Thursday, February 04, 2010

"Please Sack Me!!"

That's what they are really saying. Each of these MPs, Zahrain Hashim, Zulkifli Nordin and Tan Tee Beng who are publicly saying that they are not planning to quit are indeed telling the truth.

Instead of quitting and be accused of "jumping ship", they want to be sacked so that they can go out in a blaze of "glory" and accuse their party of betraying them instead, "forcing" them to join a BN-aligned political party.

Til today, despite calling Lim Guan Eng a "dictator", "chauvinist", and a "communist", none of them have been able to furnish an iota of evidence as to what exactly and specifically Lim Guan Eng has done which justifies the fantastic labels.

The only element of dictatorship which I see, is that he was completely and utterly uncompromising in creating a clean and crony-free government. In fact one of the first "law" "dictated" by Guan Eng after becoming Penang's Chief Minister was to ban the application of land by our MPs and ADUNs to prevent abuses and corruption. Obviously, the result was unending frustration by the 2 Penang-based MPs.

Zahrain who wanted an inexperienced RM2 company awarded a management contract for Penang Island's only golf club was "over-ruled", and a subsequent "real" open tender attracted 7 bids from established companies.

Tan Tee Beng sought to gain favour by attempting to secure properties from Penang Development Corporation at a discount for his relative and was unsuccessful in lobbying for the position of chairman of Perbadanan Bekalan Air Pulau Pinang.

Instead, Tan Tee Beng could only point to the fact that Penang MPs do not get financial allocations from the state government to "service" their constituents.

My colleague couldn't have put it any better by calling these two "jokers"
Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng called his fellow PKR MPs “jokers” for their demands, and made references to veteran DAP lawmakers like Kepong’s Dr Tan Seng Giaw who served as MP for seven terms despite no financial assistance.

“These people are just a bunch of jokers. I think they should just shut up. Look at Dr Tan and other veteran DAP MPs in KL,” he told The Malaysian Insider.

“They have no assistance at all from the Barisan Nasional (BN)-led Federal government at all but they have managed to serve their constituencies very well,” he said.
The role of an MP is not to give money away and execute small projects like repairing drains or upgrading fields. That's the job of the local council. The job of the MP is to be the voice of the people, fighting for their interests and rights, especially in parliament. Which begs the question, I haven't heard Tan Tee Beng speak a word in Parliament for the past year (or more)!!!

For the above, these renegades want Guan Eng sacked. Thankfully, our partners in Pakatan Rakyat are made of people with better integrity and intelligence, such as Dr Syed Hussein Ali and Dr Mansor Othman, who are more than happy to kick out the bad apples from the party.

I can't want for them to leave or be kicked out of Pakatan Rakyat. They are nobodies who were failing their KPIs, and nobody will miss them, not a bit. Plus, they are more than likely to make more money from BN anyway.


Anonymous said...

You are right that they are waiting to be kicked out so that they can openly support the BN their real paymaster. If these ass holes have any pride at all, they should resign and let their constituents decide whom they want to represent them. Stupid greedy frogs.

Kuching resident

KY said...

Hello TONY,

By you writing this piece of article that is very similar to already showed you will be MISSING them, get it???

Don't try to FOOl us, lah!!!

You can write all sorts of fairy tales but in the end it's your writings of which EXPOSED you.

If you won't MISS them....for FARKS ar you write about them??? 'CHEAP MIND GAMES' you are trying play here, dear TONY!!!

Anonymous said...

these are not voices of dissent. these are cries of deep hurt for not getting what they wanted; which of course are favours and back-door dealings.

yes, sack them.

dont wait for them to resign.

sack them all.


Malaysian Observer said...

Probably you want to suspend them or give enough time to let these jokers hang themselves, so as to justify their eventual sacking.

Sacking them immediately will give them too much satisfaction and justification in jumping over to UMNO and their Malaysian Chinese or Indian branches.

This is clearly a public-relations war. Allocate enough time to have these people discredit themselves, before sacking them.

Perception is everything.

Anonymous said...

I honestly believe MP's needs to have a refresher course in what their responsibilities are.If the MP's in question is all engulfed in doing the State Assembly's job function like getting allocations so that they can do local projects instead of being an MP of National standing and voice national issues,PR would emerged as a Professiola outfit whoes vision is focused.

Product of the System said...

The Pakatan government in Penang is indeed leading by example, but the few greedy, self-centered PKR politicians will continue to be a pain in the ass.

Arowana said...

I like your paragraph as in: "nobody miss them, not a bit."

I believe all of us would agree 100%. These two fart-faces should be made into posters and plastered all over Penang to inform everyone of their ulterior motives and sins.

They are more useful dead than alive, borrowed from RPK. At least we can re-elect.

CITIZEN said...

