Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Consumed By The Laws of the Jungle

Once again, 1MDB’s “rehashed” and “recycled answers” failed to answer the simple questions posed by allegedly “unproven” recycled questions.

I appreciate 1Malaysia Development Bhd President, Arul Kanda’s recognition that “public scrutiny and questioning by YB Tony Pua is important to establish the truth”.

However, he once again claimed that I have made “repeatedly unproven, recycled and reused allegations”. While I have made many allegations against 1MDB previously, the current matter being raised isn’t an allegation but a repeated request for clarification which 1MDB has failed to provide.

The latest response by 1MDB yesterday is the best testament that Arul Kanda makes a habit of repeating recycled and reused “clarifications” which never answered the questions posed. Worse, it is a less-than-disguised attempt to obfuscate the facts.

I had very simply asked, what has become of the supposed US$1.1 billion which was “redeemed” from Cayman Islands as announced by Arul Kanda himself on 13 January 2015? Since it is not “cash” as originally claimed, Malaysians are interested to know what are these so called “units” which is held in a Singapore bank, and what are the bank assessed value of these “units” post-redemption.

The response we received from 1MDB instead was “1MDB invested a total of US$1.83 billion with PetroSaudi as murabaha notes, and ultimately received US$2.318 billion of fund units, representing a gain over time of US$488 million.”

Arul Kanda further added that “the valuation of the fund units was undertaken by the fund administrator and is clearly described in 1MDB’s audited financial statements.”

The 1MDB President however, cleverly failed to highlight (again) the fact that the last financial statements was for the year ending 31 March 2014. That is nearly 17 months ago and well before the Cayman Islands investment was supposedly redeemed in January this year.

Is Arul Kanda trying to tell Malaysians that he has no clue what the redeemed “units” held in BSI Bank Singapore are really worth today? Is that also the reason why the “units” cannot be disposed or liquidated despite being classified as “investment assets for sale” in the 1MDB financial statements?

Is that the reason why the Malaysian government has been forced to grant 1MDB with RM950 million of emergency loans, as well as billions of ringgit of direct and indirect guarantees for additional loans and advances this year?

The above question isn’t of course the only question that the 1MDB President is unwilling to answer honestly. Many transactions took place after the 31 March 2014 financial year end. However, 1MDB has refused to provide any “open book” disclosures on these transactions. They include simple information like what is the latest outstanding debt in 1MDB?

More pertinent but unanswered questions are like how much as 1MDB paid to Aabar Investments PJS or International Petroleum Investment Corporation (IPIC) to buy back the options which were granted to them? These options were granted as part of the agreement for the latter to guarantee 1MDB’s US$3.5 billion of loans in 2012. Is it true for example that US$481 million is still outstanding payable to IPIC as disclosed by the latter’s financial statements as at 31 December 2014?

Therefore while Arul Kanda describes such “monkey business” by me does not benefit anyone as “Malaysia is not a jungle”, I certainly beg to differ.

With the Public Accounts Committee crippled and no commitment given Dato’ Seri Najib Razak on the time frame to reconstitute the PAC; with the previous Attorney General sacked for attempting to charge the Prime Minister for corruption as alleged by the BN Strategic Communications Director, Dato’ Seri Rahman Dahlan; with the Special Taskforce investigating 1MDB dismantled; with dissenting Ministers removed from the Cabinet; Malaysians certainly cannot be blamed for concluding that we have been consumed by the laws of the jungle.

If I don’t remain the persistently pesky monkey on 1MDB’s back, then 1MDB will be able to get away with providing evasive non-answers, pretending that everything is dandy and above board without any accountability.

At the same time, Arul Kanda must not forget that he is an employee of a wholly-owned government subsidiary and must be transparent and accountable to the Malaysian tax-payers. He continued failure to do so will not only cast himself in poor light, he will damage the reputation of the Prime Minister and destroy the image of Malaysia to the global financial and investment community.

Tony Pua

Monday, August 17, 2015

From Political Donation, to Brotherly Appreciation, and now a Migration to Singapore !

