Saturday, February 13, 2010

Astro Awani In Frame: PAS-DAP Cooperation

This talk show programme was broadcast quite a few months back, during the height of the "crisis" in Selangor. Was the crisis real? Can PAS and DAP work together? Dr Dzulkifli Ahmad, MP for Kuala Selangor and myself "face-off" on "In Frame" hosted by Shamsul Akmal. Happy viewing! ;-)

Part I

Part II


Anonymous said...

The honest truth is the business of Government is largely practical, ideals are actually luxuries and more important to politicians for publicity or marketing purposes than people's personal lives. Look at communism which is anti-religion and still Islam has thrived in China. When you strip away the differences in 'dreams' and 'ideals' between PAS and DAP, the difference could be no more than 10%. So if both sides are willing to walk away from the convenience of selling idealistic dreams and fancies, then PR can work.

Manature said...

Dear Tony, my MP,

Please do this for me. Please take this message to the relevant party leader. For the next election, all PR candidates MUST MAKE PUBLIC PLEDGE. Just signing undated resignation is not enough. See Future PR candidates must make public loyalty pledge.

Anonymous said...

The issue is there more differences between PAS and DAP compared to UMNO ultras and moderates.. On the surface it appears that UMNO is universal in being corrupt, racist and religious zealots.

That is superficial.

The truth is UMNO ultras and moderates are bound together by power and corruption MORE than on being racist and religiuos. Najib as we know has no religious conviction or credential. As far as being a racist is concern, he is not that bad. Muhiyiddin on the other hand is corrupt, racist and religiously arrogant.

The problem is the ultras are by nature the biggest hypocrite and can least tolerate anti-corruption and meritocracy. There is very little room for Najib to manouver in reality. Honestly Badawi idea to tackle religion first and corruption later actually made more sense.

The likes of Perkasa demonstrate the limits of Najib's plan. As Najib proceed with his anti-corruption and economic liberalisation, all it takes is religious and racist issue to tear it all apart.

All we need to get rid of Najib is an economic slowdown and low oil prices. Its why its paramount to stop GST and removing subsidies because those things gives relief to the strain between the ultras and moderates in UMNO.

If you think about it, the difference between PAS and DAP is not as big as between the ultras and moderates in UMNO