Friday, March 16, 2007

Invitation to Damansara Community & Service Centre Launch

Hey all, here's your official invite to the official opening of the DAP Damansara Community & Service Centre, where I will be based from next week onwards. Planning and setting up this centre and it's launch defintely took up plenty of time over the past month. It's a modest outfit but certainly we hope it'll help meet the needs of the residents of the greater Petaling Jaya vicinity.

Click image for a larger view

So come say hello, and bring your friends along! ;) See you!


Anonymous said...

All the best. May the Force be with you - achieve what you aim to do and make changes that matter to the future of Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

a MP PJ,
where city middle-classes identify naturally,
to kick out chinaman MP of MCA,
in the making!

Well Done!

Anonymous said...

well done , i bet you will have a lot of time to service the middleclass there,after leaving the CEO post.I really admired you.My website have a link of you.
Visit me at

Welldone again!!!

Silent Me Not AUthor 1 said...

Hi tony, congratulation for the opening of a communiy center.

Our politicians really ought to learn to spend more time with grassroots politics and fight for the real injustice in their own local area.

of coz the focus on the national level politics should also be part of the politician.

btw, have DAP ever thought of setting up a shadow cabinet?

Anonymous said...

Try to make your DAP community centre as Malaysian citizen user friendly centre...even tho its run by DAP

Show that it welcome all races and nationality, and you will have the blessings of all Malaysians

Anonymous said...

It is good if we could have tamil language as well in the flyer and not just English,Chinese and Malay...just to avoid unscrouplous chaps with bad intention from making negative comments that could affect the image of DAP in the future since the main media is unequal in its coverage.This may sound like a petty issue but it is surely an important "petty issue"since DAP strength comes from all walks of life.Make a difference where others ignore since DAP LOGO COMES with all four LANGUAGES "so its only equal if simple flyers contains the languages.Hope to visit your community and service centre sometime soon.Keep it up :)

Anonymous said...

Today's sinchew commentary section has one piece of article specially mentioned about you.

Feel free to read it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony, I was about to tell you about the above commentary in Sinchew, always wonder if you can speak and read Chinese. Do let us know ok? The Chinese community is very proud for having an opposition politician like you. Keep it up! We are all behind you to kick Pak Lah's ass in the next General Election. :-)

Mydeen Aboo Backer said...

Aiyah, Tony. By the time Mydeen came to your service centre launch, everything tapau already and the tents were being taken down. And this was just at 12pm.

How can like this one ?

Anonymous said...

When Zam (ex-CV)recently sent me an url via YM, featuring an article from the star online, about your appointment as the Economics Advisor for DAP, my first reaction was 'Wow, Tony is turning a politician? Interesting!'. When I got your inviation SMS to the launching of Damansara Community & services Centre, my reaction was 'Wow, this is real, man! So fast in action already!. Without hesitation, i turned up to give you moral support. Not sure if you noticed that I was there. An an ex-CV, am proud of your success and your choice to serve the community. With your stepping up, I see some hope, and draw some inspiration. May the force be with you to make a difference, in the hopeless 'environment' which is equavalent to a joke...


Observer said...

Hmm...this sounds like the beginning of blogger What A Lulu's new Diet plan in PJ