Dato’ Seri Najib Razak must confirm if he has indeed transferred US$650 million from his personal account to an account in Singapore.

The Wall Street Journal had exposed just a little more than a month ago that the Prime Minister has received US$681 million of cash into his personal bank account in March 2013.

Dato’ Seri Najib Razak had persistent refused to confirm or deny such a transaction having took place for nearly a month. He would only repeatedly insist that he “did not not use any money for personal gains” while pro-Najib blogs defended him as not being so stupid as to take RM2.6 billion into his personal account.

However, as it turned out, despite Dato’ Seri Najib Razak’s silence on the matter, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) confirmed the transaction on his behalf. Apparently, the MACC was informed that the money was donated by a Middle Eastern government and wanted to question the Prime Minister further on the “donation”.

In a spur of a moment, all top UMNO leaders came out all guns blazing to justify the legitimacy of the massive “donation”. Dato’ Seri Nazri Aziz was most by direct by claiming that the “donation” came from a “brotherly” Arab nation who wanted certain parties to win the the Malaysian general election in 2013.

Both BN’s Strategic Communications Director, Dato’ Seri Abdul Rahman Dahlan and UMNO Secretary-General Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor argued that UMNO party presidents are allowed to hold funds “in trust” for the Party. This was despite the fact that even the Deputy UMNO President, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is completely unaware of the existence of such a “trust” fund.

The Prime Minister himself, two days ago defended the “donation” by claiming that “there is no regulation in respect to political donation. So you cannot say what is right and what is wrong, okay?”

Yesterday, Kuantan Umno division chief Wan Adnan Wan Mamat revealed to Sinar Harian that during a meeting of 146 divisional leaders with Dato’ Seri Najib last Wednesday, they were informed that “it was an appreciation to Malaysia for championing Islam and for practising Sunni Islam (Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah).”

It obviously did not occur to them that such an “appreciation” for Malaysia, if ever it was true, should be transferred into the Government’s accounts, and not the private bank account of the Prime Minister.

However, as the story gets richer and more colourful, the Sarawak Report once again threw a spanner into the Prime Minister’s best-laid plans by exposing the fact that US$650 million was actually transferred back to Tanore Finance, owned by Abu Dhabi’s International Petroleum Investment Corporation (IPIC) in August 2013, when Dato’ Seri Najib Razak closed his bank account in Ambank Bhd.

So now, Malaysians are left stunned as to whether the US$681 million deposited into Dato’ Seri Najib Razak’s account was really a “donation”. If the money does indeed belong to UMNO, why did US$650 million get transferred to Singapore?
Are UMNO leaders now going to claim that it is normal for UMNO to hide billions of ringgit of donations in an overseas account?

Or is Dato’ Seri Najib Razak now going to cook up a new excuse to claim that the Middle East donors decided that they didn’t want to donate to him anymore and wanted their money back?

Or perhaps the Prime Minister after being caught with his pants down, would now argue that 5 months after receiving the cash, he suffered from sudden pangs of guilt and decided to voluntarily return the money to the donor?

Dato’ Seri Najib Razak must stop making up stories along with the exposes which get published in foreign media. He should stop the lies and half-truths, and for once be honest and forthcoming with truthful complete answers over his RM2.6 billion scandal. He must explain where did this US$681 million really come from, and if US$650 million did indeed get transferred out of his account, as alleged by the Sarawak Report.

If not, the Prime Minister will go down in history as the dirtiest, most dishonest and tainted premier in the history of Malaysia.

Tony Pua

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Arul, Must We Wait Until The Moon Falls Onto Our Laps?

It is not enough for Arul Kanda to apologise for incredulously mistaking “units” for “cash”, the 1MDB President must explain what exactly are these “units” and how much are they worth according to the Bank.

Scandal-tainted 1Malaysia Development Bhd issued a statement yesterday to rebut my request for an explanation on the US$1.103 billion redeemed from Cayman Islands in January 2015. 1MDB said that 1MDB President, Arul Kanda “has on June 10 already taken full responsibility for any past miscommunications on the matter.”