People who join politics are of two types-(1)politician for the people and nation, (2)politician for hidden self interests.So people like Zahrain and Tan Tee Beng are the 2nd type.Most of politicians of BN are of 2nd type.In a country that practise real demoncracy,we should have politicians of the 1st type.So,folks, vote wisely in GE13.

Anonymous said...

I once read :

" doesn't matter what you're
. . . it only matters what people think you're "

~ ais

Anonymous said...

Zahrain and Tan Tee Beng are telling the truth.

LGE should go back to Malacca and be the CM there.

aceofspade said...

Dear YB,

"Whenever a man has cast a longing eye on offices, a rottenness begins in his conduct."...Thomas Jefferson.

Anonymous said...

Self interest politicians are bad (at least they show themself), worse are those who support what they do behind the public back.
Maybe KY is one of those, if not why is he so piss off with what YB is highlighting. Oh or maybe KY is the relative of Tan who didn't get to secure the properties from PDC at discount.

Anonymous said...

In the end the Voters will decide. People are not idiots to accept accusations without proof and even laughable what is the actual misdeed.
KY is right to suggest ignoring those rubbish. Leave them in the landfill.

Anonymous said...

Let these Bastards rot in the sun as they do not have integrity,no principle,corrupted minded,useless being.

wandererAUS said...

The rakyats vote in a MP to represent them and look after their interests....even loyalty to the party takes a back seat. When it comes to the constituents and the party, the rakyats needs come first!
These "potential frogs" have already a placard placed around their necks, "Give me an offer that I cannot refuse"
Mongolian C4 has plenty of spare cash to throw....
Let not allow these scumbags the pleasure to enjoy a higher offer!!!

Anonymous said...

By the way KY comments nothing of the points Tony said...Purely expressing anger for nothing...Clearly he is one of the relative lah....kekekeke

A Arthur said...

Hello Tony

Thank you for highlighting all their misdeeds and greed out into the open. I always have very high regards for you.

This will make the rakyat aware of their hidden agenda.

By the way can you improve on your writing skills, or ask somebody to correct some sentences construction. There are not really well written though i know what you want to say.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tony for sharing! Not surprising lah with these type of stories. These few jokers shall be kicked out and blacklisted for life! You article shall be cc to all in my emails account. Thanks!

Teck Kuan said...

Dear KY,

funny how you could equate this article to a "junk" when in fact what you commented was utterly sense-less

what Tony tried to do was explaining and justifying the reasons for the recent attacks of the three MPs towards Pakatan top leadership. and obviously these MPs have their very own agenda. if explaining and exposing the wrongdoings of selfish MPs become junks, then something must be really wrong with the way you define things!

perhaps corruption and abuse of power isnt junk to you? :D

Anonymous said...

Yes, you're right; The roles of MPs and ADUNs should be spelt out again. Please tell them and put it in writing that they are legislators, ie people who make/update and pass bills into law, so we can have good, sensible, proper law, instead of relying on old, archaic medieval law as well as reject any nonsensical bills introduced by persons of interest. They are NOT LOCAL COUNCILLORS, who are suppose to get the local council to clean the drains, maintain landscape, collect rubbish etc - that's what we pay assessment for. Just because UMNO does it doesn't mean it's right, UMNO and BN reps most achieved KPI is fixing the drains. Your predecessor was best at it, and she can tell you how much time and money she spent on it. But let's spell it out again, they are legislators, not longkang keepers. So, let's work towards it. Any complain on longkang should be channeled to the local council, they have a budget for it. Any complains on school buildings should be channelled to the education ministry. Chase them, scream at them if you have to, they have the allocation and funds to fix those issues and it's their department.

MPS and ADUNS are not longkang keepers, fighting for funds to clean the longkang and make new fields/playground. Of course, any extra funds allocation from the govt will always be welcomed, so that they have some money to donate to the poor and extend goodwill. Anyone who screams for such funds should go join UMNO Inc., they have siphoned so much money for themselves and kept aside some scrap for their members to distribute in the guise of 'prihatin, pengasih, penyayang' progams!

Regarding your main topic, no, I don't think PKR should expel them. Just suspend them, hopefully they learnt their lesson. ;)
People can judge for themselves if they don't repent and still purposely create trouble for their party, the PR and the Rakyat! THe can still on their own accord... :)

Anonymous said...

The trial, the complaints of PR Benedict Arnolds, the protests, defection rumors, etc - its the machinery going into frenzy because they think they smell an opportunity to really make a big gain..

They don't get it its because the media is also on overdrive and they are on political drugs..

All these problems coming one after another AND PR is not only holding together, its got a couple of things going its way like Nasir Saiful and P.I. Bala saying he is linked to Altantuya, polls showing PR can likely win in Perak etc.

These are actually good news because PR is holding up, not even suffering signficant damages admist a heavy artillery.

