Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Speaker Bans Pay Cut Motions

I think you know when the other side starts getting paranoid and scared when they try to stop you at every possible opportunity to expose their wrongdoings, incompetence and mismanagement, and not to want to answer for them.


KY said...

Sometimes it amazes me why Malaysian politicians from both sides are SoOoOoOoOo bladdy stupid. They don't even possess the basic fundamentals of a politicians.

Come On!!!....What is the BIG HOO-HAA over a MP pay cut??? Is it really that important whether is the pay cut motion successful or vice-versa?? Is the parliament a venue used to debate a MP's salary, a MP's car brand & so on???

These BN & PAKATAN RAKYAT wakil rakyat are making a mockery out of the parliament. No wonder they say Malaysian politicians have "NO CLASS".

Jerry Chin said...

is the motion important & relevant? i reckon there are abundance of more important things to debate/discuss in parliament other than the motion of getting this fella's & that fella's salary being cut. it's a waste of time. malaysian politicians ought to grow up & stop adopting kiddie attitude when they are supposed to be a wakil rakyat discussing fruitful national policies. can someone tell those politicians who took part in this motion that parliament is not a kindergarten. Lastly, time to wake up kids!

Anonymous said...

"Very Well Said", KY & Jerry.

Parliament is ain't no circus

Anonymous said...

I think KY and Jerry missed the point of having these motions. The salary cut is an acknowledgement of the incompetence of the YB. Problem is that none of the BN ministers would ever admit to making stupid or selfish decisions.