Right-thinking Malaysians will surely agree with me that dismissing such a horrendous error as “miscommunication” does not at all absolve Arul Kanda from providing us with the right answers.

First Arul Kanda had claimed that the redeemed investment was in “cash” which was subsequently found out to be untrue as they were in “assets”. Secondly, it was later revised to be in “units”, which means that no real “redemption” took place in January as announced by 1MDB.

Hence Arul Kanda must explain what exactly are these mysterious “units” parked in BSI Bank Singapore. Are they backed by listed or private company shares, or by properties or other assets? More importantly, what is the bank-assessed valuation of these so called “units”?

Without answering the above key questions, the 1MDB President’s excuse of “miscommunication” is completely hollow as the rakyat are still left clueless as to whether this so called “US$1.103 billion” (RM4.4 billion) asset previously held in the Cayman Islands fund is worth anything at all today. Did 1MDB lose practically all of its US$1.103 billion?

The fact that 1MDB refuses to address these crucial questions will only convince the people that 1MDB has lost all of these funds and is one of the key causes why the tax-payers have been forced to bailout the company.

And yet, 1MDB has the cheek to claim that I have “conveniently” forgotten the replies provided by the Finance Ministry to the Parliament. I certainly have not forgotten the parliamentary replies prepared by 1MDB, which contained no answers to the questions posed, like the one above.

If the questions have been answered, there would have been no need for me to ask again, nor will there be any need for 1MDB to deploy evasive manoeuvres to avoid answering these questions.

1MDB even accused me of attempting to undermine the various on-going investigations through his “chicken challenge” of asking Arul Kanda for a dialogue or debate. Firstly, let me remind 1MDB that it was Arul himself who made the offer to dialogue, which he subsequently refused to honour.

Secondly and more importantly, how could I possibly undermine any investigations into 1MDB where there’s hardly anyone left investigating the company? The Parliamentary Accounts Committee (PAC) has been crippled. The Special Task Force investigating 1MDB and the Prime Minister has been declared “illegal” by Dato’ Seri Abdul Rahman Dahlan. The Attorney-General has been sacked while the Auditor-General reports directly to the Finance Minister, who also happens to be Dato’ Seri Najib Razak.

Even former Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin lamented that it’s taking way too long for the 1MDB investigations. “Must we wait until the moon falls onto our laps?” he asked.

Hence the reason why the many issues surrounding the RM42 billion 1MDB scandal must continue to be raised in the public sphere is exactly because all other attempts to extract the truth have been practically stopped on their tracks.

1MDB may continue to accuse me of making “recycled allegations”. But I will continue to press and questions as long as 1MDB continues to give “recycled non-answers”. As such, I will be the proverbial monkey who will not get off 1MDB’s back as long as the state-owned company refuses to be truthful and answer simple questions like the bank-assessed worth of these “units” in Singapore.

Tony Pua

1MDB's Missing US$1.1 Billion Enigma

Arul Kanda must explain the mystery of the missing US$1.1 billion of “redeemed” Cayman Islands investment.

Under tremendous pressure from the Malaysian public back in December 2014, the 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) President Arul Kanda hastily announced via a media statement only 13 January 2015 that the balance of the US$1.103 billion has been “redeemed” but refused to disclose the nature of the proceeds and where the proceeds were deposited.

All Malaysians knew then was that despite an overdue RM2 billion debt 1MDB was to pay at the end of November 2014, 1MDB never brought the money back into Malaysia.

It was only in 7 February 2015 that Arul Kanda revealed to The Business Times of Singapore that the proceeds were “cash” held outside Malaysia. Arul Kanda clearly stated that while the funds amounting to US$1.103 billion would not be repatriated back to Malaysia, it would be kept in US dollars “as we have US$6.5 billion (RM23.06 billion) in bonds out there, in which interest payments come up to nearly US$400 million (RM1.4 billion) a year.”

The 1MDB President specifically said, “the cash is in our accounts and in US dollars. I can assure you (about that)... I have seen the statements.”

