Friday, September 10, 2010

Howdy Australia!

I will be making a trip to Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne later this month September and will be meeting up with Malaysians there. For those keen on meeting up, the following are the schedule details:


Afternoon Tea @ Lincoln College
Date: 19 Sept 2010 (Sunday)
Time: 3.00pm
Venue: The Chapel, Lincoln College, Brougham Place, North Adelaide
Facebook Event:

There's no cover charge for Tea, but voluntary donations are welcome to cover the cost of the event. Any excess proceeds will go towards DAP for its activities.


An Evening with Tony Pua & Jeff Ooi @ Delima
Date: 23 Sept 2010 (Thursday)
Time: 7.00pm
Venue: Delima Restaurant, Shop 69, Level 5, One Dixon Shopping Centre
Contact: 92677045 (Dennis/Delima) or
Tickets: AUD$45 per person (AUD$35 for students) for a 7-course dinner
Facebook Event:

Limited seats available, please book to confirm. This event is organised by the Malaysia Interest Group Sydney (MIGSYD). Any excess proceeds will go towards DAP for its activities.


1. Dinner with Tony Pua @ Kedai Satay
Date: 24 Sept 2010 (Fri)
Time: 7pm
Venue: Kedai Satay (Upper Floor), 186 King's St

2. Malaysian Aspiration Programme (MAP) Forum
Date: 25 Sept 2010 (Sat)
Time: 12pm - 3pm
Venue: Elizabeth Murdoch Theatre, University of Melbourne

This event is open to students and public, organised by the Malaysian Students' Council of Australia (Victoria). Admission is free. It will feature other prominent speakers from Malaysia - Dr Awang Adek Hussin (Deputy Minister of Finance), Tunku Zain Al-’Abidin Tuanku Muhriz (President, Inst for Democracy & Economic Affairs) and Assoc Prof Abdul Razak Ahmad (Research Fellow, University of Leeds)

Please forward the above details to all Malaysians and Malaysians-at-heart who are interested to meet up in Australia, and email me for any additional details required. I look forward to meeting and catching up with all of you! ;-)


PJU Voter said...


"Wah Seh!!!"

You constantly complain the funds you have is NOT even sufficient for the expenses of your own PJU Service Centre but yet now you have the LOAD OF CASH to go AUSTRALIA????

Imagine saving back those PUBLIC FUNDS you're gonna use to go AUSTRALIA & then spend it on public activities for your constituents....."Would this be better???"

Pls. clarify where these $$$$ come from, ok??? I suspect you could be another RONNIE LIU in the making.

BN, DAP....sama ajelah!!!

Kian Ming said...

aiya, this is a holiday for the family as well as networking for the party lah. if you actually do work when you are taking a family holiday, perhaps you have more grounds to criticize tony lah. u mean MPs cannot take holidays abroad? come-on lah, be reasonable lah. duh.

Anonymous said...


MCA and UMNO needs LOADS of CASH to travel in Stylo. UMNO has been travel to Sri lanka and buy precious stone chrip2 and bring them back using VIP lanes.

There are people travel cattle class using Tony's airline and I have been to Xian, Beijing and back to HK using China's people train just for RM500. Imagine thousands of km for RM500.

If U suspect RonnieLiu's stype then I suspect many benefits from PKZF has been pouring on you.

Anonymous said...

Geez, tony

In Oz you say "G'day mate", and not 'howdy' which is American!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, BN and DAP is not the same - BN will leave some crumbs but DAP will take everything

The Silent Majority

VP said...

What about Perth???we r here too u know.
As for PJU Voter,go vote for khir toyo next time around again.I don't blame u as u r a by product of our education system..a big fat zilch.There is such a thing called a working trip!to rid us of morons like y.....!

Anonymous said...

Aiya! the above smart alec trying to demoralise you la Tony. I believe in your good goverance on money matters! I know for a fact that your afternoon tea is sponsored by a group of Malaysians in Adelaide!
Keep up the good works Tony and may your trip be very successful!!!

DAP is for the grass peopleunlike BN!!!

Ahmad Syafiq said...

Hello, PJU voter, Tony does not simply come to Australia for no reason ok? Malaysian students here in Australia had invited him over to give a talk, along with that rejected UMNO candidate (Awang Adek) for the MB post in Kelantan. And I'm very sure that Tony is using his own money to come to Australia for this wonderful opportunity to give an economics perspective on the future of Malaysia. Besides, you make accusations like these because you don't have deep throats like I do, who knows better than you about the true situation.

PJU Voter said...

My Oh My!!!

Commentator Kian Ming.....

Real sad people like you CANNOT even understand BASIC ENGLISH. "Apalah ni???", "How to be a Lecturer macam ni???". This is likened to a mother crab teaching its' juniors to walk straight"....Hahahahaha!!! Really ironic, ain't it???

When did I ever say "MPs cannot take holidays abroad?". Try taking off ya glasses & try reading again, duh!!!!

I was just asking why is TONY CONSTANTLY complaining he has problems financing his PJU Service Centre's activities when ho now have the CHEEK to travel to so many parts of AUSTRALIA, get it??? Monet was SPONSORED, huh??? Betcha, you would say this.

Oh yes, I was also asking did those $$$$ came from TONY-RONNIE shoddy Joint Venture dealings???

Perhaps yeah???

SetiaSelalu said...

