Monday, May 04, 2009

“Know An MP” Youth Attachment Programme

Summer holidays just around the corner, not sure about what to do?

Well, we're calling all young Malaysian university students on vacation, fresh graduates and young working adults to take part in our "Know An MP" Youth Attachment Programme.

For those of you who aspire to gain first-hand experience of being a Member of Parliament or a state assemblyman, here’s an opportunity not to be missed. DAP Malaysia is now offering 10 places of attachment to various top national leaders, MPs and State Assemblymen (ADUN) in Malaysia, during which you will be “adopted” by an MP/ADUN, and brought along to work on a daily basis for. This will be a great chance for you to understand the work of an MP/ADUN, and their role in governing our country.

Who is this for?
  • Youths of age 18-30
  • First, second or final year students enjoying semester breaks, have no idea what to do with all the free time, and would like to have a new and exciting experience
  • Fresh graduates who are on the lookout for a job experience
  • Young working adults who would like a refreshing change to your career or working environment
What will you be doing?
  • Depending on the MP/ADUN that you are assigned to, you will be attached to him/her on a daily basis, and work closely with him/her
  • You may have the chance to be involved in parliamentary sessions, press conferences, events etc. all of which will enhance your knowledge and experience in being a budding future leader
How is the programme run?
  • The programme runs for at least 1 month, either full time or part time, with the starting date and duration depending on the schedules of both the applicant and the MP/ADUN
Why should you join this programme?
  • Experience the work and life of an MP/ADUN on a daily basis and understand how they keep our country running.
  • Get to know top Malaysian leaders
  • Recognise the contributions and responsibilities of being a leader
  • And most importantly, this will be a highlight on your resume
Applicants can email their curriculum vitae (CV) and cover letter expressing interest to us at daprocket (at) rocketmail (dot) com. Please submit your applications by 21st May 2009.

Please include your preferred location (ie. which state/city in Malaysia), starting date and duration of the attachment in your application.

Selection will be based on academic and curriculum track record, as well as an interview. Successful candidates will be endorsed with a monthly allowance and will be informed via email.


Shawn Tan said...

Darn. Wish that this was in place a few months ago when I was still bumming around. Just started work unfortunately. Else, would've definitely applied for it - just for the insight and experience.

Anonymous said...

This is so cool.
But my area does not have a DAP elected rep. My area MP is PAS and adun is PKR.

So how huh?!?

Golf Afflicted said...

Doesn't have to be in your area. But it should be somewhere where you can conveniently travel to on a daily basis, or find temporary accomodation at.

Of course, that'll also depend on whether the MP/ADUN is available to take on interns.

No harm trying. Worst case, we can work something else out.


Anonymous said...

Can I work under you?
Where is your office?
An MP/Adun takes in how many interns?
Will you take 2 people (me & my friend)?

Hoep you reply asap!

Anonymous said...

Really cool idea! Hope to see more of this kind of activities to allow interested people, especially youngsters, to gain some first hand, practical knowledge/experience on the 'micro' level of politics.

LoudSpeaker said...

Writing my CVs now!! Hopefully everything goes well :)

Edward Ling said...

DAP SJ has a similar program launched couple of months back.

Go to

for more info.

anna brella said...

The mentoring/shadowing idea is a powerful and enlightened approach, so full marks to the person who came up with putting this idea into practice at DAP.

"Imagine Power To The People" John Lennon.

HBK said...

Always have been wondering if we have had such opportunity to have a political mentor to guide us newbies into politics in making Malaysia a better place.

Good to know it exists.

Just too bad, I'm overseas at the moment! Any MP who frequently travels overseas to Melbourne? Or willing to guide from the Internet? :P

mut said...

This is good. Even if the student does not go into politics, this experience will stand him in good stead and open his eyes to the world of local politics. It's not easy being a PR rep.

Better than any Najib and Rosmah run summer camps disguised as National Service !

WY said...

dear Tony,

Congratulation on your new baby. Hope you and your wife are relishing at the moments. :)

Your supporter,

P130 voter said...

YB Tony,

Brilliant idea.

Good point on starting our future leaders early.


p130 voter

Cruzeiro said...

Dang man!
If Khir Toyo can contest as youth, surely I can qualify as a youthful apprentice what!

Anyways - brilliant idea, guys. Keep it up - this is how you educate the youngsters of to day, and select the leaders of tomorrow!

maybe you should intro Peter Parker early too!


Brilliant Idea.How I wish my daughter is here in M'sia now.She is currently in UK doing her LAW degree.I hope there will be more of this programme in the future.

Manature said...

Why no support for May 7 1BlackMalaysia call by BERSIH? You have acknowledged BERSIH 911's contribution to your election as MP. The least you can do is to help highlight their campaign on your blog.

marcus63 said...

tony, this is an excellent move.
recruit them young, and create political and social awareness among the young. remember the hope of pakatan in ge13 lies with the young new 1st time voters. they are more inclined to be open minded and value transparency and meritocracy. why not expand the program to all pakatan parties, including pas and pkr?

Anonymous said...


Teach them about local government and how to carry service in a centre eq - answering phones and handle enquiries. In malaysia, there is no ethnics. The operator just hang up. So they must learn to direct questions to the relevant authorities.

Ruben Nair said...

this is brilliant..i am working but will pass the word around!!!!

Thomas Lee said...

I've just been employed recently. I hope that this program will continue for another few years.

Ivy said...

Dear Mr. Tony Pua,

I've just learnt about the programme. It sounds like a great learning opportunity and i'm certainly wish i will be picked!

Just wonder if there's any specific quality that you are looking for in the candidates? Will the university degree (eg the non-political science) affect the selection decision?

And is priority given to the early birds? I thank God i'm not too late for this! :P

Golf Afflicted said...

Hi Ivy,

Certainly not too late. And certainly no restriction on courses - we even have 3 medical students applying. All we need is brains and streetsmart. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Dear YAB Tony

this is so cool. wish i was 18-19 again, just finished college & don't know what to do prior to uni...instead of wasting time on the streets. this is really a good idea & will enable some lost soul out there to discover their potential. if my son was old enough i would encourage him to enrol. hope this program will still be around in 10 years time!

this is why we vote you for PJ Utara!

btw, thanks for replying the email i sent. didn't expect such a quick reply eventho via your p.a. i am totally impressed with the response. this is also why we vote for change, not only for PJ Utara but also for Malaysia!

hope Malaysians will not be fooled by all the empty messages painted by the mainstream media. search for the truth on the street. the truth is out there. BN will never listen, & never will, the plight of the ordinary people on the street.

the way i see it, BN are more worried in losing grip of power & all their wrong doings will be exposed should P-R become the new government. hence - they are like lions cornered ie very dangerous at the moment. we must constantly remind the public not to be fooled & P-R should be 1 step ahead to ensure the next GE will be a mega tsunami! just look at how desperate Khir Toyo is now. maybe he should consider migrating back to Sumatera if he is not happy living in Selangor. after all, he is only 2nd generation & with all the riches amassed during the 8-10 years as MB of Selangor, he can live like a king there.

Anonymous said...

I can have faith in DAP MP but is my area is PKR, I am very skeptical of their reps, how? To think about it, why cant DAP survive without PKR? They will cause the downfall of PR.

Seow said...

Hey YB, Just wondering when one can expect confirmation via email? Just so I can plan out my break =).

nimalan said...

YB, I sent in my application before the deadline but I didn't receive an email confirming reciept. Is that normal?