This alleged “cash” held outside Malaysia was confirmed by none other than the Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Najib Razak himself in his parliamentary reply to me dated 10 March 2015:

"Baki dana pelaburan 1MDB yang telah diuruskan oleh Cayman Monetary Authority sebanyak US$1.103 bilion telah ditebus dalam bentuk wang tunai dan masih disimpan dalam mata wang US Dolar di BSI Bank Limited Singapore."

However, after a series of exposes by the Sarawak Report which pointed to an absence of actual “cash” in the BSI Bank account in Singapore, Dato’ Seri Najib Razak, who is also the Minister of Finance, was forced to correct his parliamentary response on 19 May 2015 which conceded that:

"…baki pelaburan yang telah ditebus oleh 1MDB adalah dalam bentuk aset di dalam mata wang US Dolar di sebuah bank di Singapura…"

This proved that the 1MDB President had lied to the world about the fact that there was US$1.1 billion of “cash” sitting in the branch of the Swiss Bank in Singapore, when it was merely so-called “assets”, a fact which Arul Kanda himself has conceded as a laughable “misunderstanding”.

However, the mystery had deepened when the Second Finance Minister, Dato’ Seri Husni Hanadzlah fine-tuned the latter parliamentary reply further in his press statements, claiming that what was held in BSI Bank were “units”, when he was asked to clarify on the exact nature of these “assets” in Singapore.

Nobody in the world knows exactly what these alleged “units” were except perhaps for Arul Kanda himself. Even Dato’ Seri Husni Hanadzlah was at a loss when asked to explain what these “Units” were. “Units” of investment are typically re-packaged assets sold by certain fund managers to investors using their own opaque measurement and valuation terms.

However if these assets in BSI Bank Singapore were still in “units” form, instead of being in raw assets like cash or shares or properties, it actually meant that the investment in Cayman Islands was never truly “redeemed”.

This means that Arul Kanda had lied and misled Malaysians from the very beginning. He not only lied about the fact that the proceeds from the redemption are in the form of cash, he lied to Malaysians about the fact that the Cayman Islands “fund” was redeemed in the first place! There was never any real “redemption” because the investment was in “units” form before the 13 January 2015 redemption, and they are still in “units” form today!

This proved that the whole so called investment in Cayman Islands since 2012 was a scam to hide the true worth of funds and assets remaining in 1MDB. It also proved that Arul Kanda’s media statements, despite having issued 48 of them on behalf of 1MDB, cannot be trusted by any measure.

As the President of 1MDB, a wholly-owned Ministry of Finance subsidiary laden with more than RM42 billion of debt, Arul Kanda must be held accountable to the tax-payers. If his “open book” media statements are not trustworthy, then the next best “open book” measure is for him to hold a public dialogue or debate with his critics.

I am ever prepared to accept a dialogue offer from Arul Kanda made in January at any time and place specified. I will not chicken out at the last minute claiming insufficient notice or other prior engagements. I am also 100% certain that thousands of Malaysians will want to watch the dialogue or debate “live” as they have had enough of 1MDB’s lies, half-truths and evasive answers.

Tony Pua

Saturday, August 15, 2015

48 1MDB Press Statements, but the Questions Still Remain

I have read every single one of the 48 press statements issued by 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) or Arul “Open Book” Kanda, but none of them answered the pressing questions whose answers Malaysians are seeking.

The President of 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) tried to wriggle his way out of a public debate or dialogue with me over the pressing issues and questions hanging over the company by claiming that 1MDB has already issued 48 press statements since his appointment.

“We note that YB Tony Pua has yet again recycled various allegations, which have in fact been answered by 1MDB since January 2015 via 48 press announcements that can be easily obtained on our website,” he said.

Unfortunately, despite having diligently read each of the 48 press statements when they were issued, 1MDB was often either evasive in its answers or didn’t bother answering them altogether. Perhaps Arul Kanda needs to be reminded that it's the quality of the reply that matters, not the quantity.

I cited a few examples in my statement yesterday. Malaysians are asking very simple questions like what is the current debt levels of 1MDB, has it reached RM50 billion? The only answer Arul Kanda has provided is, 1MDB’s debt stands at RM41.8 billion as at 31 March 2014. As the President of 1MDB would know, Malaysians do not need Arul Kanda to tell us that. It is already August 2015, Malaysians are asking what is the latest debt figure for 1MDB? Why can’t Arul “Open Book” Kanda answer that simple question?

