Sunday, March 21, 2010

Video: Tony on GST

Well if you are not yet sick of the Goods & Services Tax (GST) topic, below is the link to an exclusive video interview with which was done before the BN Government chickened out and withdrew the Bill from debate in Parliament.

I had predicted a U-turn by the current Najib administration, after earlier U-turns on the 5% real property gains tax as well as the tiered petrol subsidy programme, but only after the Bill has been approved. However, it appeared that this government clearly didn't think through their policy considerations in depth, and withdrew the Bill even before debate on the pretext that "further consultations are needed with the public". The question is, why didn't they consult first, then draft/present the bill, but instead, try to force the bill through, then say consult later?

For those who prefer to read about the interview, instead of watch it over Internet video, you will find 2 reports on Malaysiakini - "U-Turn on GST was waiting to happen" and "GST = Taxation without End"


Lee Wee Tak said...

the evil side of mine was a wee bit dissappointed when Najib administration did not hara kiri itself with going ahead.

it would be interesting to see people fined RM50K or hauled into jail for GST mishaps

and the vast majority whi have not been paying income tax suddenly
find themselves paying extra....

hang on, Malaysiainsider reported that a BN MP whispered that GST is being deferred to after GE.

a bigger problem is the MEB which I read in a foreign paper, is considering withdrawing the subsidy on fuel and sugar...a very tricky situation. our citizens do not earn enough to withstand these cool turkey...'

DAP 2011 budget need to address this problem...I am already impressed with the 2010 one so...gotta think ahead of the BN think tank...

Anonymous said...

Frankly I thought Najib made a big political mistake to back off on GST. If he postphone until after the next GE, then it will be worst for him because PR can campaign on it. BN=Barang Naik.

If come Sarawak election and PR makes even some inroad, then it will send the signal that Peninsular and Sabah can go very badly for BN. There will be a lot of pressure on Najib to turn on the tap so that the UMNO/BN machinery can do their dirty deeds. Where is the money going to come from?

There really is only one other place - Petronas - they will hawk Petronas future revenue for it and it will incense the heartland because the heartland do think that Petronas revenue is their 'warisan'.