Sunday, February 11, 2007

Editorial Note

I have written these notes earlier in my other blog. This is with regards to the policies over “commenting” on this blog.

As stated before, I'd more than welcome comments on this blog, fair-minded ones from fair-minded people, which are relevant to the post or issue which I have raised. And as many can testify, I am not so presumptuous as to think that I have a monopoly over the 'right' opinions. I certainly welcome civil disagreements, and even tolerate not so civil ones in the hope that such a discourse will make all of us more enlightened. And that is one of the key reasons why I've continued to allow anonymous commenting despite having been advised otherwise by many. I don't even 'moderate' the comments, and I hope I don't have to do so in the future.

However, it has always been a policy on my blogs that the owners have absolute right to delete irrelevant comments, which are clearly not related to the posts. Is this a form of censorship? Yes of course. But is it preventing free speech? Goodness no, the parties who would like to make such irrelevant posts are free to make such posts elsewhere in their own blogs or by writing to newspapers and magazines. The blogs I've set up are certainly privately owned, and the owners gets a reasonable right to determine what gets published. The blogs are certainly not public property.

Recently, it appears that as my profile gets a little more political, there are more people out there (or is it one, who does repeat posts?) who are keen on taking internet-protected anonymous potshots at me. That in itself isn't a problem. As readers can see, I leave plenty of “hate-mails” published within the site. They do make an interesting read ;)

However, when remarks are made, whether justified or otherwise, which relates to others such as the company which I formerly owned, or my family and friends, that is detrimental to their interests, then I will have no hesitation in deleting these comments. They, the company and its employees, as well as others, should not be made to suffer in any way at all, just because I have my political opinions and that I choose to blog. It's not personal, it's not political, it's just simple ethics. Go ahead and criticise me if you like, but leave parties which are or were personally associated with me out of it.

This is an important principle which I intend to uphold on this blog and I don't see a reason why I should be apologetic about it. I'm sure that the overwhelming majority of readers out there will not have an issue with it.

Happy blogging ;)


lucia said...

hi tony. remember me? met you at the aliran forum.

i agree with you on this issue about commenting. however i usually don't delete irrelevant comments (except it it is rude/abusive). i just told them they were out of topic and will not respond to them (i usually respond to all comments).

Anonymous said...

dear tony,
you are doing the right things, just ignore those irrelevant people. no point wasting your time responding to them. better spend more time continue writing interesting blogs. i am an avid reader of your 2 blogs.

Anonymous said...

hi tony,

u have my support on this. i have been following your other blog over a year, and particularly the past few weeks with regards to a certain post. i must say, it appears that the personal attacks seem to come from a single person. it's sad we have trolls like these. sigh.

- anon blog reader

Anonymous said...

Your blog is certaintly your property. However, let me just say that I believe blogs that try to be open as much as possible even with all the abuse by the few, does a great service.

Its a reflection of our society that we should not hide from. Certaintly its hard to feel personal abuse of those that are close to you but certaintly when you pose pictures of your family and talk about it and THEN discuss public issues, did you really expect otherwise?? Frankly, my respect for you drop a little bit if you did. R U really sure you are up to being involved in social and political work?

Maybe you ought to be a serial entreprenuer instead - it may be you are better at it than this. Honestly, while your venture was not a complete success, your execution was good AND its actually the rarity. There are more people with good ideas than ability to execute in entreprenuers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony, keep up with what u r doing. Your page is actually bookmarked in my favourites folder. I get so much insights on university education and qualitative ranking, I must said that I am enlightened. I can count on you as some sort of a counsellor from your other blog. Good work and also thanks a great deal for your thorough reference. I am actually better guided and advised by reading your blogs. I have a daughter who is studying in a local university and my son who is an ace in maths and from an express class, I am considering a Singapore university as my option. That is what I as a single mother can think of and afford.

zewt said...

oh... so you're the one they have been talking about in the net. well... i really hope you will be able to contribute to this country really soon... dont take too long, else, there might not be anything for you to salvage.

Full Time Mom said...

Personally if I read something I don't like I just ignore it and move on. If I feel strongly enough about something then I make sure the comments are constructive. Otherwise, like I said, I just move on.

Anonymous said...

your website is on the *yawn* side. Do something to spice it up my friend!

Anonymous said... do you need to apologize at all?

I mean, if someone comes to my 'house', make a mess, I'd kick their arse out before they can say ouch, and no apologies needed.

Even if you kicked me out, yes, I'd gripe, but I don't expect you to apologize. It's your home, it's your blog, just do whatever you like. No need for niceties :-)

Anonymous said...

"Bloggers United; No fear"

"Bloggers Opened Minded; Don't delete our comments"

Anonymous said...

I love it when people attack Tony about being transparent and THEN post as anonymous.

Dude you can criticize Tony for being anything, but if you want to talk about openness and transparency, at least have the decency to step up and show yourself ;)

Anonymous said...

Signing off as "Anonymous" is as good as using a NICKNAME

Anonymous said...

From Jeffooi today " Bloggers who blog anonymously, whatever you may call them, some may be doing it with the Zorro's mask due to occupational hazards of kinds.

Don't kill the Messenger. It's the message that matters if these anonymous bloggers talk sense consistently."

Please do not condemn anonymous post