Friday, January 30, 2009

Do We Live in The Simpsons Country?

For those who have not watched Malaysiakini's video on the 21 of us being charged by the Attorney General's office for gathering to light candles and sing the national anthem, here it is.

More interestingly, K Anand, who writes at The Malaysian Insider brings back memories of a 2006 episode of The Simpsons entitled "The Monkey Suit", where Lisa attempted to bring the Theory of Evolution into schools, and got arrested for her troubles. The parody is just frighteningly similar to what's happening to our Bolehland today...
Lisa then decides to go underground, organising a class after regular school hours to teach her classmates about Darwin and his book “The Origin of the Species”.

As she starts her first class, the door of the room is busted open by Police Chief Wiggum of the Springfield Police Department and his two deputies, guns drawn, arresting a young girl who was just trying to educate her fellow students.

Lisa says something to the effect that “there are harden criminals out there and you want to arrest me”, to which Wiggum replies “we only work based on the last law passed”, which was the one made at the town hall meeting above.

As they are talking, the scene shifts to the Kwik-E-Mart where a machine-gun toting criminal is randomly shooting at passersby from the rooftop. Looking through the window, Chief Wiggum just shrugs and says “ahhh... on another day we would have been all over that scene”.
Way to go, Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

Living in the Simpsons country is not too bad, at least over there, perfect grammar english is spoken =)


Anonymous said...

Darwinist theory with Christian candlelight vigils. Anyway am still waiting for the PKFZ papers. Where can I get it?

Shawn Tan said...

Sometimes, I'm not sure if I should wish for more lawyers (to help fix the legal problems) or less of them (to reduce legal problems).

Good luck to you and the rest!

Anonymous said...

what makes you think the script writers for that episode did not get inspiration from watching us, rather than we watching'em?

Lee Wee Tak

Anonymous said...

We are in MAT JENIN country not SIMPSONS. In the rural legend Mat Jenin imagine and dream only until he fell from the top of the coconut tree

Anonymous said...

Is the Theory of Evolution taught in moslem countries?

Anonymous said...

Now, the new tool is Sedition Act, 1948. We are not suppose to incite hatred towards the government or else... Hhmmm..laws are created to protect the ruling elite... is that the purpose of laws ?