Friday, December 25, 2009

GST on The Fairly Current Show

Peter Parker Pua and me had a quick 10 minutes interview with The Fairly Current Show on everything fairly current, including GST, Najib, Pakatan Rakyat and more ;-)


Anonymous said...

You sound like you are opposing things because you are in the opposition about some solutions to the country's financial when do you think sufficient people will pay tax to allow GST to be would the govt manage its finances until that positon can be reached.....

if your mindset is that of the opposition only you will never be able to run the country!


Anonymous said...

If the Government is sincere, and a Governement of the people, for the people and by the people, it should think twice , thrice and etc. before implementing the GST. Why the rush?
Is it to show that it is so inefficient in managing the country's economy that it is in dire need of funds?
Showing the world that we are a developed nation because of GST is a total hambug.
The overweening desire to be a developed nation has gone to the heads of the leaders. 'We should not wear a big hat if our head is still size: S'

Anonymous said...

To Jo:

If the government didn't have so many 'leakages' and squandered our petrol wealth on questionable projects, then GST may be acceptable.

As the case appears to be now, GST will just be another means to fund these leakages. How do you expect the public to be happy?

A solution? Why a penny earned is a penny saved... Why don't we cut down on those leakages first, yeah.

Anonymous said...


U sleeping or U are pro UMNO and they are never a good government for the people just like you. Our MP did proposed a alternative solution but you are really like UMNO - never listen properly and always shoot before asking.

Anonymous said...

plugging the leaks obviously has to be done but will take will the efforts to make the people of this country wealthy the meantime do we borrow more to meet our expenses, or do we start asking the people to contribute more thru the GST.

as far as i can see, read or hear, no concrete alternatives to a national problem has been offered by our yb.

Anonymous said...

GST will be inflationary and will affect everyone, especially the "untaxed majority".

It is inane of BN to propose to solve the multitude of issues accumulated after 52 years of misrule within the next year or so.

1Malaysia, GTP etc. are designed to steal the thunder from PR before the next general elections.

Can PR deliver what they propose? The answer is to give them the chance to govern for at least one term and rate them accordingly.
Malaysia has much more to lose if BN is allowed to govern even though it is proven that they have not delivered after 52 years.

charis14 said...

A foreign visitor read about the impeding GST and commented that it has generally failed to achieve its purpose in most of the Western nations. Why? The huge bureaucracy and cost of administering the system means that there is very little left over. Sales tax at importer / wholesaler level is simpler to administer. He prefers the Hong Kong model which cuts bureaucracy and taxes to minimal, thereby encouraging private sector investments.

In short, GST is basically a job creation exercise paid for by consumers.