Friday, December 18, 2009

First Pakatan Rakyat Convention

Below is the programme for the historic first Pakatan Rakyat Convention tomorrow. I have the honour of being one of the leaders selected to present part of the Common Platform with a focus on the economy, together with Salahuddin Ayob from PAS and R Sivarasa from PKR.

Hopefully it will be a successful event and the police won't buat kacau. ;-)

0800 : Pendaftaran bagi wakil media di Tingkat 4, Auditorium MBSA.

0900 : Pembukaan

0915 : Ucapan Perdana Ketiga Pimpinan Tertinggi dan Perasmian Bersama Konvensyen - Saudara Anwar Ibrahim (Ketua Umum KeADILan), Saudara Lim Guan Eng (Setiausaha Agung DAP) & Saudara Hj Abdul Hadi Awang (Presiden PAS).

1015 : Rehat

1045 : Pidato Dasar Pakatan Rakyat (dipengerusikan YAB Khalid Ibrahim) - Saudara Salahuddin Ayub (Naib Presiden PAS), Saudara Tony Pua (Setiausaha Publisiti Kebangsaan DAP), Saudara Sivarasa Rasiah (Naib Presiden PKR) dan Perbahasan oleh 2 perwakilan setiap parti.

1245 : Makan tengahari di Laman MBSA.

1345 : Sambungan perbahasan oleh 3 perwakilan setiap parti (dipengerusikan Saudara Teng Chang Khim).

1530 : Majlis Penutup (dipengerusikan Saudara Wan Abdul Rahim Wan Abdullah).

Rumusan oleh 3 Pimpinan : Saudara Karpal Singh (Pengerusi Kebangsaan DAP), Saudara Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat (Murshidul Am PAS), Saudara Anwar Ibrahim (Ketua Umum KeADILan).

1700 : Majlis bersurai. Sidang media di Tingkat 3
See you there! ;-)


Anonymous said...

sorry. i won't believe a coalition that bullshit voters just to get into power, then conveniently forgets what was promised.

your 2008 election manifesto can still be found online. if your memory failed you, maybe you can google for it and read what that line about local election, or do you guys misspelled erection?

Anonymous said...

i hate to admit it yb pua, but koolgek 12.53am's comment does have a point.

i am a pakatan supporter. and nothing would give me more pleasure than the witness the demise of gerombolan united malays national organization together with its lapdogs like mca, mic, gerakan etc...

if the 3rd vote is being held back for some strategic considerations, then i can be patient. but i'd push for it nonetheless....

so, pray tell, why the delay?