Thursday, March 15, 2007

Coffee Table Talk

Hi guys, OK, some of you readers out there have been asking for economic affairs sessions to be conducted by DAP to exchange views among all of us. Well, we heard you and we are doing just that (so you better turn up! ;)).

We plan to have a weekly "Coffee Table Talk" sessions with regards to the economy and related current affair issues. This event is organised by the DAP Petaling Jaya Action Team.

The very first session is tonight, where I will be speaking and chairing the session. It's an open, casual and informal affair, so please come, and yes, bring your friends along too. ;) If the turnout is good, we'll likely hold it on a weekly or at least a fortnightly basis.

Details are as follows:
Date: 15/3/2007
Time: 8:30pm
Venue: DAP Headquarters, 24 Jalan 20/9, Taman Paramount,
46300, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Speaker: Sdr Tony Pua, Economic Advisor to the Secretary-General.
Moderator: Sdr Lau Weng San, Chairman of PJ Action Team.

Medium of Language: English

All are invited! See you there! ;)


Jeffrey Chew said...

Wished you run one of these sessions in Penang. I will be there if you there is one in Penang...shucks!

Silent Me Not AUthor 1 said...

my re like the FIRST EVER POLITICIAN (to be) that listen to a grassroot! OMG.


Thanks for picking up my idea! I do hope that these classes are not partisan lambasting session on the government policies, but rather a more rational discussino about what can be done better.

Keep it up!

zewt said...

aiks... i usually read blogs at night. too late... too late.

Golf Afflicted said...

I should be up in Penang for a talk (yes, on the economy) on the 1st April. Will get more details soon. So, see you there ;)

And 'Silent Me Not',

No, you can be assured that there was no table-banging lambasting earlier this evening.

The subject democratically 'chosen' was the stock market, so I discussed how it works, modern trends, how it relates to the economy and of course, how it affects politics for both BN and opposition.

There was the regular crowd this evening, but could have been more if we had a little better planning and publicity. But it's a start and we'll certainly be having more of it regularly.


Anonymous said...


Perhaps you could post the annoucement earlier for people who don't visit your blog often.


Anonymous said...

Saudara Tony

Can you address the implications of Singapore cutting its corporate tax rate to 18% and how it can afford to do so?

Already there is talk that some listed Msian companies may de-list from Bursa Msia and re-list on the Spore Stock Exchange to get better valuations and exposure to international funds and investors.

I hear from my contacts that the Spore govt is prepared to cut the corporate tax rate to as low as 15%, while doing away with several existing tax incentives - with a view to making the tax system as simple and transparent as possible.

The idea, of course, is to compete with Hong Kong to become the premier business and financial hub in Asia outside of Tokyo.

Its a pity that KL is not even in the race!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony, since you are an economist, can you please take some time to write about M’sia-US FTA and its impact on the country and people? I think this topic is not easy to understand from the perspective of ordinary folks. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I know you will not end as mr lee lam thye...who in the final political hours join certain party's interests

Silent Me Not AUthor 1 said...

hi Tony,

As you can see, there are many pressing economics issues as well as basic economics/finance knowledge that the general citizens lack of. For example:

1) How oil subsidy works and how it is inflationary?

2) How FTA with USA benefits capitalist companies (with market access etc), and how it helps malaysia to secure better governance (in terms of anti corruption, anti-discriminatory regulations etc).

3) How price control will effectively creates shortage and hording?

4) Why certain tax laws will affect the lives of "normal people"?

5) How reserve banks works?

6) why existence of monopolitist firms (e.g. Mas, tenaga, telekom, indah waters, syabas etc) is detrimental to normal consumers and the market as a whole?

of course, there are many more, including how the stock market works, and how the fact that the PM made a statement DOESN"T WARRANT a sharp drop in the general performance. It d drop if the fundamentals are essentially weak, and if the stocks are overpriced.

keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

hey tony,

Just to inform you that Gerakan also has similar talks titled White Coffee Talk which is conducted every wednesday at it's HQ in Cheras.