Thursday, February 22, 2007

Lion Dance in Baju Melayu

Hey, I love the baju Melayu and I certainly enjoyed putting them on especially as part of dikir barat performances. But baju Melayu for Lion Dance performance? Now, that might be taking our multi-cultural identity a little too far.

However, that is exactly what our Ministry of Arts, Culture and Heritage have requested the lion dance performers for the National 2007 Chinese Open House to do. Understandably, the performers rejected any such suggestions, and the organisers backed down only after a "heated discussion".

What is worrying is that there appears to be a concerted effort to play down the Chinese culture during National Chinese New Year celebrations. In an open letter to Datuk Dr Rais Yatim, the Minister of Arts, Culture and Heritage, DAP's Secretary-General, Lim Guan Eng who is based in Melaka claimed that the "celebration is weird as this is definitely not how Chinese New Year is celebrated in Malaysia."

There are for example, "neither Chinese characters nor Chinese cultural performances such as lion dance listed as part of the official programme," as it such characters or performances are a taboo amongst the Malaysian community.

The only performance listed in the official programme were Tarian Joget Malaysia, a parade, the singing of ‘Budi Bahasa Budaya Kita’ song and a fireworks display.
"Are Chinese cultural performances not appropriate enough to be watched by our King? The Chinese community can see no reason why lion dances cannot be performed before the King as part of the official programme when this is Chinese New Year.

If Chinese cultural performances are deemed as unfit to be part of the official programme, then the government should stop such pretence of respecting the diverse cultures and races by correcting our tourism advertisements."
If the Ministry of Arts, Culture and Heritage's official position is to remove the Chinese characteristics from the Malaysian Chinese culture, then clearly it is not a multi-cultural Malaysian identity which the Government is pursuing. Instead, we are looking towards an assimilated rojak culture.

Cheongsam for joget anyone?


Anonymous said...

what a "creative" idea!

Malaysian needs to be more innovative but certainly not this way..

Anonymous said...

yar! they have this thing about lion dance actually~~~~dunno why~~~

also, the insistence of Malay hegemony?


Anonymous said...

These kinds of statement reflect the true feelings of wanting assimilation rather than integration. I have seen assimilated culture in other places before but it reflect the fundamental forces of social, economic, cultural and political reality of a place. Successful assimilation cannot be forced, it is born of free will and these pseudo-leaders have no idea the dangers of forced assimilation. The Babas and Nyonya are assimilated culture and celebrated by all. This is not and the consequences is dire.

It reflects their political mentality of not having much respect for free will and no idea of the danger of state power in every aspect of our lives. It also a dangerous dependency because their audacity is equally match by their own cowardice and impotence without support and immunity of state power.

Who am I? said...
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Who am I? said...


Maybe you should wear a green baju melayu throughout the next election campaign...

... and see what THEY would say. hey, take some risks, who knows you might gain something?

hahahhaa.... jz kiddin lah

Boinq said...

What's next? Bhangra dancers wearing baju kurung as well?

Malaysia is "supposed" to be a melting pot for different cultures and beliefs. Why are certain parties so adamant that we be Melayu-ised? If that's the case, why not just get started on ethnic cleansing? Sure it's extreme but that's what they want right? For everything to be Malayed down.

Ugh, sometimes I wonder why I even stick around this place. Sad part is, I'm not the only one either. A lot of people my age (that I know of) can't wait to leave Malaysia, be they Malay or non-Malay.

Anonymous said...

Wah! When Hari Raya approaches, almost all the TV channels convert to Hari Raya programmes...even before Raya itself. TV1,2,3,7,8 and 9

When CNY comes only TV7, 8 and 9 bothered to change significantly the programme

Wat happened to semangat Kongsi Raya?

zewt said...

thanks for the news tony... cos i never bother to read mainstream media nowadays... very seldom.

well... ask them to wear cheongsam to their friday devotion during CNY... why not? incredible... just... incredible.

Anonymous said...

yes, it would be incredible to see the guys wearing cheongsam to mosque on Friday devotion.
And note that there is a difference btw cultural and religion aspect, don't confuse them.

Billy said...

All this talk about "Malaysia Truly Asia" is nothing but horseshit. Back in the late 80s, the late Sudirman was barred from wearing the Chinese mandarin costume during one of his performances, and here they want us to wear Malay baju for a lion dance??? The racist policies of UMNO certainly knows no bounds and to think these morons want us to vote for them in the coming GE. Fat hope!

Anonymous said...

This blog resembles Mr JeffOoi's blog where every negative incident is highlighted and awaiting the cheering and hammering and the bashing from the readers. The "supportive" comments from the readers paint further glommy color to the current situation .

Reading this blog , I drown into a pool of sorrow.

I think the original intention of blogging has been distorted. Long ago , people started to blog to share their daily life experince. They may tell us that they have a new born baby or a puppy or their children had just finished their high school and started to work. Although they may be on the other sides of the world, we shared their joy and sweet moment even though we don't know them at all.

Remember The New Seekers sing " What have they done to my song , Ma?"

"What have you done to your blog , Tony ?"

Anonymous said...

Years ago when Tan Sri Musa Hitam was a rising star in UMNO, he actually suggested that Malaysia evolve its own distinctive dance - the Tiger Dance with elements from the various cultures! I wonder what's happened to that idea?

A Voice said...

I was tagged by QueenB of Writing on the Wall, which was before tagged by Nuraina 3540 of Jln Sudin. And you can tag 6 others.

When tagged, you are required to share 6 of the weirdest things abt yourself.

I have cooked up 6 weirdest things abt myself, which are likely to be untrue. Thats my caveat shd I be trying for political office and those revelation could be used agst me.

You could perhaps do the same. :-)

Otak Kosong said...

Anonymous said... "What have you done to your blog , Tony ?"

Why do you keep harping on what one says on one's blog? It is HIS blog, so if you do not like it, don't read his blog......


Anonymous said...

Otak kosong:
I don't mind of whatever Tony wants to write whatever, as no one should say bloggers could not write whatever they pleased. But there are consequences, and tony is an uprising politician and will be held to accountable to his writing. I believe this is that anonymous's concern, and my concern too, being the potential voter in his potential GE contest.
just 2 cents of thought.

Anonymous said...

hey, don't tell me TP doesn't know all this. Let the intelligent student revise his studies himself and score the straight As

Anonymous said...

well, I am more than happy to know that Tony know this, nor it is my intention to underestimate his intelligence. But if this is the very reason/argument used to silence my concern, may be I was very wrong to believe in the first place that intelligent man will be more opened to listen to other opinions?

Anonymous said...

I think a politician-to-be does not need to present all these resentments to us in order to get popularity and support.

If you believe that Tony or Jeffery is intelligent and open to debate and argue , you might as well believe that Elvis Presley is still alive.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... "What have you done to your blog , Tony ?"

Are you one of those pro-government guy cracking down on bloggers whom you think they are tarnishing the country's image? Are the Malaysian government finally following the footstep of Singapore by sending anonymous warning letters to bloggers?

Whoever you are, this is TP's blog. And after all, what he blogged about are the truth. So if you are concerned, go and change how the country is run! The actual people tarnishing and making Malaysia as a joke to lift her international profile are those leaders.

Contrast this with TDM. Who makes a better leader?

Anonymous said...

Aya tiger dancing with "Baju Melayu". Actually I never seen anyone underneath that tiger costume.
So what's wrong with that?
They don't ask the tiger to do joget and sing boria!