Monday, March 08, 2010

Tribute To DAP Founder: Dr Chen Man Hin

This tribute was presented during the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor Convention held earlier today to honour the heros of Pakatan Rakyat.


Anonymous said...

This man is a true Malaysian. His determination and spirit fighting for the people right must be told to the young Malaysians.
As Malaysian, we are fortunate to have him, GOD bless this man!!!

Anonymous said...

Curious actually about your tweet about Ahmad Husni remark "Kalau orang cina di Pulau Pinang buli kita, kita lawan balik orang Cina."

What go to specifically say 'Penang, and Chinese?' Its clearly racist but its so crude. What is brewing under the hood?

I think the crazies have been let of the leash by our own Marcos-Imelda couple if you ask me..

Anonymous said...

We need this kind of leader that serve selflessly for the sake of the PEOPLE (irregardless of creed) and NATION, God Bless Dr Chen for good health.

Arena Green said...

What a moving tribute! Dr Chen is indeed a man of principle and that says a lot in modern society.

wandererAUS said...

It is fitting that Dr Chen be given with such A high recognition... for his contribution to DAP and deserved undoubtedly, the high praises he earned from his Allies in the Opposition and DAP COMRADES in particular.
I was from Seremban and I shared many happy and disappointing moments in my association with DAP. I can only wish greater success for a political Party which has Vision and Integrity.... to advance further forward and true to their belief, "We will not concede to the evil forces until, our dream is achieved...MALYSIA FOR MALAYSIANS"
May Dr Chen see his dream comes true!

shiver said...

what a fantastic tribute to a real malaysian.
i dont see how Dr. Chen would be less a malaysian than a an UMNO man who has done absolutely nothing for the country.
i never knew Dr. Chen spoke fluent English.
God bless Dr. Chen and Pakatan Rakyat!

DistressedNyen said...

From Dr Chen to 1st lady with love...

I sing you a chinese song,

We can continue to refrain from giving you educational scholarships

We also ensure your promotion opportunities to be minimal in civil service or GLCs

We will see that merits recognition in your service to be non-existence

We give you zero new schools for your children

We will of course prolong your school's under-funded status

but, i can continue to sing you another chinese song,

We are glad for some reason you are jumping with joy...

sean ong said...

I first shook his hands once in the seventies in Seremban when he walked pass my grandfather shop in Singapore Street when i was studying in Convent(unfortunately the entire colonial school was demolished under bn govt) for kindergarten.He knows my grandfather very well as they came from the school.Dr Chen is a very down to earth man and i salute him as a great leader who cares for the entire nation.

Anonymous said...

What Najib said today about DAP's middle Malaysia - such a cheap shot. Its a sure sign of nervousness and breaking under pressure. So low class.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tony, with all due respect to you, may I urge you to just give up on your fight for change. There is no change and cannot be forseen any changes that might be happening,perhaps after our generation. I urge you to retire and enjoy your life for good, and not to be ISAed, do you understand what I mean? I am saying this for your own good. Live a happy life and contribute your knowledge to those who appreciate and heed your advices. This country just cannot be reformed. DAP screwed themselves hard almost 50 years agao when they let Lee Kuan Yew formed PAP and a government in Singapore. DAP has to redeem itself, just retire and live peacefully, Mr. Tony.