Thursday, April 01, 2010

Muhyiddin's 1Malaysia Joke

I won't make any comments, but feel free to make your on judgements on this matter.

The Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak has launched the 1Malaysia Government Transformation Programme (GTP) Roadmap with big fanfare. In fact, he spent RM2.7 million just launching this Roadmap, which you can download here (286 pages).

Inside this roadmap, the concept of 1Malaysia is actually defined very clearly. In fact, it's repeated twice on page 11 and page 69 of the document (English version), or page 16 and page 76 of the Bahasa Malaysia version.
The goal of 1Malaysia is to make Malaysia more vibrant, more productive and more competitive – and ultimately a greater nation: a nation where, it is hoped, every Malaysian perceives himself or herself as Malaysian first, and by race, religion, geographical region or socio-economic background second...
I could not agree and share the above goals more for I certainly see myself as Malaysian first, and Chinese second. Religion, geography and class don't even come into the picture.

DAP Parliamentary Leader, Lim Kit Siang posed the simple question to the Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, if he supports the Prime Minister's 1Malaysia as defined above. The response is below as quoted from the Malaysiakini report:
"I am Malay first, but being Malay doesn't mean I am not Malaysian," said Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin. He was responding to DAP leader Lim Kit Siang's challenge earlier today for him to state whether he is a Malay or a Malaysian first.

"He doesn't understand (what) the meaning of the concept of 1Malaysia is all about," Muhyiddin told a press conference in the Parliament lobby this afternoon.

"How can I say I'm Malaysian first and Malay second? All the Malays will shun me... and it's not proper," he said.
Who understands 1Malaysia, and who doesn't? What are the implications? Who's being taken for a ride? Hmmm....


Anonymous said...

Imagine Muheadache standing in front of a press conference in the UN and some reporter asks him, "Sir, are you here representing Malaysia or are you here representing the Malays?"

"Why you ask silly question? I am Deputy PM of Malays. So I come here to represent the Malays. Our people are the majority in Malay Land."

"But, the Name on the seat says Malaysia...."

"That's why all make mistake. You wrongly translate. Our country..original name..Tanah Melayu..that means...Malay Land.."

"Sir, we see from the map that there are Sabah and Sarawak...."

"Where you from man? Australia?...USA? forget we also like you..actually the natives there are backwards like your Aborigines and Red we go in there to civilize them..same like you lah..."

And so we have the Deputy PM of Malay Land at the U.N.

Anonymous said...

What do expect the equivalent of an intellectual bull. The answer to Muhiyiddin question is simple for real intelligence - its called leadership. Its called being what is required of the best these days - the same aspiration of 1Malaysia, the Malay community and Malaysian in general.

If Muhiyiddin is incapable of being what he asks others to be, what ultimately it means is this - the leadership think being unfair both to Malaysian and even Malays is perfectly acceptable to them. Being unjust is perfectly fine. Entitlement is so far gone that they don't recognise it even if it spits them in the face. The philosophy of 'the end justify the means' is perfectly normal. The old order survives and nothing has changed.

In other words, 1Malaysia is just more bull than real to him..

Anonymous said...

Muhy is saying that his version of 1Malaysia is right, which means Jibby's version is wrong. But Jibby is the one who 'came up' with the 1Malaysia idea right? How can Jibby be wrong? Unless Jibby got it wrong when he attended the initial 1Malaysia briefing held by APCO....

Anonymous said...

YB, that is why people call him Mat Sembab.
What an idiot is this guy and yet UMNO place him as their no 2 and we Malaysian will suffer, so....apa lagi all Malaysians, kick him out.
I just hate this idiot.

wandererAUS said...


If his 1MALAYSIA has the same meaning as his Deputy..Malaysian of other liao lo!

Malaysia boleh..UMNO laki boleh!!

Anonymous said...

This is a key moment. Mark my word. Just after he accused Sdr. Lim of baiting him to FIGHT with Najib, he just set himself up for THE FIGHT himself - he blew up Najib's 1Malaysia and the NEM at the same time.

THE FIGHT is on..Its going to happen. They can't turn back..

Anonymous said...

They will and continue to spin spin spin and spin till rakyat give up. But come next General Election we will show them.
We may be fedup but won't forget.

Anonymous said...

My reading is this: 1Malaysia is written by Apco and read out loud by Najib.1Malay 2Malaysia is written by Perkasa and declared by Muhyiddin.So you draw your own conclusion.

Anonymous said...

I must give credit to Muhyiddin. Singlehandedly and with the fewest words he murdered the idea of 1Malaysia.

I am now Chinese first. Forget about being Malaysian.

Anonymous said...

a joke indeed, a very sad joke.

wandererAUS said...

UMNO PM has given his answer,"There is nothing wrong to be Malay first"
Mamaks do be 'Free Loaders' on the backs of Melayu....

Now Tun Mamak will have to say, "I am Mamak first!" DNA Orang India lah!

wandererAUS said...



