Thursday, December 04, 2008

Christmas Carol in Recession

I got this Christmas Carol in mail, thought it's quite apt given the BN government's continued denial of what's happening.  Music please!
You'd better watch out,
You'd better not cry;
You'd better keep cash,
I'm telling you why:
Recession is coming to town.

It's hitting you once,
It's hitting you twice
It doesn't care if you've been careful and wise
Recession is coming to town

It's worthless if you've got shares
It's worthless if you've got bonds
It's safe when you've got cash in hand
So keep cash for goodness sake, HEY

You'd better watch out
You'd better not cry
You'd better keep cash
I'm telling you why:
Recession is coming to town!

Finance products are confusing
Finance products are so vague
The banks make you bear the cost of risk
So keep out for goodness sake, OH

You'd better watch out
You'd better not cry
You'd better keep cash
I'm telling you why:
Recession is coming to town.
An early "Happy Christmas" to you! ;-)


Anonymous said...

HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!! .... "True, creative & funny"

I have to agree with you this time, Bro. Tony.

"Recession is coming to town"

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

Pls. give CONSTRUCTIVE MEASURES as a YB on how you should address/tackle the coming Recession.

No doubt your song is amusing but we need a MP who can tackle the people woes. We are NOT in search of a CLOWN. This is politics & NOT circus!!!

"Thanks for entertaining me with your song but I reckon you be more constructive in how to address problems"


Anonymous said...

Everytime recession comes, the UNMO govt will ask you to plant vegetables or rear chickens

alvin lee said...

Malaysia in recession? You must be joking. The people from the Badawi regime and Bank Negara have been saying that our country will not go into recession because of its strong fundamentals. Our country can withstand the incoming financial storm.

Anyone who believe in this shit do so at their own perils.



OTL said...

Hehe.. This Christmas Carol come out at The Star Bizweek few weeks ago, also famous among the forum..

I also paste it under my Friendster Bulletin...

my own blog also write my view toward Malaysia 2009 economy perspective. Fact we have to accept not to twist.

Anonymous said...

I think it will be the worst condition since have to be about 90+ years old to have a feel of how bad it can be!!!! Buckle up my frineds, we are in for a long and difficult ride. We must remain strong and resilience to weather this Tsunami

Anonymous said...

the song is taken from the star biz saturday lar from the p guna, i read it....

btw, who said malaysia is in recession. bnm governor said no recession:

so apa resession, there is no recession!

do you think zeti who her dad is femes ungku aziz, who has phd and who earned un recognization. compare to you as economic advisor........

so, who should we trust more???

Anonymous said...

UMNO is a stumbling block to the nation's economic growth.

Without the likes of UMNO, I think Malaysia would be as developed as Korea or Taiwan.

Now, Malaysia is on par with Philippines and Indonesia, but have slipped behind China.

Soon, Malaysia will be behind Vietnam and Cambodia.

That's UMNO's Malaysia for you. Guys, UMNO is wasting our time, money, resources and getting on our nerves. They think they are god. Let's kick these racists out the next election! That's my Christmas wish!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, homeboy...serve up SCUmno with your PEP TALK (Philosophy-Economics-Politics) and a lil' twist of "...cumming ta town..."!

Anonymous said...

Apa susah-susah. Belalah sikit ayam, kambing atau lembu. Kalau tak mampu, balik kampung tanam jagung. Mana ada 'recession'?
That's is BN mentality...Scary!!!

Anonymous said...

am in the construction industry, am feeling it...

Snowpiano^ ^ said...

This cute!

I stolen to my blog yah! :P