When I asked if it is true that 1MDB has doctored its financial statements provided to the financing banks, the only reply I got from 1MDB was effectively, it was none of my business. Arul Kanda refused to deny or confirm if their statements were doctored.

When I asked how much 1MDB paid Aabar or International Petroleum Investment Corporation (IPIC) to redeem its options, there was absolutely no response from 1MDB. Malaysians got the similar cold shoulder treatment from Arul Kanda when we asked if 1MDB transferred nearly US$1.2 billion to Good Star Limited.

There list of questions to be answered is too long to be listed here in this statement. But it wouldn’t have mattered anyway because we would get the same response from Arul Kanda – they are “recycled allegations”. Well, they may be recycled, but they are recycled because they were never answered by Mr Open Book.

But even if they were indeed “answered” in the 1MDB media releases, what is wrong with a public dialogue to put these matters to rest once and for all?

Arul Kanda went on to argue that the “independent, thorough and professional investigations” by the relevant authorities “are the appropriate forum to determine the truth about 1MDB”, presumably to avoid a public dialogue or debate with me.

The excuse is rich coming from someone who just gave TV3 an one-hour interview on 1MDB. If the so-called investigations (all of which are currently in limbo), are indeed the most appropriate channels to “determine the truth”, why did Arul Kanda try to manipulate public perception with his one-sided interview?

Therefore Arul Kanda should stop being a hypocrite by claiming 1MDB to be an “open book” but fail miserably to be transparent and accountable as his job demands of him.

Why can’t Arul Kanda answer these questions to allay the fears of the public and the suspicion of gross mismanagement and misappropriation taking place in the wholly-owned Ministry of Finance subsidiary?

Let me repeat here that if Arul Kanda is truly sincere, then he must honour his offer made earlier in January this year to hold a dialogue with me over 1MDB. There’s no need to twist and turn to hide the fact that he has chickened out of the offer.

I strongly believe that if Arul Kanda is able to respond to the questions posed and successfully debunk all my allegations and criticisms, it will not only do 1MDB a whole load of good, it will go a long way towards halting the slide of the Malaysian currency, stock exchange and economy.

Tony Pua

Friday, August 14, 2015

Mr Arul Kanda, All I Want is a Chat

If Arul Kanda truly believes that 1Malaysia Development Bhd is an “open book” then he must honour his invitation to me in January this year for an open dialogue.

On Wednesday late night, 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) President, Arul Kanda granted TV3 an interview to dispel the supposedly unjustified criticisms against the company.

“For me, 1MDB is an open book with many investigations… We are the most investigated company in Malaysia.”

Arul Kanda even has the cheek to claim that the delay in the Public Accounts Committee investigation “is really making it hard for us to work. As 1MDB, we want to give answers to the questions and allegations made against us. When the meeting is stalled, we do not have that chance.”

The 1MDB CEO is completely insincere with his claim of being an “open book”. If he is really sincere about being an “open book”, there would have been a lot more clarity and factual information about 1MDB without having to await exposes by third party sources such as the Sarawak Report, The Edge or The Wall Street Journal.

In fact there are so many simple questions that 1MDB has refused to answer in a straightforward and forthright manner. For example, is it true that 1MDB’s group debt has increased from RM42 billion to nearly RM50 billion to date? Or is it true that 1MDB has doctored its financial statements provided to the financing banks? Or how much did 1MDB pay Aabar or International Petroleum Investment Corporation (IPIC) to redeem its options?

Or a question which has been floating around for the past 6 months – did 1MDB transfer nearly US$1.2 billion to Good Star Limited, a company controlled by the international man-of-mystery, Jho Low?

Why can’t Arul Kanda answer these questions to allay the fears of the public and the suspicion of gross mismanagement and misappropriation taking place in the wholly-owned Ministry of Finance subsidiary? No one is more responsible for the credibility damage caused to 1MDB than 1MDB’s own top executives for refusing to be transparent and accountable.

