIRY's face for NOT even knowing how to answer SIMPLE QUESTIONS.

As for TONY PUA who loves to get involved only where there are support....Be a MAN lah!!! Otherwise, just STEP ASIDE & WATCH. Unless, you wanna CHOP OFF ya' "KUKUCIAU" & call yourself a WOMAN, then, by all means you're FREE TO JOIN.

Thanks for your time & COMPLIMENT me latter for giving you 3 BRILLIANT ANSWERS as above.

TOKZ said...


The concept of 1 MALAYSIA should be as followed:

China tolong balik CINA,
Pasal sini MALAYSIA.
Tolong janjan Mengada-ADA,
Lebih baik semua CINA tukar NAMA.

India tolong balik INDIA,
Tidak hirau agama dan USIA,
Jangan asyik cakap Malaysia kamu PUNYA,
Bila sendiri tak ikut 1 MALAYSIA.

Melayu tolong balik INDONESIA,
Malaysia bukan kamu PUNYA,
Melayu setaraf Cina dan INDIA,
Kita semua 1 MALAYSIA.

* This means all CHINESE, INDIANS & MALAYS should call themselves MELAYU becos' 1 Malaysia is for 1 MELAYU *

* Throw away our ORIGINAL NAME & disregard our ORIGINAL RACE. We will be given a NEW name & our NEW race will thus be called MELAYU *

This will 100% work-out for PEACE & STABILITY!!!

Old Fart said...

Tony, you are talking about this young chicko who can hardly piss straight into a urinal. His mummy is still trying to get that right for him. why waste so much space on him. Khairy really needs a spanking.

Himmat Singh said...

Hey man....keep the good things flowing.

Twitter is huge mayte, trust me. Therein lies a whole lot of power.

No comments about the barbs being traded between KJ and KS.

But the q's put forth by KS regarding 1Malaysia is mind-blowing.

*Salutations to KS*

Marsha Maung said...

taichi show. KJ cannot answer can he?? wanna kena bantai meh?? so, he push around lor. simple nia. but he quite good at this taichi thing lah, i have to say. go oxford got learn a thing or two lah, good for him