Thursday, April 29, 2010

Help Our Sibu Campaign!

Dear Friends,

The 10th by-election is over at Hulu Selangor and it is most unfortunate that we suffered a setback amidst the millions of ringgit poured in by the BN government.

Nevertheless, our struggle for a Malaysian's Malaysia is now shifted to Sibu Sarawak and we at DAP will lead the challenge. We expect the BN in Sarawak will pour even more resources into maintaining their grip in this by-election.

Despite that we at DAP still believe we can make a difference and a clear statement that Malaysians from both East and West want and deserve a change.

We are appealing to ALL MALAYSIANS to donate generously to fund our effort in Sibu Sarawak. Your funds will be used for the following:
  1. Printing campaign materials
  2. Securing transportation
  3. Organizing road shows, talks, ceramahs
  4. Hiring of AV / PA system
  5. Other expenses in connection to help our team
We ask you to consider donating RM500 or more for this effort including asking your friends and relatives who believe in our good cause to do likewise.  All amounts are however small, much welcome.

You can also donate online by way of Credit Card, Maybank2U, CIMBClicks etc. Please check for more details here @

Alternatively, cheques can be written to "DAP MALAYSIA" and all donations for DAP can be banked into our Party’s account at any Public Bank branches with reference to our account No. 306 382 8309.

Or you can send cheque to: DAP MALAYSIA
No. 24 Jalan 20/9, 46300Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Your love for the nation will definitely make a difference.



Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

tom i am having a small function with my colleagues.

one to one ok. and i am sure no less than RM500.

i will go to your du branch for this.

Goose luck, PR. Its for the country, not just DAP.

Anonymous said...

Hats off to all of you who are working hard for a Malaysians' Malaysia. Glad to be able to contribute, if not in person, at least in $$$. Wishing the team wind in its sails!

Li Huat Chai said...

ya, Tony, i will donate ...

Unknown said...

I suggest that DAP keeps the public updated on the amount collected from time to time.

Poh Soon said...

how would we know that the fund donated will be fully used for this purposes?

Anonymous said...

Poh Soon,

had you ever seen BN asking donations from Rakyat??

Anonymous said...

done. just online trns to dap pb acct.
ref code 066434 for 500.
keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

I contributed RM500 this morning to the Public Bank account of DAP by cycling from my kampong to the bank in Air Itam, Penang. I want change and am willing to pay for it.

Poh Soon said...

Anonymous said...
Poh Soon,

had you ever seen BN asking donations from Rakyat??


I think that is irrelevant in this context. PR should the part to be transparent and accountable regardless of whether BN is accountable / transparent. Right?

Anonymous said...

Check out the video titled "Sibu Jom Ubah" and help spread the spirit for CHANGE!

OTL said...

Dear Tony,

How was the campaign there? Hopefully everything going smoothly.

I suggest that PR using "Two oil-rich blocks GIVE/GIFT to Brunei" as one of the agenda.

How can we choice a government that give our sovereignty to another country. If Brunei claim that two oil-rich block own by their country, I think Malaysia should bring this case to International Court of Justice. And we all Malaysian will respect what ever decision.

This time give 2 oil rich block, will the government consider to give others?

Disappointed with the government decision to give up the two oil rich block but in return "participate commercially for 40years", and not even Limbang Sarawak territorial dispute.


Anonymous said...

You are up against a political coalition that has affliations to commerce firms worth in excess RM$50billion. THeir throwing in RM18million to Schools is a drop in the ocean.

You may need to re-strategise to reach your constituencies. Try break the rules.


Mata kuching said...

Sarwakians must not be fooled by Taib Mahmud’s announcement of lower or “lowest” premium for property renewal. Make no mistake, Taib Mahmud is the “government of Sarawak” and he thinks Sarawak belongs to him too. Unless and until anything he says are made into law and gazetted it is just Taib Mahmud farting! Will Sarawakians benefit from a lower premium( if ever it isgazetted and stated in the Sarawak land Code) if there is no guarantee that their properties will be renewed upon expiry?

Taib Mahmud has long identified the urban land which he wanted to take by changing the housing ministry to that of ministry of housing and urban renewal and given special power to enter and acquire any properties or land. This minstry shall have the right to take back any residentail or commercial properties which the government of and for Taib Mahmud deemed to be in a deplorable condition and or not befitting an urban environment. With a lower land renewal premium it can only mean the market values of the Sarawak properties acquired by the government of and for Taib Mahmud shall be much lower and compensation shall be much lower accordingly.

There is nothing that benefit the people a litlle that will not benefit Taib Mahmud tremendously. There is nothing that Taib Mahmud’s empire cannot supply to the proposed SCORE project , Aluminium Smelting project, Hydro-electric dams projects, and all major infrastructures to be implemented in Sarawak. All these did not happen by accident or chance. All thee have been planned with meticulous details with absolute power that he now enjoys. Whenever taib mahmud gives sarawakian an additional of 1% benefits he shall take back another 99% benefits for himself.

Who is the real and main owner of Sarawak Energy Bhd, Assar Senari Port, Assar Senari Chemicals, Mukah coal power plant, Sejinkat power plant. Any layman will think it is 100% owned by the government but one need not complete primary six to know that the major shareholders of all these so-called government agencies are owned by Taib’s family and cronies. These are Taib Mahmud’s strategic companies controlling all the strategic resources in Sarawak.

Malaysians in Sarawak must not be swayed by his announcement on lower land premium. Taib Mahmud has done all his evil calculations long ago on how to rob Sarawak and Sarawakians . We must stand our ground and exercise our right by voting out this evil and corrupted regime in Sarawak and Malaysia. By denying UMNO controlled BN every single parliamentary seat in Sarawak and the rest of Malaysians doing their part in all other states we shall defeat this evil and corrupted regime. Sibu parliamentary seat is just as important as all other parliamentary seats for us to help ourselves to defeat UMNO controlled BN.

Vote Pakatan-DAP to save Malaysia and Sarawak.

Anonymous said...

Congratulation is in order. DAP and PR is alive. In politics, that is not something to be sneeze at..

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony, sorry if I am posting unrelated issues, however I was hoping you could assist in highlighting this matter to the relevant parties.I normally drive, however I had an opportunity to try out our lrt one fine day. People say " Belum cuba, belum tahu " and I must admit it was an eye opener. Have you ever tried parking at the bukit jalil lrt station when u are taking the lrt ?
The car park locations are not only quite a distance, it is quite secluded and also unsafe. Hearsay, one has to be careful when parking at Bkt Jalil lrt. Not to mention the so called parking spaces are haphazard without proper demarcation. Don't take my word for it.... Go see for yourself... Note they have quite a few parking entrances. Check them all out. Be prepared to be amazed .

Unknown said...

Well done in Sibu.

Now that is over, i hope that you can find the time to focus some of your effort back into your constituency (and the people who believed in you and voted you into parliament).

The crime rate in Taman Megah is getting out of hand, with 2 break-ins in the last 1 week. According to the police, a body was also discovered in Taman Megah just yesterday.

With MBPJ's blanket ban on gating our neighbourhood, there is little to no alternative for the residents, except to worry everyday whether their homes are safe when they are away at work.

What are you going to do about this?

I had hoped for an improvement over BN's Chew Mei Fun, but so far, i have seen pretty much none.

Anonymous said...

If you are not careful, voters may want the longkang lady back as their rep in the next GE