However, there is likely to be more and when the first real hit when defection actually occurs and in large numbers, OR Zaid Ibrahim is forced to quit, then the future of PR will be clear. Someone will quit. There is just too much gambles being taken not to happen. Someone will do the stupid thing.

BUT if PR can hold through the coming bit hits, it will mean PR is on its way to Putrajaya. They will be have taken everything they have thrown at them and still together. UMNO/BN will fight because there is just not enough for them to share. That is the nature of feudal organisations. If they are NOT winning and gaining, they start feeding on each other to feed their machinery..

Anonymous said...

In fact, these " jokers " are the trojan horses planted in PKR besides the police under cover agents like "shitful" Bukhari who is now the comedian in the Anwar Sodomy II.

They including Wee Choo Keong, Zahrain, Zulkifli Nordin, Badrul Hisham et al will surface at the right time using all sorts of manufactured excuses to cause instability in PR and PKR.

They are puppet mastered by UMNO who had promised millions and if not intimidation of putting them behind bars because they had a corrupt or misguided background.

Their grand aim is to capture Selangor and Penang governments illegally using the arms of the government i.e Police, MACC and Judiciary and internal uprising by their own lawmakers.

Since they cannot form the government through the ballot box, then they resort to fraudulent means.

These politicians are indeed opportunists out to become muti-millionaires instantly as these scum politicians will be rewarded hansomely once the plot is hatched.

They have no ethics, principles and loyalty to the party. We as the voters should exercise our rights carefully and reject all these rubbish dump politicians.

Anonymous said...

There is no need to sack the dissenting PKR MPs. Just discipline them by suspending them. They can then self-destruct by resigning and everyone will know their real intention. PKR can use this method to self-clean itself of dubious and poor quality MPs and those who aspire to hold public office for self gain.

Manature said...

Dear Tony,

Hope to bring your attention to this post: Transcript video: Saiful's court testimony contradicts Rahimi which can be important for Anwar's defence team and since I don't have access to them, hope you will bring it to the attention of any relevant people that you know.

Anonymous said...

something gonna happen in Penang soon,shall i said tragedy?!!

Unknown said...

Well said, Tony.

Citizen, open your eyes widely, who is serving and who is not, even a fool can tell. Hope we all not fooled by these non-contributed MP. They are for rakyat? My foot. They are for their own interest.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


When empty vessels make the most noise
We have to wonder where is their poise?
It seems so easy to make general, vague accusations
When you want more attention and create some sensations

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 060210
Sat. 6th Feb. 2010.

Devlin said...

Believe that it's something about having principles or otherwise. Its also wonderful that the 'outrage' is timed just as Sodomy 2.0 starts.

Anonymous said...

I find it highly suspicious that suddenly both Tan and Zahrain are getting front page news coverage on all main stream media like NST, The Star etc. I never heard of them before in the news doing anything for the rakyat but suddenly they become grassroot leaders ! It's obvious there's an agenda to destabilize Pakatan in all opposition states and in Penang we have these 2 so-called grassroot leaders making baseless claims !

penang KIA said...

No one in Penang will miss that TAN & his comrades. No one cares about them. We are to make sure that he become extinct after the next GE. Penang is for LGE & TEAM . We in Penang know what we need. TTB should juz retire like the white haired old man who had enuf already !! Now sending another reprensentative to juice off penang again ?? PENANG KIA will see it & make sure EMPTY VESSELS which make the most noise will be voted OUT forever !!

Anonymous said...

Tony, are they still getting their wages? Don't waste our tax payers money on their salary please...!

If that's their "plan"...
Suspend them without pay yah!

They are having their own agendas & perhaps millionaires by now...!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Those who deliberately turn their back
Deserve to get a big kick in their sack
For trying to turn the existing scenario black
While the majority simply ask, "Why the hack...?"

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 080210
Mon. 8th Feb. 2010.

WebSphere Guy said...

Hi Tony,

I am incline to say that there could be a wider conspiracy by BN to lure this possible "would-be" frogs from PR. Obviously as you have mentioned, jumping without a reason would be bad for their image so they've resorted to the blame game. But worst yet, they are all focusing on "character-assasination" of Mr Lim which wouldn't cause much of a problem for his non-Malay or pro-reform/liberal voters. Problem is folks on the bench would take this as a decision to change their votes in any upcoming elections. PR as a whole should have a better strategy to counter this ongoing problem. Not only in Penang but also across the nation. Reading the news lately, I have noticed that this is becoming an alarming trend of late.


Anonymous said...

"When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; But when a wicked man rules, the people groan.No matter how much the elected convinced or justified their actions, we will know eventually. Truly there is a saying goes; by its fruits, we will know whether the tree is good or bad. It is up to us to choose wisely in the future.