Monday, May 04, 2009

Dogs In Need of Rescue

About 300 stray dogs were rounded up by Pulau Ketam residents and deported to an isolated island to fend for themselves.

Over half of them are already dead and the remaining ones may not live long. A rescue
mission is being mounted and your help is needed.

Please read the full story here. Updates here.


Anonymous said...


The pic in your blog appears blank on my screen. If this article is the same as the one on MT re: Pulau Ketam, I have already asked for info for donation.

wartank said...

A real commendable and noble cause away from politics, YB.
Keep up the good work!

Also..awaiting May 7th.

KW Tan

D'evil said...

Dear Tony Pua

This sad and cruel situation was approved and funded by Klang Council and it councillors. These cold hearted and uncaring people were selected by Pakatan. Ultimately, this is caused by Pakatan and it must be resolved by Pakatan.

There is a movement by women in PJ in collecting and foods for the dog. I can tell you they are mad.
If Pakatan do not solve this problem, you will have these angry women after your bloody head.

You people cause this problem by selecting bad people. Now fix this damn problem.

P/s. It was reported that the sob ronnie lie promise to help. But he did nothing. The lying sob.

Lisa said...

I wrote you a letter via Facebook (the only contact I've been able to find for you) about the stray dogs of Pulau Ketam on 6th May and to date I've not received any response from you.

Sadly, it is not just you who has been silent about the mistreatment of the dogs, it is your entire State administration as well the rest of PK. This is shockingly - as a member of the voting public, I take it that not one of you care about what MPK has done and worse, that you all condone it.

This will come back and bite PK at the next election, worse than any car or cow scandal,

anna brella said...

Whether it comes from UMNO/BN councils or regrettably, from Pakatan Rakyat run state councils, such unforgivable cruelty to animals is totally unnecessary and is simply outrageous coming from supposedly civilised Malaysians.

Deporting and abandoning those helpless dogs on that deserted island to slowly die in the heat of thirst and starvation is a morally reprehensible act which can easily translate into an own-goal, vote-losing act for PR in the long-run because of the axiomatic truth that one's actions speak far louder than one's words and is an indication of one's true state of mind.

"Imagine Power To The People" John Lennon.

Lisa said...

"wartank said...
A real commendable and noble cause away from politics, YB.
Keep up the good work!"

What good work?? He mentioned it on his blog - what's so noble about that?? Since then, no other "action" - that's no work done at all.

Too busy poking his nose into Perak than working in his own State.

D'evil said...

Dear Tony

We have noy heard a damn word from Patakan on the poor dogs in Pulau Ketam.

You people are only interested in power.

What about Teresa Kok, what about Hanna Yeoh and all the Patakan ADUNS.> Now, we see the real side of Pakatan.

Bloody uncaring and power crazy people.

Anonymous said...

Dogs have rights as well !!!! This is a form of ISA for dogs !!! How cruel.. !!

D'evil said...

Dear Tony

What happen to your pakatan ADUNS on the dogs issue. They are damn quiet. No resolution is in sight. No one want to handle this mess.

I am disappointed as the bunch of amateurs in trying to run the govt.

You people are no different from BN.

kopisoh said...

Dear Tony

I am amazed by your silence on this matter - there are people out there baying for your blood!
I thought you were one of the better politicians, but it looks like you feel that "going the way of the dogs" is not quite what you want.
You can differentiate yourself from the rest if you do look into the issues that bother the rakyat besides the nonsense that's going on!

animalsrulehumansdrool said...

I would like to gather you and your team including the heartless villagers that caught the dogs and place you all in 600 cages. Then randomly select 400 of you and leave you at the island (where the dogs are currently)for a month and see if cannabalism takes place!

What goes around comes around. Obviously you weren't intelligent enough to handle the situation!

ellee said...

YB Tony Puah,

I was one of those who stood in the thunderstorm over several weeks in SS2 to watch and support you and the other Pakatan speakers before the last GE. Thus, I would expect no LESS from you or the other Pakatan leaders to handle the situation of the poor canines in Pulau Ketam swiftly and without misusing it for cheap publicity. I would expect those MPK councillors who gave the consent and funding(sorely misuing tax payers' money)to send the poor dogs to their deaths to either send HELP ASAP to deport back the dogs or to give Sabrina Yeap of FFF, your utmost FULL co-operation in the good work these volunteers are doing to save the dogs.

If you CAN'T render your assistance, then just BACK OFF from Sabrina Yeap & team's back and STOP turning this into your own political propanganda. Lives are at stake and every minute counts. They may be the lives of dogs, but they are God's creatures and creation after all. No one had the right to send them to their doom. I suggest sending those bunch of sick arses and maroon them on Pulau Ketam and see how they like living on Gilligan's island!!!

I would appreciate YB's speedy action in repatriating the dogs safely to FFF sanctuary, and a reply to those who wrote on theis subject. Not everything about politics has to be about money, power, control or people!!

"a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated"...Mahatma Gandhi