Thursday, May 07, 2009

Shakespearean Play In Progress II

Shakespeare couldn't have written this! (Well, Malaysiakini reported it)
9.15am: The police have moved in to arrest people gathered at the restaurant, including people having their breakfast. Many people have been arrested. Exact number of those arrested is uncertain.

The police first allowed those having their breakfast to do so but then soon changed their mind and started arresting them as well.

One man who was having tea lashed out at the police for their actions. He was allowed to have his tea and then was arrested.

The restaurant has decided to close its shutters for the day.

Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak certainly does it better than Tun Abdullah Badawi ;-)


Anonymous said...


Our next GE should be in about 3 years or less. You need to prepare early to defend your PJU seat. Only only you need to win it again but win it with a even bigger majority.

We dont want BN or MCA no more.

Please get ready so that come the next GE, we can kick out BN once and for all.

Anonymous said...

"The situation turns ugly in the House. Pakatan rep Thomas Su (Pasir Pinji) ridicules Ganesan by offering him RM50 and shouting ‘Go and die’ in Cantonese.

BN-friendly independent state rep and deputy speaker Hee comes to Ganesan’s defence by snatching away the money and tearing in into pieces."

Is'nt tearing/defacing the Ringget is an offence ?? and nobody is above the law ??

KC said...

I don't think the approach adopted by Pakatan today in the assembly hall is appropriate. It's foreseeable that the BN government has the support of the police..Any direct confrontation against the BN will certainly result in failure on the part of Pakatan in its attempts. And the chaos in the assembly hall will certainly reinforce the bad stereotype of Malaysian politics..The pakatan have to remember that it is patience and persuasion that brought them this far..The pakatan must persuade and not confront..I desperately hope for a new kind of politics in Malaysia. Pakatan have to prove themselves worthy and reliable to Malaysians..

Anonymous said...

Well, the truth now is that we live in a police state. In fact why do we bother paying taxes anymore at the federal level.

If BN controls the police, the judiciary and the army it's not a democracy. It's a dictatorship. Why bother having elections anyways. All that money can be put to better use paying some cronies or having research trips to Disneyland.

Anonymous said...

I really hate the thought that I am paying lots of taxes (paying the gaji) of POLIS who are not patrolling the streets and keeping crime rate down BUT instead get involved in political moves.

REALLY feel like leaving M'sia for good after reading about the Perak fiasco. Hope that we will not end up like Myanmar...

Golf Afflicted said...

Anon 1.59,

thanks for the support.

but with all due respect, winning PJU with greater majority isn't going to help the cause that much, except the ego.

its about winning another 30 parliamentary seats in the country.

hence that's where the overwhelming bulk of the effort must be.

Tony ;-)

Simon H said...

Yes Tony,

Find more good people that can win public confidence in each and every constituency for the next general election. I am quite sure there are many out there but getting them on board won't be an easy task. The many years of oppressive rule has caused many to just give up hope on change, and accept anything that comes along. We Malaysians are a tolerant bunch. Sometimes I wonder about how wrong are corrupted individuals ... Isn't it the system that is at fault and the people merely adapting? Anyway, I don't believe in one ruling government for such a long time. Work on providing us with renewed hope.

Anonymous said...

i can understand PR........

Anonymous said...

What is the stupid event happened in Malaysia? The stupid job did by the BN and policemen! watch the video on youtube and you know what i meant!

Anonymous said...

This is exactly what BN want to do - show the rakyat & intimidate the rakyat by show of force. The police & army are certainly not apolitical unlike Thailand. The police & army are part of BN component parties. BN is showing us in advance - a preview - of what they will do come next GE if we the rakyat don't vote for BN. Is this the kind of tyranny we want? The power of the people must not only speak in the next GE but ROAR from the highest mountain.