Thursday, September 30, 2010

Umno To Start Halal-Currency System?

Umno continues to heighten irresponsible and incendiary race and religious rhetoric will drive Malaysia towards becoming a nation of extreme contradictions with the latest accusation that the Penang Government funds its programmes using funds from non-halal sources

Umno has continued its relentless attacks on the DAP, particularly the Penang state government with the latest being that the state government funded its welfare initiatives with funds contributed by non-halal entities such as the Penang Turf Club, and by extension, the Muslims in the state are benefiting from “unclean” money.

While the Penang Government has disclosed the fact that the accusation is completely and utter baseless when it was shown that such contributions are only channelled towards the eradiction of non-Muslim hardcore poor, the more critical point is perhaps “so what if it is?”

Umno leaders have shown utmost hypocrisy when even the Finance Ministry, who is led by the Prime Minister himself, have replied in Parliament that the Federal Government does not separate it source of revenue from halal and non-halal sources in its consolidated funds. This means that the revenue from gaming sources such as Tanjung PLC and Berjaya Sports Toto as well as alcoholic beverage companies such as Guiness Anchor Bhd (GAB) and Carlsberg are used for the benefit of all Malaysians, regardless of race, religion or region. And that is absolutely how it should be.

What is more worry however is the tendency of the desperate Umno leaders who wants to cling on to power at all cost will start calling for ludicrous ideas to be implemented by preying on the fears and insecurity of the wider public.

By calling for a separation of funds from halal and non-halal sources, Umno politicians are opening a whole new Pandora box which will lead ultimately to Malaysia becoming a global basket case. Is the Penang opposition leader, Azahar Ibrahim arguing for a case whereby Muslim companies, individuals and organisations cannot trade with say, alcoholic beverage companies like GAB even for the purchase of stationery or furniture because GAB derives its revenue and profits from non-halal sources? Or worse, is Umno arguing for the farcical case where Ah Chong the butcher, or Muthu who works for Berjaya Sports Toto, cannot purchase nasi lemak from Pak Ali because the latter should not “benefit” from such sources of income?

Will Najib put out a new proposal during the announcement of the 2011 Budget calling for a duel currency system where the halal Ringgit is used for transactions which are halal while the non-halal Ringgit is used for transactions which involves non-halal items or services, and hence preventing Muslims from sourcing any of the revenue or benefiting in any way, from sources of funds which has at one time or another “passed through” non-halal transactions?

Najib has called for “moderation” at the United Nations and his call must be supported. However, Najib must first reign in his party of hare-brained extremists who are using all means, including racially and religiously extreme views to politically assasinate DAP and Pakatan Rakyat who are clearly winning over the rakyat with its inclusive, moderate and progressive policies.

The relentless race and religious attacks by Umno must cease immediately to create the conducive environment for “moderation”, to defeat “extremism” and to bring Malaysia back into the forefront of the international investment map.


Anonymous said...

Not only they need to seperate the money into halal and non halal, i think the air they breath and water that they drink must also separate into halal and non halal. They should stop breathing and drinking water now!

Serious Shepherd said...

I think you can have a chat with PAS leaders on UMNO's distorted version of Islam with a long list of malpractices that could be very long if listed down here.

Some of them are:
-cannot use indelible ink bcos may block body parts for wudhu' (despite that the Afghans and Iraqis got no problem using it)
-a female non-Muslim like Teo Nie Ching is always on hadas besar bcos never mandi wajib thus cannot enter mosque (but P Kamalanathan and Queen Elizabeth II can)

Anonymous said...

We fully support AZAHAR IBRAHIM for organising such an event (returning non halal money) to the state government. Hope that he will go on at federal level. As for those who had returned the rm.100.00 do encourage your fellow comrates to return their non halal money. If AZAHAR is unable to do that then he is just another ball carrier. Good luck.

Anonymous said...


May be thats seditious too. Truly Bodoh UMNO>

Anonymous said...

Say dat it happens. Are they gonna refund the non-halal $$$ to non-malays???
They can very well keep their so-called halal $$$. Sure won't be enough to go around....!
Are they gonna use different colour of $$$ notes to differenciate the "sin notes"??
What's the 'big' sin being done always & currently?
Won't make anyone any 'holier' than we don't know...!!!!!

Anonymous said...

All living things are made of the same building blocks, carbon, oxygen, iron, nitrogen etc. Unless you lived in the middle ages you dont know. So the air I breathe out and you breathe in when we talk is the same particles of oxygen that has been around for millions of years and have gone at one time or another to be part of some animals, plants or humans. As some seers have proclaimed we are all the same. Water, steam and snow are the same. We are all a part of the blue planet. Anybody talking about this you cannot touch that you cannot consume is living in ancient times. So the same for the monetary system. It is one big round the mulbery bush. Each is part of everything. Wake up.

Anonymous said...

Tell them that the RM50 bribe they took this morning came from someone who got it from the bank which was deposited by a pork seller.

Anonymous said...

A GLC company owns the liquor shop in Penang airport. What say you UMNO? Close it!

Anonymous said...

Sime with UMNO appointees is selling drinks and fags duty free in the airport. Even there are workers mounting at the cash counters.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... maybe UNMO should try make a Halal Malaysia and Haram Malaysia territories. Tak habis habis bodoh punya Umno, bodoh lagi bodoh time after time! Sin Tax on alcohol, tobacco, gambling, etc if also considered wang haram ... then better call 1HARAM MALAYSIA!

Anonymous said...

The fact that the Penang UMNO launched a campaign to return the so-called non-halal RM100 to the State Government, they run out of issues to smear the good governance of LGE's administration. If the Federal UMNO adopt the same strategy for sure they lose the GE 13.