Saturday, January 24, 2009


Tony sheds a tear on Haris' big shoulders  as he enters the courtroom
as an accused for the first time... sob! (Pic courtesy of Sinchew

Heh, as many of you would have read by now, the Government decided to offer us big "ang pow" before Chinese New Year by charging us for our presence at the candlelight vigil commemorating the first anniversary of the BERSIH rally as well as to oppose the continued use of ISA.

Of course, you've read all about our arrest here and here. Both Weng San and I have yet to charge the police of assault, and yet they've decided to proceed to prosecute us "under instructions from the top".

In the past, one could "almost" understand that action is taken if we march the streets, stop traffic, sit on the roads that actions would be taken. But in this case, we were on MBPJ property with councillors and Selangor state government exco present, lighting candles and singing the national anthem, and yet the police came in to beat up people without arms and charge them in court.  Of course, when the UMNO thugs take the streets, the police will give them security escort instead ;-)

It is of course, a classic case of intimidation. If any of us elected representatives are found guilty, under the law, the judge has no choice but to impose a minimum RM2,000 fine, and we'll all be disqualified from our elected positions. Yes, it's a concern, but I do know of other newly elected reps who have their charges outstanding since 1999 reformasi days... so yes, I'll remain PJU MP for a while more yet ;-)

More importantly, as the Bar Council President, stated in the Malaysian Insider:
Bar Council president Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan, who had shown up in support of the accused, said the charges were "completely ridiculous" and transgressed against the public's right to participate in a peaceful demonstration.

She added that it was a waste of taxpayers' money to prosecute the 21.
While in Malaysiakini:
Ambiga told reporters that the attorney-general should drop the charges and put in efforts to prosecute real crimes and not people exercising freedom of expression which is protected under the Federal Constitution.

"These people are not dangerous," she said, adding that there are better ways where the government could have utilised the taxpayers' money rather than to charge them.

I can't agree more. With crime rates soaring, I'm sure we must one of the biggest criminal gangs in town, or worse, national security threats which required the Attorney-General's office from Putrajaya to personal send of the "rising star" Deputy Public Prosecutors to handle the charges.


NEO said...

No it should be "under instructions from a UMNO division head in Selangor"

Anonymous said...


look on the bright side. if you are found guilty, you lose your parliament seat.
well, it will give the PR another opportunity to whack MCA out into outer space. Moreover, the DU fellas will surely benefit from all the usual money from BN. And we make sure Miss Chew will lose more than 20,000 votes this time round.

Anonymous said...

Stay strong. We REALLY, really need a CHANGE in the government.

Most rakyat are behind you.

Anonymous said...

Tony, it's not easy to prevent crimes or catch thieves. They rather spend their time doing the easy job of arresting peaceful people like you. Glad to hear that you are fine this time. Long Live Tony.

Anonymous said...

YB, this your field. The govt wants you to spend to stimulate the economy to counter the financial difficulties. hahaha!
You better take more care, we have a Zimbawe in the making...supporters of the opposition and particularly, the leaders are targeted. We have a donkey as HM and a monkey as CPO, what can we expect?

YB Xin Nian Quai Le,Cong Xi Fa Cai
to you and family. May you in the year of the OX fhave good health and prosperity!

Anonymous said...


Anon at 6:13 pm is right, we will all ensure she loses her deposit.
My bet is you'll be the PJU MP for a very long time! Thanks for standing for what's right.

johnny cheah said...

Our men in blue are a real joke. do they not know that they are making themselves laughing storks in the Asean region. Arrest/harass law abiding citizens who gather to have a peaceful demo by just lighting candles and at the same time whack an MP from Pakatan Rakyat. What fark police we have in this bolehland

Anonymous said...

First you are a hero. Y0u walk the talk.

Second, even if you lose the parliamentary seat, you will achieve a condition to force a by-election.
We already know the esult, if ever there is one.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


With selected people in court to charge
Other more important and critical matters are not discharged
While so many real criminals are still roaming at large
It's also crazy when peace lovers' basic rights are being barged

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 250109
Sun. 25th Jan. 2009.

Anonymous said...

Was there Friday morning but didn't see you, though I exchanged a few words with Ronnie. Don't worry too much about the UMNO gangsters - they're merely digging a deeper hole into oblivion. In a sense, they're behaving exactly as I expected: to act, as PAS' Dzulkifly Ahmad puts it, "bertamaddun" would really shock me. Prolonged hegemony often results in warped development, something that's as true in the evolution of the animal species as in political parties. Whatever the case you're young and your future as a politician or in any other field cannot be anything but bright. I moved from PJ Utara last year but my former students (mostly businesspeople) there are still your strong supporters. So, I believe, are the majority in your constituency.


