Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Billboard in SS2 II

Following my post here on the billboard which carried the contacts for Damansara Utama ADUN as well as mine on the controversial SS2 billboard, The Star Metro has taken the case up once again last Friday.
“The company has never asked us for permission to do so. I'm not against them putting up our numbers but I think it was rather discourteous of them not to ask us first,” Pua said.

He also said the company should specify on the billboard that it was sponsored for and not paid for with money from the state or the elected representatives.

According to Dr Cheah, there was no communication between the company and him before they printed his phone numbers. “They even got the name of my constituency wrong. It says Damansara Damai instead of Damansara Utama,” Cheah said.

Setia Media officials could not be reached for comments.
I've yet to receive any communications from Setia Media since the article was published, and I've not yet seen any change to the billboard. We'll see what happens. ;-)
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