Friday, May 08, 2009

Shakespearean Play in Progress III

Here are some choice quotes from our favourite Barisan Nasional politicians today.

From Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, the Minister of Home Affairs, yes, the one charge of the fashion police in Perak, as reported in The Malaysian Insider:
“It was my responsibility to ensure there were no chaos on the streets which could threaten public safety. So in this context, I am happy with the action taken,” he told reporters here today.
And again here:
“What happened in the assembly was a mockery of the Malaysian democratic system,” Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein told reporters in Putrajaya.
And from UMNO Youth Chief, Khairy Jamaluddin as reported in The Nutgraph:
Terming the entire episode as a "tragedy for democracy", Khairy said he was disappointed that "jungle culture" had been brought into the state assembly today.
Are they from a different world from ordinary Malaysians? Expect the sequel, Tsunami II come the next general elections.


Democrazy said...

BN just gave away Perak to PR in the next election. PR people, just chill out for a while, 3 years from now you will be back in business.

bla bla bla said...

Dear Tony,

I wish that Pakatan Rakyat could create an entry and compile complete facts about the 507 incident at DUN Perak at wikipedia so that it is convenient for us to forward to everyone including those overseas.

Let's them see what's happening in Malaysia's politics and what has BN done to the Malaysia and her people.

Anonymous said...

The short answer is yes, they do live in UMNOland, which is very different. Read their papers, watch their TV and listen to their speeches and you know they live on a different virtual imagined world. It was designed to be so as a defense mechanism.

Lets examine GE 13. Right now Perak will vote at least 70% PR if given the chance. The issue is how far they can push back the odds by GE13. Given their advantage, its not inconceivable they can push back to 50:50


Nothing much else must go wrong for them to do it. This is where they got it wrong. They are not that good. They never were and lived in UMNOland to imagine they are or can be.

In addition, PR is no walkover now. It can gather more ammunition and Anwar has shown he is capable more imaginative and solid politics than Najib & geng. What Anwar and PR need is more people capable of doing the same thing.

So yes Perak is likely to be back in PR hands by next GE which is the real crime because all it is for the next few years is just waste of bloody time and resources for the sake of indulging the UMNO/BNputras.

It is highly important going into the next GE that Perak be obvious to turn back into PR hand overwhelmingly. Because then it will be easier for PR to concentrate on the other front which is Sabah and Sarawak. I can say that if we have the same sentiment going into the next GE as we do now in Perak, Sabahan can be told that they can decide the future of Malaysia - change the state govt and change Malaysia for good. Sarawak need not even be a factor and can be told that either they join or they get left behind for a few years.

marcus63 said...

tony, the sword cuts both ways.
umno has set a precedent that they can bypass the speaker to table motions in the state legislature.
and they have used the word "majority".
now that a precedent is set, dont you think pakatan can use the same strategy at the national parliament? we know many umno/bn mp's either sleep or dont even show up in parliament. take a count every session. the moment pakatan has a "majority" since ministers belong to the executive and cant vote until they cross the divide, pakatan would outnumber the bn/umno backnenchers, then quickly table the following motions:1. sack the speaker pandikar, 2.appoint a pakatan speaker, 3. table a no-confidence motion on the pm. take a quick vote in the opposition corner, and declare a majority. haha.
give them a taste of their own medicine.
umno does not respect the perak speaker. you guys also no need to respect the federal parliament speaker.

KIMHO8 said...

BrumNo, The Greatest Bandits Ever. Congratulations to Hee! She has sold her cheapest principle and performed her lowest class behavior to the people. How unlucky can be Jelapang voter be? Condolence to the Democracy of Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

You DAP guys are good at talking, but have so far shown low accountability. DAP should have kau tim Hee-woman back then, instead of leaving things to descend to chaos. Not planning is planning for failure. Laughing at UMNO goons wil not win us the govt, state or federal.


KC said...

