Wednesday, January 07, 2009

MCA Man Fined For Attempted Bribe...

... in Singapore!!

This story certainly had me cracking up!
A Malaysian community leader initially fined S$15,000 (RM36,000) for offering a bribe to a traffic policeman was yesterday sentenced to jail for six weeks following an appeal by the prosecution.


Rajah added that the jail term meted out to Lim Teck Choon, 56, took into account mitigating factors raised by his lawyer. He would otherwise have been jailed two to three months.

Lim, who has business interests on both sides of the Causeway, is a member of the MCA and the party's deputy chairman in the town of Kampong Jawa in Johor. A philanthropist, he regularly donates money to temples and an orphanage; in 1988, he donated a building for a school.

A traffic police officer caught Lim making an illegal U-turn on Woodlands Road and driving against the flow of traffic for 50m. While waiting for a vehicle to take Lim back to the police station, Sergeant Pah Wenxiang tried to defuse the tense situation by starting a conversation.

Lim told the police officer that he owned a few plantations in Malaysia and knew high-ranking officials.

During the conversation, he abruptly asked Pah in Mandarin: “Why want to do this? Be enemy? You should let me go. We can be friends. Next time you come to Malaysia, I will take care of you. Still got good things.”

He also made a gesture that the officer took as an offer of money.
Read the full story in The Malaysian Insider. ;-)


shankar~selina said...

Looks like MCA corruption did not work in Singapore. He should be jailed longer. He should also be fired from MCA..

Anonymous said...

YB, Nothing new, these beggars in MCA are just doing what they do best. Either they join forces with the UMNO goons to steal from the govt coffers or bribe their way out if caught.
This arrogant clown forgot that MCA influence stops at JB cause way.
MCA d**kheads claim to represent the Chinese blooming foot, they are a disgrace to we Chinese!

Anonymous said...

If Ong Tee Keat and MCA are serious in change, here is one test. Would MCA dare to remove this guy from his post.

From the way he bahave, I am not surprised if he is the local Black Society leader as well.

Well MCA!

Anonymous said...

He don't know Singapore Police got policy that if you report a bribe, the Singapore Police force will pay you the same amount? And you will not get into trouble for accepting bribe.

But of course, you must produce evidence, and the idiot will be charged in court.

Anonymous said...

Wait til you read this:

S'poreans must be thinking the land across the causeway is lawless. No wonder - whenever S'poreans across the causeway, they litter, spit, speed and buy pirated DVDs.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this one of MCA Integrity Watch Group (IWG) project.
To test Singapore police integrity.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I wonder who name he mentioned.
Ong Teek Kiat or Chua Soi Lek.

Anonymous said...

MCA = Most Corrupt Association.

Perhaps he forgot that he's in Singapore and 'settle' method does not work there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brother Tony,

As a MP, I think it's silly & stupid of you to even put this article up in your blog. Pls. note you're NO LONGER fighting from the Opposition wings as you're now sitting in Parliament as a leader.

Emphasizing & highlighting other people's fault will only make you an evergreen AMBULANCE CHASER. I reckon you adopt PRO-ACTIVE roles & highlight more important issues instead. You're now a 'wakil rakyat' & not a cheapo journalist from some tabloids/magazine house. We prefer to read/hear about "What will be done, what can be done & when will it be done for the sake of all Malaysians"

You ought to buck up on what you say, write/post & do. People from PJU are watching closely & we would not hesitate to vote out a MP who fancy being a 'KEPOHCI' tabloid journalist. Wake up to your sense, bro!

Anonymous said...

Gosh!!! Have I visited the wrong blog today or is it something really wrong with TONY PUA's blog???

This article looks & sound more like those 'Busybody' magazines women fancy reading. I wonder is Tony Pua becoming an author for these magazines? Have Tony Pua ran out of constructive things to write? or did he simply lost himself as a MP?

Pls. advise, Tony. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Dear, dear, dear.

I think many have mixed-up the defination of BRIBERY with GENEROUSITY. Perhaps, I can help to enlighten.