Pakatan Keadilan-Pas-Dap MPs & Aduns have shown in their words and action that they DO NOT condone corruption and are very careful how public money is spent.
Tony Pua is a very hardworking MP and work for all regardless of race or background.
Umno/Bn have wasted billions and Khir Toyol Disneyland trip with his cronies and families for 'technical studies' is one of many hundreds of misuse and abuse of public funds -exposed by SELCAT, a committee set up by Pakatan Selangor State Govt to STOP abuse of money belonging to the Rakyat.
There is no comparison between Pakatan & Umno/Bn use of public money....the RAKYAT of M'sia knows the truth based on all that has been happening in the country.
We and future Generations of Malaysians deserve better !

Ahmad Syafiq said...

Gosh PJU voter, if your allegations had been true, Tony wouldn't have the cheek to post your baseless comments now wouldn't it? =P

So... go fly kite before you say anymore brainless accusations after this.

And... how many constituents are there in PJU as compared to Putrajaya or any other place for that matter? PJU has 76,618 voters. Putrajaya only has about 6,000 voters. Say if you allocate both parliamentaries RM250,000/year. Mana cukup? Just look lah. Use your brain when it comes to calculating the money. And it's not just Tony who is constantly having this problem. Other opposition parliamentarians and state assemblymen have this problem. This is not an isolated case.

Mr. Lin (Taman Mayang) said...

What PJU Voter commented does make sense in certain ways. If Tony hasn't complain he have lack of funds to finance his monthly service centre expenses then I can accept it. However, it doesn't make any sense to be bragging about going on holiday in some destination such as Australia upon complaining about fund matters of his service centre. This doesn't fit any puzzle though.

Imagine what kind of impression will you have if you happen to see a beggar begging for money in the streets but only to end up seeing him driving a Mercedez Benz later in the day, right? This is exactly what PJU Voter is trying to highlight if I'm not mistaken.

Tony had been keeping mum since the comment of PJU voter had been brought up. However, I'll appreciate if Tony can be brave enough to show-up & clarify his stance. Should Tony choose not to clarify will only bring negative impact to his credibility & trustworthiness.

The current scenario of Tony's trip is no difference with those pretentious beggars we often come across in coffee shops & mamak stalls. We ain't jealous but we only want justice. Where had those funds supposedly donated by the public went to? Honest answer, please.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Dear all,

Needless to say, as one of the youngest voter in Mr. Pua's constituency, I would agree with what Ahmad Syafiq has to say.

YB Tony can go to Australia, it is not as though he is a bankrupt and he doesn't have much money to travel. I know of a few Opposition MPs who have came to Australia who lives within the Halls of Residence of the University instead of the lavish hotels that Barisan MPs have been staying in Paris, London, etc. I am sure Khir Toyo has problems covering up his evidences of his trip with his wife and others.

If you want to accuse of Tony Pua on where he has gotten the money, then speak for yourself (PJU Voter) where has Khir Toyo, the corrupted person gotten the money from as he travels to those countries I mentioned? That is of course tax payers money. Common sense would tell everyone that. We are all not blind as bats I can assure you.

Just to let you know, Malaysian students in the universities in Australia have Opposition parties. Like it or not, Malaysian students here are criticizing openly about the government.

Such a loser, PJU Voter. I wonder if BN hires you to bad-mouth here. If you have the balls, then declare your real identity. No need to hide.

WY said...

Wow...Tony Pua has his own hate-fan. I wonder whether it is Goh Wei Liang - the infamous australian uni student. Haha.

Dear tony, you are not coming to new zealand>?

Ahmad Syafiq said...

Mr. Lin, Tony Pua coming to Australia is not for a holiday. If you noticed what he posted, Awang Adek of UMNO also coming, to debate on the issue of Malaysia going bankrupt in the next 10 years. I am going to that debate as I'm currently studying in Australia. It will be interesting to see what Tony, Awang Adek and 2 other professors have to say about this issue.

Tony here does not have to respond to the issue. Silence does not mean acceptance in any way. It's like how they accused RPK of this and that, but the onus is on the accuser to prove his/her allegations. The accused does not have to do anything.

Remember Anwar's case in Sodomy 1? He was told to prove his innocence, by which any reasonable law student would respond: "How can the accused be called upon to prove he is not guilty? The accuser is supposed to prove that the accused is guilty with damning evidence. Not the other way around idiots."

To tomatoinc, I think I happened to know Goh Wei Liang back in primary school. He was in the same tuition class as I was back then. And I haven't heard about him since then.

Last but not least, I still respect your voices PJU voter and Mr Lin. You have your opinions and I have mine, I can accept that. However, if you accuse Tony of using public funds to come to Australia, lest you all forget that Tony has been involved in business before and had lost millions during the financial crisis years back. His business recovered after that and he managed to sell his business for a handsome profit, which leads to where he is now, PJU parliamentarian. You don't expect him to use all of his own money to serve his constituents now wouldn't it?

Ahmad Syafiq said... apologies again. I've accidentally mistaken the names. I don't know Goh Wei Liang, sorry. A mistaken identity.

Anonymous said...

BN (and MCA) supporters are very worried with the strong and ever growing support that Overseas Malaysians are showing for the Pakatan Rakyat.

So, the reason for their attacks.

Phua Kai Lit

Jay 1 said...


BN or DAP = politician
Bottom line - who will u vote for least corrupted leader?

Got it?