Friday, February 12, 2010

Zulkifli Nordin: Fitnah

As usual, renegade Pakatan Rakyat MP has gone on another rampage. This time, he is accusing various DAP leaders of various wrong-doings which justifies our being "chauvinist, racist and communist". I shall not comment on his accusations on other leaders, although as far as I'm concerned, they are equally baseless.

However, there's a specific accusation against me which I will show is a complete and baseless lie, or "fitnah". This Bandar Kulim Bahru MP accused me of:
...tindakan biadap YB Tony Pua yang mendesak YB Datuk Hasan Ali, Ahli Exco dan Pesuruhjaya PAS Selangor dipecat selepas pertikaian mengenai Selcat dan kebenaran penjualan arak di kedai serbanika di dalam negeri Selangor;
Let me categorically deny that I've ever mentioned, much less "mendesak" Datuk Hassan Ali be sacked from his office as the state executive councillor. This is despite the fact that many would then agree that such a call may actually be justifiable then.

In fact, it was Datuk Hasan Ali who had publicly called for his Pakatan colleague, Ronnie Liu's position to be reviewed.

My statement which is available on DAP's website here, and widely reported in Bernama and The Malaysian Insider, focused strictly on the fact that Datuk Hasan Ali needs to follow "due process".

Similarly, I've posted a statement with regards to the Selcat controversy involving Datuk Hasan Ali, and again, I've asked that he "must start behaving like he is part of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition."

I had also an earlier statement that said that Datuk Hasan Ali needs to learn how to be a coalition partner, and for PAS Selangor under his leadership to better understand multi-racial politics.

There was absolutely no mention of any request for Datuk Hassan Ali to be sacked in any of the above statements and reports. Unlike Zulkifli Nordin, I don't shoot of my hip without using my head.

His statement is clearly defamatory in nature, and he had repeated the same on his TV3 interview a few nights ago.

Should I sue him? No-lah, that'll make him "important". At the moment, I just can't wait for him to leave Pakatan and join UMNO where he belongs.

As far as I'm concerned, he needs to answer to his Allah, for I'm certain that "fitnah" is a major sin.



As long as there are slogans calling for unity for an ethnicity or a religion instead of unity for Malaysians, then the true chauvinist will always be there in the political scene

Anonymous said...

Zulkifli Nordin is a bigoted racist who should be sacked from PKR and placed in an animal cage to get him out of his deranged mind. He is a racist who is seeking cheap publicity and bring PR down the drain.

Anonymous said...

You really wonder how someone who can basically break the rules of his own religion and yet can create such vitriol about it even among PKR and PAS member. Where does the problem really lies? More importantly how can DAP even deal with it?

You have to wonder why Zul Noordin is picking on you when so many other people DID call for Hassan Ali to be sacked? Like it or not, the most insecure ultras see you as a growing threat. Your reasons don't matter to them. All they see is you taking power away from them..

Leithaisor said...

So there is ample proof that Zulkifli, pious Muslim and defender of Islam, has committed the sin of fitnah.

None of us can avoid making mistakes however earnest and careful we try to be. But not all are capable of admitting errors and making sincere apologies.

I hope that Zulkifli is big enough to review the claim he made, and the proof that he has seriously erred, and make the necessary apology.

PJ utara voter said...

Dear YB tony

being a muslim and malay,i totally agree with you about this melaun(disgusting) zul nordin but i,m still hurt with jeff ooi about his statement to JIM,i am a JIM active member.YB saari sungip was JIM president and few well known YB's in PAS and PKR were and still jim member,infact current GMI boss is jim president.
pls tell jeff to control his tone on racial and religious issues.malay are sensitive people.

my family will still vote for you

sungai way

BulllShifter said...

"I don't shoot of my hip without using my head." - Tony.


Now that's an interesting statement.


Anonymous said...

Zulkifli Nordin said about 9 duri
DAP dalam PR in Sinar newspaper .
My advice to him : Quit PKR and join BN . One PKFZ already at least
12.5 billion duri for him

Marsha Maung said...

tried to stop myself from commenting but i was just laughing too loudly and scared myself. ya lah...don't make him important lah. apparently, he likes 'shooting off his hip' without using his head. LOL!!

Unknown said...

It boggles my mind as to why DAP whould still be bedfellows with these bigoted racist in Pakatan rakyat. It shows that Pakatan Rakyat is nothing but a motley collection of oppotunist that will stab each other in the back. Et tu brutus. I don't think you guys are fit to run a whore house, harlots who would sell their souls to the richest bidder much less run the country