Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Dr Mahathir Senile or Scheming?

Pakatan: We don't even know George Soros
Nigel Aw
1:33PM Oct 8, 2012

Pakatan Rakyat MPs have rubbished former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad's claim that a vote for the opposition would be akin to a vote for billionaire and former currency speculator George Soros.

"I don't want to involve the former premier because he is no longer relevant in our politics, but the words are those of someone who is senile,”  Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua told a press conference at the Parliament lobby this morning.

"We have no relationship whatsoever with George Soros. We don't know George Soros."

He said Pakatan has no Jewish agenda and that it, like the government, has always been supportive of the Palestinian struggle and against Israeli oppression of the state.

In a commentary published in the New Sunday Times yesterday, Mahathir had warned that voting for the opposition would be like voting for Soros, who he claimed was attempting to colonise Malaysia.

Pua also hit out at Mahathir for double standards on the matter.

"When Mahathir met Soros, he shook his hand and asked him to support his organisation (the Perdana Global Peace Foundation) to combat war crimes.

"When he asks for Soros' help, there was no problem. But when people vote for Pakatan, that's a ‘vote for Soros’ - there is no logic in this.”

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Anonymous said...

Apparently the umcock cyber troopers are promoting the senile person as someone who is a knowall.
A vote for bn is a vote for san migul, a vote for bn is a vote for cronism, a vote for bn is a vote for utter incetious corruption.
Palanivel claims that the indian votes are for bn and all selangor indian votes will be for bn, just let me tell him this " Dei palanivel ,Are you sure you yourself can secure the indian votes. Palanivel sounds desperate as to know if he is a 'winnable candidate, he is unsure if he will be pick to contest ge13, Anyone can claim anything to their fancy but ask around and you will know its going to be ABU ABU ABU all the way, every right thinking indian who is born for a single father will ABU ABU ABU.
Lets get Ppp mic gerakan ipf,kimma,mca cuni etc out of the political system to have a progressive nation that respects all races and their aspirations.
Let hindu,muslim ,christian and all other religion flourish for the common good of the nation and to achieve this we dont have any other choice EXCEPT ABU ABU ABU