Monday, December 15, 2008

Biro Tatanegara

I've asked about the racist nature of the Barisan Nasional's propaganda organ Biro Tatanegara and have received a written reply from the Prime Minister's office. I've blogged it here on my Education in Malaysia blog for those interested on the issue. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Why waste time? They will lie all the way to the grave and beyond

KoSong Cafe said...

For determination and perseverence, just look at YB Lim Kit Siang and YB Karpal Singh.

Now we have young leaders willing to fight for justice. But from comments in blogs we can see how some still see criticisms of Umno's racist policies as anti-Malay. Goes to show how ingrained are we by the mainstream propaganda and organisations like BT.

Even my wife, who is hardly interested in politics commented that we cannot get out of racial matters in Malaysia.

It is heartening to see even Malays find racism as offensive and we now have PKR and PAS willing to cooperate with DAP to seek alternative solutions.

I knew Nik Nazmi when he was a student and I was glad that he stood his ground against pressures from the government.

Ching said...

I read something about the Biro Tatanegara plus some very inappropriate racial comments that were forwarded to students... and Even the Malays were in shock to hear things like that.

In other words, there are more and more people rising to the occasion and more Malays among us are joining this revolution for FAIRNESS and EQUALITY.

Hoping for too much? I call it optimism.