Thursday, December 27, 2007

Spreading Christmas Cheer

Photo courtesy of The Star Gallery

MP for Seputeh, YB Teresa Kok, Political-Secretary to DAP Secretary-General cum DAP Selangor State Secretary, Lau Weng San and myself paying a visit to YB Chew Mei Fun of Petaling Jaya Utara at Hospital Kuala Lumpur on Christmas eve.

YB Chew Mei Fun met with an accident a few weeks ago, and we wished her a speedy recovery. ;-)

You may also check out the Chinese press reports here.


Anonymous said...

You are always smiling :)))))))))))

What is the secret? Is it the 'kuachi girls'?

Anonymous said...


All politicians from BN component parties should humblely learn this courtesy from DAP, seriously :)

We're so desperate to send you into Malaysia's Parliment to kick asses! All the best to you!

Anonymous said...

bn cannot visited opposition or else kena party whipped.

btw, wasn't it last time a rumor saying kj visited anwar?

warrior2 said...

had to smile because of the camera!

visiting bn sicks is cheap political gimmick

What A Lulu said...

hey, look! it's victor gu!

Anonymous said...

there was a BN MP who once remarked to the Tiger of Jelutong:
"You should keep quiet. It’s a lucky thing that you are in a wheelchair. You almost died once (in an accident last year)."

What examplary behaviour from our elected representatives from the ruling party!