Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SYABAS Insists on RM200k Payment by 16 July 2012

I would like to thank all supporters who have donated RM32,140 as at 10.30am on 9/7 (Mon) so far to help me fight for affordable water in Selangor. 

SYABAS has demanded that I make the payment of RM200,000 plus interest and costs by 16 July last week, even when the case is pending appeal.  I had immediately requested for a short 2 weeks extension to raise the money.  However, I've been informed to day that my request was rejected, so technically, I have another 6 days to raise the money.

We'll also be holding a fund-raising dinner for the cause on 17/7 (Tue), so please share the details are here: http://www.facebook.com/events/437795402921104/.

Thanks so much for the support!


TOKZ said...

Dear Saudara YB TONY PUA,

While I sympathize you for needing to come up with RM200K but I'm sadly disgusted with the way you had adopted to salvage yourself out of trouble. I'm puzzled & yet amazed why should you ask for donations to so-called "BAIL" yourself out from trouble when you were the actual one who got yourself into trouble??? I'm literally "SHOCKED" to see a YB acting-behaving more of a BEGGAR instead of a LEADER. Shouldn't a LEADER supposed to be an individual who boldly takes the pain, while, leading the charge??? For your case, it's more of your supporters taking the pain, while, you capturing the cheap publicity. Somehow & some way, this is the kind of orthodox approach used by most (if not all) DAP leaders. They would somehow use emotional sentiments to deceive 'the rakyat', while gaining a BACKDOOR ENTRY for capturing glamour & publicity. I would suspect that DAP had associated itself too closely with ANWAR IBRAHIM till they too had been roped into the BACKDOOR ENTRY SYNDROME *sigh*.

The most noble thing I would reckon is to take it as a TRUE MAN ('jantan' that's if you understand this term). Begging for donations to bail yourself out of trouble is seen as disgusting & nonetheless "CHEAP". I'm pretty sure RM200K is very affordable to you as I'm aware you frequently organize fund raising events of which god knows how much had already went into your pocket or family member's bank account. Is it really that difficult for you to part with RM200K of your own money???

As a so-called leader you shouldn't allow your supporters to bear your burden. They were the one who had voted you in & instead it's you who should bear their burden. Somehow, someway, it's the other way around now. Let's NOT blame this & that as they culprit to be blamed is none other than your MOUTH for speaking without something god gave us called "BRAINS". As much as it's nice to open that silly mouth of yours without switching on your brains for the simple sake of capturing publicity but I would reckon you should also put a RHEOSTAT to it. Speaking without brains is equivalent to what people call "MULUT BURUNG GAGAK" (crow's mouth).

Now "Come On!!!, YB". Show the country you're indeed a LEADER who doesn't hide behind your wife's skirt. Go to the bank immediately & withdraw the RM200K which you had obtained from those dodgy fund raising events & pay it up. After all, you had already automatically pocketed RM 32K & I'm sure you & family wouldn't starve to death bearing in mind you will still have that extra RM32K to spend in case of emergency, correct???

It's time to show the country that DAP have MALES instead of PONDANS in their party. "Come On, TONY!!! I'm sure you can do it"

KY Ong said...

My close friend also kena fine RM 100,000 by the court. Can you help to organize a donation campaign for me to help my friend pay this fine? Your help is appreciated.

Anonymous said...

DAP = Donations Asking Party

Ghee!!! what DAP is doing really suits their name

Anonymous said...

Tony, send RM200K bill to CSL and MCA for Tuition and Child-Care fee...

victor said...

You will have my fullest support!! Thanks for making me a proud PJU voter.. :) I just donated RM50 and will get more support for you.. :)


Anonymous said...

Sorry, you came to the wrong place. The MCA is rich enough to help you. No campaign needed!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with asking for donations? This is better than stealing from the taxpayer's money!

drjr said...

Please support yb. Use some of ur water rebate.

Jay said...

Dear Tony,
I have always hold you in high esteem but not until your recent request for donation to pay the SYABAS fine.

You may find the court decision to be unfair and not in your favour.
However, asking for donation from DAP supporters is not the right approach, simply because this is your own issue.
Do not drag DAP or the supporters.

And certainly, branding the donation as "standing up for the water rights of the people" is not right.
If you want to stand up for the people, do it legally, and never ask for donation to pay off your fines.

I do not mind donating for your ceramah or for the DAP election campaigns, but I will certainly not donate for your own needs.

What is next? Raising funds to pay your saman?

Keep up all your good work so far. Don't worry, if I am a PJU voter, I will still vote for you, because it is hard to find someone as good as you.
I am just disappointed because I have high expectation from you.
This is probably just one of your mistakes out of your many contributions.

@Anonymous 12:39 am
Why are you comparing with those people? Aren't you insulting DAP/Tony Pua by comparing with such people?
I expect DAP/Tony Pua to have their own standards.

Anonymous said...

Huh? You have problem reading my comment, Jay @ 10.32AM?