Monday, March 09, 2009

Happy Tsunami Day!

An exclusive interview with Malaysiakini where I spoke on politics 1 year on,
as well as the ongoing Perak crisis.

Ok, I'm one day late but nevertheless, a very happy Tsunami Day! Yes, there's "turmoil" in Malaysia like it has never seen before. But we must be steadfast for "after the storme cometh a calme". The past one year, and possibly the next few will prove to be a momentous short period for the country, when looking back in history 50 years from now. By then, our children or even grandchildren (for some) will be growing up in a very different Malaysia.

And yes, without a little bit of being a perpetual optimist, it's kinda tough being an opposition politician in this country ;-)


Anonymous said...

i thot aceh's tsunami day, and many people had perished by that disaster!

tsunami is a "disaster", and certainly not "happy" with it.... you din't learn geography ?

Lau Kok Pin said...

dear tony,

I like your positive point of views. I'm glad you are our mp. As I feel During a storm, it's better to have a leader who is calm and is able to see things from a wider perspective. Instead getting bogged down with frustration and anger.

And I appreciate you taking the plunge to enter politics. It is more or less a 24/7 job. And some segment of the society still have the old mindset of having unrealistic expectation on their political leaders.

Nevertheless I look forward to following your exploits and adventures.

kok pin

Anonymous said...

On Perak:
Convince the people, thats what counts most. Its impossible to put the population under ISA! Hats out to folks in Perak for their perseverance :)

Towards healthy and leisure life~! said...

It's 1 year after our country political tsunami, but UMNO still refuse to learn the lesson. MCA and Gerakan choose to stay on board of a sinking ship with UMNO.

Anonymous said...


Prepare for the next GE NOW. Start recuirting and selecting better DAP candidates to stand for elections in the state and federal level.

The CHANGE is here and NOW.

You are doing an EXCELLENT Job as my MP.

Keep it up !!!

We are all behind you


Anonymous said...

When we think of all those who perished in the Tsunami, do we still have the heart to say Happy Tsunami Day? Words or concepts like these are socially constructed. It is deeply embedded in the psyche of those who live through such tragic times. Many are still suffering from the after-effects.

We never say 'Happy Holocust Day', 'Happy May 13 Day'! You may feel that you have coined a catchy phrase. But, please be morally sensitive and empathic to the social and psychological worlds of all those suffer from the Tsunami.

I don't think you mean to hurt those who suffer. But, the probable consequence can be hurting. So, please keep certain words to your self. By your social position, your writings are held by higher standards. It cannot be treated as mere itch of the writers.

Let your heart choose the words. But not let the words choose you.

Anonymous said...

The 8March Tsunami in Malaysia has been a ray of light. Finally the sun shining through the thick black ugly clouds, prevailing itself into the deepest of seas. So this tsunami that hit us is good if not great. At least for Malaysia there is something good coming out of the word. Something like the word 'waterloo'.A new meaning to be added to the dictionary!

Tony and all other MPs who are risking your lives for the betterment of Malaysia, terima kasih for puting your tanahair above self.

There are so many corrupt/injustice etc going on.Expectations are high.As long as you have the nation's interest at heart. Choose your battles wisely and fight them! Arm yourself with good sense, high emotional IQ and be smart & may God be with you.

Oh yeah,next Elections. We'll see an unprecidented number of voter turnout. Am encouraging my friends to register. Slackers who've just woken up. Grrraaammmmyaaa. Why can't the EC visit educational instituions to register voters? Sorry if it is a stupid question,then i know the answer. Or is it easier for the institution to write a request in? Even shopping malls..aiyoh,last time i happen to be at the shopping mall, there was no announcement and the EC table was in front of bookshop at a quiet corner of the mall. Macam mana ni? So tak jujur, so tak ikhlas.Just wanna show they did their work.Shoddy as it is.

Anonymous said...

Agree with what Gadfy & denzok say.
We all know that you do not mean to hurt those who suffer.

But as a YB, especially from opposition party, don't let people catch your tail.