Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wee Ka Siong Sued

This is quite funny.

Outspoken MCA Youth Secretary, Dr Wee Ka Siong must be regretting his crass attempts at poking fun at Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy trial (in which he has been acquitted). Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim must be having the last laugh now, leaving Dr Wee with sleepless nights rueing his tasteless comments at a Machap ceramah.

Wee, the Ayer Hitam MP, addressed several hundred supporters in a mixture of Mandarin and Hakka, labelling Anwar as someone who “can say one thing then and something else now. For him, front is okay, back is also okay”.

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has since demanded a public apology and RM10 million in damages from MCA Youth secretary Dr Wee Ka Siong for a remark deemed to insinuate that the former is homosexual. So it's now a real RM10 million pain in the a** for Dr Wee.

Not only does Wee make tasteless remarks, he's also a pretty good cover up artist. In the recent challenge issued by DAP Socialist Youth (DAPSY) to MCA Youth to a debate in Machap, the latter did not possess the courage to turn up at the stage prepared for them in Machap Baru. This was despite the fact that MCA Youth has put all sorts of conditions for a debate to happen in the media, particularly in the Chinese press.

At the end of the day, despite meeting their conditions to debate, they failed to show after promising to turn up. To save face, this very same Dr Wee, told his ceramah crowd that we didn't prepare a stage for the debate and that their target Sdr Anthony Loke, DAPSY Secretary, wasn't present. Blatant lies? You decide.

Sdr Anthony Loke kicking off the debate after the audience
got tired of waiting for the gutless MCA Youth

Let's just say that the TV cameras, and the picture above showed that we had a stage, with a separate rostrum and functioning microphone patiently awaiting their arrival. And as you can see, unlike the MCA counterparts, Sdr Anthony Loke, was present and ever ready for the challenge. But Dr Wee clearly did have what it takes to meet the DAPSY's frontal challenge, but instead could only meekly attempt to stab us from the back.

Well, he certainly deserved the suit from Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. And as usual, like typical BN members who shoots without thinking, he is now in total denial. "It was taken out of context. There was no (such) connotation."

To be fair to Dr Wee, we have him to thank, for finally raising the issue of our universities' obsession with coloured medals at trade exhibitions, which the Star had graciously given him frontpage coverage. After all, this issue has been raised many times since nearly 2 years ago by Sdr Lim Kit Siang and myself. Dr Wee may be late, but it's certainly better late then never. ;)

Oh, and I know the MCA publicity department reads my blog too. Thanks for visiting ;)


Wilson J Q Quah said...

Wah tony that's a smack in their face wor.
not so nice right?

Anonymous said...


Seems like you are evolving quite a bit since you joined DAP. If I am not mistaken, this post seems like your most outspoken and direct criticism to date on an individual, which I didn't think is your usual style.

Anonymous said...

Hi MCA publicity department, you are just a dog without teeth good in making fake shows to gain support from stupid voters. Better quit the dirty BN regime and join opposition for the sake of the people. After so many years you still failed to get TAR colleage and Independent Chinese High Schools recognised by the government, this proves how useless is MCA!

Anonymous said...

MCA = Malaysian Chinese's Agony....LOL

Anonymous said...


From my humble point of view, I don't think it is a good sign for you to show up even a little bit arrogant attitude against any MCA individual or subsidiary arm.

For your information, MCA publicity department has recruited quite a number of young blood these few years and some of them are fresh graduates who are quite admired on your capability and high profile.

It is not worth for you to use any harsh words even you are feeling very annoyed by some MCA folks' tricks and tactics.

To be an awesome politician doesn't mean that one has to be aggressive in rebutting and disputing.

Be polite, gentleman with firm stand and in-depth presentation will even draw the young members of MCA to support you.

Don't over-react and don't lose your good manner.

Anonymous said...

Tony has been 'brainwashed' by DAP.......

Now its Tony Pua Aka Sap Pat Loh Hon Taiko!

Anonymous said...

i do think there is nothing wrong with your comment...
as a politician, it is okay to be more outspoken, but of course not making baseless statement.. :)

John Lee said...