Anonymous said...

At least Moohideen is more honest and shows us the racist that he really is, so I don find any problem with that. In fact, it's easier to deal with him face to face, not like the sly Jibby who tries to slither through everything without going to the point. I betcha he didn't even read the whole document of 1M'sis but only read the speech prepared by APCO. That's why he now says there's nothing wrong with being Malay first and Malaysian second!

We can sit back and watch now that Moohideen has declared his stand, the UMNO grassroot has just heard the 'go' word for a full frontal assault on Jibby! THey have been restless since Jibby tookover, now with Mahathir's blessing and Perkasa (or was it Perkosa??) backing, Moohideen can start his march for another hostile takeover in UMNO.

Of course, they will all blame it on Lim Kit Siang who had started the UMNO war! hahahaha ~!!

Anonymous said...

Well, he said he is Malaysian first, the Malays will shun him, but NOW because of what he said, all the Malaysian (malay, chinese, indian dll) will shun him! Shame on him... he's too eager to support n please Tun M... as part of the racist n extremist group. We don't need such person to lead the country.... RESIGN!

Joshua said...

A Malaysian Malaysia is indeed the vision of God for this country. My pastor once said this why Malaysia is called a rainbow nation where all the colours blend together side by side. Maybe red is a more dominant color but it occupies the same width and wave lengths as other colors.

According to the bestselling writers of Freakonomics, the self-implosion of the Klu Klux Klan was caused by a former insider revealing in public all the secrets of the Klan and exposing their childishness and intellectual immaturity. It was shame and the loss of tribal secrecy that caused them to disband voluntarily.

I suggest the same should be done with Perkasa/UMNO, find an insider to expose their modus operandi and make it a funny tale (published online of course).

Then we can start tackling the new new NEM seriously.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


If everybody wants to be first
Who will be second or the last
If we want to quench this thirst
We'll turn all ideals into a farce

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 020410
Fri. 2nd Apr. 2010.

clk said...

One must remember that the positions of PM and DPM were determined by a General Assembly of delegates exclusive at PWTC.

The other 25m people have no say in these 2 posts.

At least not until now!

Hopefully that would change in time.

Anonymous said...

Why are so much negatives heaped on the DPM? He must be commended for his truthfulness - it is difficult to get politicians to provide answer from their hearts let alone BN politicians. He is an exception.

Najib may need APCO big time to neutralise DPM's truthful answer. Is there any hope for 1Malaysia ? I wonder how many UMNO politicians have the same answer but do not have the guts to say so.

bennyloh said...


DistressedNyen said...

This DPM is bizarre!

He has just highlighted that he could say or do anything just to make sure Malays dont shun him. He couldnt care less about the interest of the nation and the importance of our nation's well-being. He only cares about his Malay support. Does he know that there is still a country called Malaysia, outside of his UMNO world?

This Moohideen has done what he could to destroy another generation of Msian by canceling one of the very few goods that Tun Mamak had done, ie teaching Mathematics and Science in English, for the sake of the nation's competitiveness.

Pretty much one generation of competitive work force was lost when Umnoputras played BM language political cards and sacrificed English some 30-40 years ago. They could have emphasized BM or not abandoned English. They didnt do that for the sake of some extra votes by playing with misguided nationalist sentiment.

This DPM is just unbelievable. We, Malaysians, are not toys for you, PM and DPM,to play around.

We love peace, We love unity, We have more at stake in this country, and love this country more than you!!!

Our children go to Govt school (that you 'abuse') while your UMNOputras' children go to international schools or even go overseas for education. They are hence safe regardless of your abusive practices.

Have some mercy on us. Spare us with a tool or two to learn and use in this competitive globalized environments. Dont take away our life-line...

Anonymous said...

Seorang budak sekolah tiba-tiba tanya:
Telur dulu..atau ayam dulu..Cikgu?

Cikgu tua tanya balik budak kecil dengan penuh ghairah:
Telur ayam atau Ayam telur..sayang?

Budak jawab dengan yakin..:
Telur ayam..Cikgu!

Cikgu tersenyum terus jawab:
Yalah..tu.."Telur" dulu..!

Budak penuh binggung..!
Then there was another boy asked a similar question to the "same Cikgu Tua"....!

The Boy :
Sir,Egg First or Chicken First...?

Cikgu Tua again asked the question back to the boy curiously:
Chicken Egg or Egg Chicken..dear?

The boy answered confidently:
Chicken Egg..Sir!

Cikgu smiling and replied:
That's why.."Chicken First"..!
********************************** got it..!

Whether Malaysian First..Malays First..Chinese First..Indian First..! The Most Determined Factor Is Whoever sincerely contributing for the Betterment to the "Bangsa Dan Negara" of Rakyat Malaysia effectively would be proudly & highly regards As "First Malaysian...& Performance Now..!

Anonymous said...

Nonono, "I'm Malay first, then I'm bumiputra first, then only I'm a Malaysian"