1) What that MCA man did is NOT considered BRIBERY. He's just being GENEROUS by offering monetary assistance to the S'porean policeman. Pls. note S'pore is in recession & economy is in bad shape at the moment.

2) If you're RICH, you offer $$$. This is one way of doing CHARITY. God will definately bless that MCA man for his goodwill & kind heart.

3) People who condemn the action of that MCA man is called JEALOUSY. They are plain envious & furious becos' they are NOT being offered.

4) Besides offering $$$, the S'porean cop was also being offered to be introduced to high ranking officials in M'sia. Thus, that MCA man is doing CHARITY in 2 ways (offering money & contacts). However, S'poreans being a classic example of stupid people can't understand it.

5) When you are RICH & you flash $$$, then, it's WRONG. However, if you're RICH & offer $$$ to others, then, you're a GOOD MAN.

Guys & gals...don't be JEALOUS & ANGRY just becos' you're NOT offered such benefits. Your chanec will come soon & it's NOT CORRUPTION!!!

Anonymous said...

Hoi PJU Voter,

This is Tony Pua's blog and not yours!

He can bloody well write what he wants whether it's about politics or where the best bak kut teh in Klang is.

MCA Chew Mei Fun goon like you bugger off if you don't like what you read here!

Anonymous said...

I think he's just pointing out how much integrity our leaders have, and how much we can trust them.

Corruption. Nonsense. Boleh here..

at Malaysia.. truly Asia.

It's not like Tony posts stuff like this all the time. It's usually more constructive.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

Yes, Chew Mei Fun is indeed a GOON. Infact, I would say she's a USELESS TRAMP leading PJU to disaster for the past few years. I was very HAPPY to see there's a change in MP for PJU & I was even happier to know the new MP would be TONY PUA.

However as time passes, many PJU folks realized TONY PUA is no better than Chew Mei Fun. All Tony had been doing was digging & bringing back GRANDMOTHER's STORIES of BN misdoing. Tony totally forgotten he's now a MP & is no longer a AMBULANCE CHASER.

Making matter worse, he's only good in highlighting IRRELEVANT ISSUES of which bring no whatsoever benefit to PJU residents. I'm truly saddened to see our MP becoming more like a tabloid journalist trying to report 'BUSYBODY' stories in his blog.

Dear Tony, I believe you can use your blog to write things which carry more weight & which are more constructive. If we wish to read about tabloid stories, we would rather buy those busybody magazines instead. Pls. digest my advice, Thanks!

Anonymous said...

dear PJU voter,

well, since you're here, why not drop some 'constructive' comments? Your comments are nothing more than 'busybody' comments of no relevance to the public and this blog.

Suggest something, email tony your views. If you think Rukun Tetanga thing should be brought back in every taman, then say so... tony can proposed to the selangor MB. Suggest, stop complaining!

Anonymous said...

Wonder what he meant by "I will take care of you. Still got good things." Anyone care to elaborate? Did he meant to share some palm oil or do a chua soi lek???

Anonymous said...

its a blog dammit! not an official political web-page.
Go read the MBPJ site for updates or the DAP's website.

This blog was here long before Tony became MP.
So why need to 'change' it.
Reading it makes our MP very human isn't it?
Reading some random MCA guy getting slammed for bribery (only in Singapore) cracks him up, just as it would do to us.

You guys gotta be more graceful, and merciful.
At least I know for sure, to not attempt to bribe in Singapore.lols. I was cracked up for sure.

Btw, loved the revelation about the non-existence of condense milk in Malaysia.
Sometimes folks read btwn the lines.

Just across one tiny puny pathetic strait, u get slammed like shit for a small (malaysian stds) thing like bribery, and look how grave singaporeans regard it.

Ain't this telling us something of our skewed perception?

Anonymous said...

PJU Voter,

Honestly I think it's pretty stupid of you to complain about what Tony writes on his blog.. it's a freakin' blog bro..and blog's are personal rantings..its up to you whether you wanna read it or not.

IT's like you going into other people's house and complaining bout how the furniture's arranged..

Why not you start your own blog and write something 'constructive'? Who knows you might be voted in as the next MP for PJU? haha it's a democracy bro..majority wins..