Friday, October 01, 2010

ETP: GLCs To Invest Beyond Their Market Capitalisation?

Video by Lutfi Hakim & Arthur Lam

I was invited by the Malaysia Australia Students' Council Association (Victoria) to take part in their Malaysia Aspiration Programme forum entitled "Economic Challenges Towards 2020" on the 25 September 2010.

I gave my views on the ambitious Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) on what it hopes to achieve and where it might just fall short. I thought the Education Attache from the Malaysian High Commission was a little nervous with my presence at a students' forum, but I stuck to policy issues and I think they breathed a collective sigh of relieve at the end of the session ;-)

The above video clip captured a part of my short speech (we were given 10 minutes) and a segment of the very long (2 hours I think) Q&A session ;-)

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Anonymous said...

But to be fair to GLC. If 80% of it is funded by debt, it really means only some 30%/40% of their market capitalization. Its still a lot and not likely to happen.