Saturday, July 14, 2012

Will Chua Tee Yong Accept Debate on Talam Debt?

Datuk Chua has become an embarrassment for the MCA as he stumbles from one mega-blunder to another.  I call upon Datuk Chua to end his misery once and for all, with a public and open debate in any language, at a time and place of his choosing, even if it is held at Wisma MCA over the “Talam Debt Recovery: A Billion Ringgit Bailout or a Billion Ringgit Mega-Blunder”.

Given Datuk Chua’s unwavering confidence over the issue, and the dedicated support of The Star in highlighting all of his press conferences on the front page of the paper, I am certain that the public will be looking forward to see how the rising star of MCA demolish, once and for all, the reputation of the Pakatan Rakyat state government in Selangor.

While the MCA Presidential Council has barred its President from further debates, I am confident that there is no blanket ban against all MCA leaders from participating in debates against DAP leaders.  I very much look forward to Datuk Chua’s favourable reply.


Anonymous said...

He is a chicken!

najib manaukau said...

No the MCA Presidential Council has not barred its President from any further debates, it is only a way out for the porn artist from any further embarrassment and to disgrace the association. The porn artist just cannot come out and decline any further debates himself.
Datuk Chua will not favour you with any reply !

TL ONG, Segamat said...

Saudara Tony,

Waiting to watch your debate with YB Datuk Chua.

I suggest that YB Datuk Chua place it at LABIS, SEGAMAT.

Will Datuk Chua find all kind of excuse not to debate with YB Tony? Let wait and see.

p/s : Hope that SELCAT will probe into this Talam matter, WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? WHY? Pre and after Talam debts. To let RAKYAT know the truth of this deal.

1) Who let Selangor government lend/owe money to/by Talam.

2) What action be taken after Talam debts over-due?

3) When did Talam in debt with Selangor government?

4) At where Talam & State Government sign agreement for lending money / allow to owe money / settlement debts?

5) Why the state government allow lend money to Talam or let Talam owe the money, any benefits from Rakyat?

Anonymous said...

Want to bet with that the ill-mannered idiotic child will not only not debate with you, he will keep opening his mouth with the same nonsense?

Malaysia Stock Talk said...

He is an accountant? Aduh....

Anonymous said...

C'monlah Pua give the poor kiddie a break - he's an embarrassment to all things chinese.Selangor must be taken back at all costs. Didn't you notice the simultaneous avalanche of criticism, mass media magnified negative headlines,release of usual bogeymen (commies,JI,ungrateful nons,homos -all in PR)?On their side all good things are happening with more dole out,free cool events for youths,greater promises for a better tomorrow,quietened pekasar.Sadly, these clowns think the rakyat is born stupid to believe all these wayang kulit.