Anonymous said...

YB Tony, NOBODY IN THIS WORLD would understand & accept, a "Crime" could have been committed ,by the well-educated & law-obedient citizens as well as the Truly-Rakyat Reprensentatives = Member of Parliaments who are PEACEFULLY fighting for nothing but A New Hope for ALL Malaysians KeADILan-Rakyat, UNLESS the Highly-Educated-Ignorant-Self-Protecting-Servants who are knowingly abondoned their 'CONSCIENTIOUSNESS' just FOR The- SELF-SERVICE-INCOMPETENT-MASTER biasly & purportedly intending to destroy their political enemies who are going to be a threat to their shaking-Power & Position in the next General-Election...!
Justice is normally late, but it will come sooner or later....!
Just remember,God only bless the True-To-Life..! May God bless you & family & all..for JUSTICE.We all pray for you all...!
A very Happy Chinese New Year ! Gong Xi Fa Chai..!

Anonymous said...

Instruction from top means Syed Hamid.He is a trouble maker. He is escalating the tension all round.He should ISAed

Anonymous said...

Believe in God, one day the "HOME-boy" will be CHARGED when losing Power due to KNOWINGLY &/ UNWILLINGLY TO KNOW Abusing of Power for known reasons...! They would claim they act according to "Rule OF Law" ( Actual Fact: Rule FOR law) & Nobody is Above the Law ;because this 'GOMEN' is always ACT to protect the Public Interests & NationalSafety/Security..therefore,let the COURT decides..bra..bra..Bra..!
Apparently, they would like to create/to see more Real-Fighter-Seeking-for-Justice.. to get more & more troubles & to have NO-TIME for the "Real-Issues" of the nation...or NO-CHANCE threating against their Power & charging....!
No Rakyat in Malaysia will Forgive them...No Rakyat in Malaysia will like to Remember THEM...!They may be part of our Malaysia's History..But they will never be recorded in our Malaysian-Nation-Heroism Book of Records....!
Happy Chinese New Year..YB!May God bless you and all..!

Anonymous said...

You must make sure, if they find you guilty that they have to decide whether to physically remove you from Parliament. It would be golden.

Waste of Taxpaper money and resources for the sake of UMNO and UMNO politician is NEVER too much ever more so for the likes of Syed Hamid.. Hell Syed Hamid father was willing to burn everything down inculding Malay properties and lives for his own political motives. This apple don't fall that far from the tree...

Anonymous said...

sigh, a few people gather and light candles can be indicted, why not the BN gomen make things clear by outlawing birthday parties...duh!

Lee Wee tak

Anonymous said...


if you are disqualified because of this, this will be a rallying call so loud that even if we put Mr. Bean, Alfred E Newman or Borat in the PJ Utara seat by-election, PR will still come oit on top

Anonymous said...

UMNO still has not learned the lessons after their defeats at 308, PP, KT. They are digging their own grave deeper and deeper!

Tony, we love Pakatan Rakyat and we love you!!

Anonymous said...

Should they take the PJU MP seat away from you, Chew Mei Fun is not only to get it back.

We dont want UMNO dogs in the MCA in PJU.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,
A bit late but Happy Chinese New Year. Stay strong. People believe in you.

Anonymous said...

This is an obvious sign of a ruling gov losing it's mind & grip to stay in power. The PDRM have to obey their 'Master' coz they are like the 'mah-chai' for the 'tai-kor'. If the 'mah-chai' don't listen, they will be 'replaced' appropriately. The more they do this 'cavemen' policies , the better for Pakatan.

In the 'old world order', the 'gangsters' were the protectors of the weak & oppressed. Not anymore. Now it is the other way around, the 'gangsters' are the ruling gov themselves, as they behave like one - robbing the poor & rich.

Anonymous said...

Stay strong Tony! We shall support you.
Rome is not built in a day, if we expect a real change in the future, some sacrifices are ought to be made. However, in the end we shall achieve what we want if we continue to strive for it!

Anonymous said...

YB Tony

Please count on one support from me, a Singaporean...and good luck to you and the rest. Cheers

Anonymous said...

anon 9.49 am

like father like son. bad genes, i guess.

Fhez said...

Happy Chinese New Year Tony and best wishes to you and your family.
I am here to support you.
PS : sorry, but i think you looked sissy in that photo