Now the BN Government has released some of the ISA detainees including the Hindraf leaders.It is a move to influence the minds of voters. Najib is good at one-step-forward-two-steps-backward kind of strategies. Pakatan have to employ better tactics to counter-attack. I hope that Pakatan government can be more radical in developing the State and uncover the bad motives of BN in giving away the goodies.

KIMHO8 said...

Anon fed-up 1:23pm

What you mean kau tim?
Bribe her, kidnap her or murder her....

Anyway, no one is laughing at your gifted BumNo. We are condemning and rejecting their evil dark power!

sktan8888 said...

haha.. tony...

dont worry... we know what BN do..

As Dr M said... this will be the last stand for "Najis"..

That his way, "polis way".. like father like son... this is worst than Dr M way!!!

BN is definately out in next term... everyone got eye..

Anonymous said...


It's time to strengthen DAP institution in anticipation of the next 13th tsunami and recruit more reliable potential candidates and I hope traitors like Hee should have taught your top leadership a lesson.

Recruit more reliable and integrity candidates irrespective of race. And by the way, where are the moves to recruit more Malay brothers to reflect the multi-racial DAP? At the leadership top echelon?



Chris said...

I say we leave it as it is for Perak State Government. PR had done enuff to leave a deep impression not only to the ppl of Perak, but also the whole nation. The mockery of democracy by BN would not be forgotten easily. The re-purchase of Proton "Bananas" is a sign that the BN led state government is not sincere in "khidmat kepada rakyat". One could only speculate the motive of replacing a fleet of brand new Camrys with Bananas.

Other fiascos like the investigation Tan Sri Khalid's "corruption" is a mockery of the so called independence of the MACC (modeled on HK's ICAC konon). I tell you the United Mat Rempits National Organization is underestimating the intellect of Malaysians nowadays and they are still trapped in their own imaginative world.

Ppl of Perak, ppl of Malaysia. 3 years is not a long time in the history of a nation. And in 3 years time, remember this date: 7th May 2009.

Hill isn't Broken said...

This Hee may not know she is going to be skinned by something. When she's under his husband's skin, she couldn't feel her skin. You know why? Because it is too thickening. No feeling. Pig.

Cannot comprehend said...

The BIGGEST question should be "how come DAP can't tackle its own one (1) ADUN that left DAP" which contributed this Perak crisis.

YB, Please tell us.

Anonymous said...

Hey Fed Up,

Plse dun get fed up so easily.

BN has just won the battle but lost the war.

Go think deeper...

Cheers buddy!

DAP Political Analyst.

rahsia said...

One can't be too sure about the voters sentiment come next election.

What we're facing is a systemic flaw in our democracy institutions - including our federal & state constitution. We should instead push for a government willing to fix the system.

Probability of success is rather low, so changing the government is the next best choice for the people....

Anonymous said...

perhaps it is time DAP elect more Malays to the committee, more people like Tunku Aziz, Raja Petra, Dr.Azly Rahman and more.

DAP is still very much a Chinese majority, Indian minorit multi-racial party.

Jonas Lee said...

Whether Pakatan wins in the next GE is still academic as far as the nation is concerned.

The real damage to the nation happened on 7 May when Speaker Sivakumar was forcibly removed from the state assembly in the yes of the world (via You Tube and Malaysiakini).

Who were those men who removed him? What kind of example is the government setting for the young people and politically illiterate who don’t understand the Perak constitutional crisis?

There are invisible costs to the nation: the use of physical violence on a law-abiding citizen should be condemned by government leaders. If not, then it is an implicit official sanction of violence for the sake of asserting one person’s power over another.

Will criminal violence escalate after this shameful incident? I beseech the authorities to be wise and responsible and express remorse over the violent removal of the speaker instead of trying to justify it.

Anonymous said...

Whatever shakespeare play that is on, in the end, is the barrel of "chemical water" ....

Haven't u heard of Machiavellian theory in politics ?? If not, check out Wikipedia... !!

Perfect example !!

Anonymous said...

Let's see if they say the same thing if it happens to them one day.