Saturday, February 17, 2007

Countdown II

It certainly has been a busy week. There was work in the office, a trip to Singapore and finally a ride back to hometown in Batu Pahat. Hence, once again, it has been quiet week for blogging both here and at Education in Malaysia.

I've written earlier that a month ago, I've disposed of all my interest in the company which I founded. Last Thursday, I've handed in my resignation as the Director and Chief Executive Officer effectively ending my 10-year association with the company. To a certain extent, I've achieved my ambition of financial retirement by the age of 35, albeit after a 5-year delay. ;)

It is my wish here that the new management of the company will take the company to greater heights. And it is certainly my hope that they will never have to face some of the toughest years I faced in the information technology (IT) industry both pre- and post-listing on the Singapore Exchange.

However, not all the toughest years were necessarily caused by the economic environment (although it certainly didn't help). In various bids to grow the company and expand it's scope and operations, there has certainly been various missteps along the way which exacerbated the difficult years. But such mistakes are always easy to identify on hindsight, and the experience could only have made us stronger, having survived them.

It is therefore important for the new management to ensure that the mistakes are not repeated. With a much more stable financial footing achieved in the past year, as well as precious lessons learnt from the past, I'm optimistic that the new team will be able to take the company to new heights, heights which I could only wish I have achieved during my tenure with the company. ;) I would certainly wish them all the best.

Looking forward, there's appears to be plenty that I'll be doing. To a certain extent, a little bit of me must have been hoping that I can now visit the golf courses on a daily basis. After all, I've hardly walked on one for the past year or so. My clubs and a fairly new pair of golf shoes have been lying idle for quite a while. But it appears that such dreams will continue to take the back seat for the moment.

The Descartes Education Counselling Centre (DECC) is one of the little personal projects which I'm starting post-'retirement'. I've blogged about it here, and I've received some very good responses to date – keep them coming. (I'll get back to all who have responded right after the Chinese New Year).

But as some of you have already known, it is not the only project I'm looking forward to, which will keep me busier than ever. I have been informed that Jocelin Tan (who did an interview with me) will be publishing this development in the Star tomorrow (Sunday 18th February). So remember to get your Chinese New Year copy! ;)

I'll blog more about it in due course ;) Thanks for reading.


zewt said...

All the best in your future endeavours.

Boss Stewie said...

good luck tony!

gong xi fa cai to you

Anonymous said...

Tony, proud of u. DAP is your next destination. GO GO GO !!!

Unknown said...

best wishes in your new place with DAP. Hope you can survive the rough and tumble in politics.

have a great CNY.

Anonymous said...

no harm striking,
soldier On!

Anonymous said...

you didn't gimme the green light to run my story, i only knew from your blog when you mentioned joceline! teruklah you.


anyway, hope the story was good. happy chinese new year to you and the family :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony, wish you all the best in oppositon politics. Democracy is badly needed in this country. I believe you can do something serious for the people and society. I will certainly vote for you and DAP! God bless you! Happy Chinese New Year! Ordinary citizen of Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Was linked to your PPE blog while reading LKS's.

Will you be showing your readers pictures of your new office as well ?

just curious..

Anonymous said...

对潘俭伟的少少期许 - Friday, March 02, 2007



他在大马政坛的出现,的确引起新闻界很大的兴趣。其实,他挟着『最年轻上市公司首席执行员』 的光环,以及牛津大学的教育背景,可以轻易的让他加入执政党,而且,如果遵循党领导层的意思办事,即可轻易的享有平步青云的机会。











Anonymous said...

Welcome home Tony....What will happen to the education portals? Who bought your shares Tony? A Malaysian? Will your company still operate in Malaysia?