I agree that there's nothing wrong with what Tony said. He is speaking the truth. If the MCA can't handle the heat, they should get out of the kitchen.

Speaking the truth isn't arrogance. It's confidence.

Who am I? said...

I guess 'some' of the comments were actually written by MCA publicity workers...

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony, I think there is nothing wrong in what you said here. Saying the truth signifies justice and transparency. MCA's politicians nowadays are losing its integrity and profesionalism. Even a PhD holder can make such 'low class' statement. What comes out from the mouth of Ong Ka Teng is also full of lies. MCA is only a yes-yes-dog working for UMNO and their money. DAP is working for the people!! I agree that MCA should change its name to Malaysian Chinese' Agony.

Anonymous said...

MCA is Malaysian Chinese Apathy

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Dr Wee Ka Siong is joining the talk-cock club where existing members include samseng king Samy Vellu, racist king Khairy Kamaluddin, keris king Hishammuddin Hussein, corruption king Pak Lah. Vote for BN, the result is you get a bunch of brainless donkeys running the country!

Anonymous said...

It's okay for Tony to be outspoken. I didn't mean that to be outspoken is wrong. What I was trying to express in my previous comment was: in order to be outspoken, one doesn't have to be aggressive in speaking, writing and rebutting.

Let's ponder my suggestion a little bit more in-depth.

Tony's strength is his ability to attract moderate voters/median voters's support.

He should not position himself in such a way to attract more die-hard opposition supporters, as die-hard DAP supporters can be easily retained by just a putting DAP's logo in the ballot paper.

Commenting on your political opponents' words in more aggressive way can make the die-hard DAP supporters feeling good, but it gains nothing you when you come to median voters. It's rather just a matter of increasing the degree of individual's "syiok" emotion rather than increasing more public support to your party and yourself.

I am not from MCA. If I am MCA folk, I won't purposely spare my office working hour to surf Tony's blog and giving him my humble feedback. I just hope that Tony can realise and utilize his strengths to the fullest level by position himself in the right way from the political strategy perception.

When you are having strength in drawing the supports from median voters, speaking and acting in the way that you will always become their better choice compared to BN's young politics stars.

In fact, you don't need to worry much about DAP's die-hard supporters as they will for sure stick to DAP's logo in whenever time and at whatever moment.

Anonymous said...

Allow me to conclude my above feedbacks in a shorter paragraph. (I think this opinion maybe will be useful to Chin Tong as well)

Tony is not the type of politician who gains his support by making public "feeling bad" about his political opponent; instead, he is more likely to be the kind of politician who can win wide supports by making public (especially for those urban median voters with higher level education achievement) "feeling good" about himself.

Who am I? said...

Awareness is THE friend to DAP but a foe to BN, whose greatest allies are no other than ignorance and arrogance.

Golf Afflicted said...

Hi all,

Thank you very much to all who has contributed above, especially those who have my well being and interest at heart. ;)

Contrary to some of the opinions expressed here, this is certainly not my first post critising a Malaysian leader. I've certainly done it before. Check out here, here and here for some examples. I'm not proud to have to criticise personalities, but if the criticism is deserved and necessary, then I'll do so. This posts, often injected with some humour, are purely political/ professional and certainly not personal.

Certainly, the day I turn into a monster ranting at everyone and anyone rightly or wrongly, then it'll be time for you to vote with your feet, and put me into permanent retirement. ;)

As for the comment on "drawing young MCA members" (from the publicity department) to support me, I'll certainly welcome them to meet up over coffee to decide for themselves. ;)

Thanks once again for the concern shown. It is much appreciated.


Observer said...

Seems a lot Anonymous around. For the 4th Mr A, I have to say, it's plain irony to suggest "MCA young members" would support Tony. I wonder from which point of view and where his personal stand on this.

And personally I don't feel the topic's tone were any "harsh" , let's face it, it's politics.

If only more would be at least indicate their own nicknames instead having multiple Mr A aka Agent Smith around...

Anonymous said...

M C A = Malaysian Canine Association

MCA BARU said...

Can't agree more with you. Anyway, for my personal opinion of the MCA "leaders", you may read my blog at:

Hope they make sense to you as well ;-)