Instead, all we get is a scripted television interview within the safe confines of UMNO-owned TV3 in a futile attempt to redeem its own reputation.

If Arul Kanda is truly sincere, and 1MDB is truly an “open book”, then Arul Kanda must honour his offer made earlier in January this year to hold a dialogue with me over 1MDB. There’s no need to pretend to wait for the PAC.

In fact, given that 1MDB’s battered image is causing serious negative consequences to Malaysia’s currency and economy, Arul Kanda must now accept an open debate or public dialogue with me to answer the many pressing questions, all Malaysians and the international community are asking.

If Arul Kanda is able to respond to the questions posed and successfully debunk all my allegations and criticisms, it will not only do 1MDB a whole load of good, it will go a long way towards halting the slide of the Malaysian currency, stock exchange and economy.

Surely, Arul Kanda can’t be afraid of someone whom he claims got all his facts wrong?

Tony Pua

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

An Open Invite to the PM - Come See How Fundraising Really Works

An open invite to the Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Najib Razak to attend the sell-out DAP Petaling Jaya Fund-Raising Dinner to discover first hand how we raise funds.

Earlier this month, Dato’ Seri Najib Razak boasted that he is "ready to declare our political funding sources, if the opposition agrees to do the same," singling out DAP.

He also said that his efforts to legislate transparency in political funding in 2009 were "shot down by DAP", but added that he is ready to make a second effort for such legislature.

The Prime Minister must be joking. The DAP has never been consulted or showed the draft on any legislation before they are tabled in Parliament, much less a political funding bill. In fact our objections to dozens of bad laws were dismissed outright by the rubber stamp legislative assembly.

Hence we are shocked to discover that the DAP is accused of being so powerful that we are able to oppose or reject the political funding bill which the Prime Minister had wanted to table.

Let us say outright, the DAP has never objected to any political funding bill and will support all bills which will promote transparency and accountability.

My colleague, Member of Parliament for Segambut, Lim Lip Eng has already extended an invite to Barisan Nasional Strategic Communications Director, Dato’ Seri Abdul Rahman Dahlan to discover first hand how the DAP raises its operating and election funds. Unfortunately and inexplicably, the Minister did not have the courage to come see the truth for himself.

However, we hope that the Prime Minister will be true to his words – that he is “ready to declare his political funding sources”, if we agree to declare ours.

Hence, we have reserved 2 seats for you at our VVIP table for you and your wife at our fund-raising dinner tonight in Petaling Jaya for you to witness first hand, in full public view how the DAP raises its funds.

We are pleased to inform the Prime Minister that we have successfully sold a record 300 tables to raise funds in just 10 days. We will show to the Prime Minister that when 3,000 Malaysians attend our dinner, they willingly pay and contribute to attend. This is in complete contrast to Barisan Nasional dinners which are completely free, augmented by lucky draws of hundreds of lucrative prizes.

Hence, it will be a perfect opportunity for Dato’ Seri Najib Razak to show and explain how he received and spent his RM2.6 billion donation to the sell-out crowd of 3,000 Malaysians. I am certain that the crowd in Petaling Jaya look forward to greeting the Prime Minister with all the necessary decorum and provide him every opportunity to explain his case.

Tony Pua

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Our PM is Acting Like a Man Who Fears the Truth

The MACC never cleared Dato’ Seri Najib Razak of corruption and wrongdoing but the Prime Minister cleared himself for receiving RM2.6 billion in his personal bank account without any supporting evidence.

Datuk Seri Najib Razak claimed yesterday that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has cleared him of corruption over the US$700 million or RM2.6 billion donation in his personal accounts, according to reports in the News Straits Times and The Malay Mail Online.

“Don't say I sell the country, I won't sell the country. I'm the prime minister who will take responsibility for whatever I do… that's why MACC has said it is not corruption and not 1MDB money,” he was reported saying during the opening of the Bandar Tun Razak Umno division meeting yesterday.

I’m simply amazed at how the Prime Minister of Malaysia can twist the statement by the MACC to claim that he has been cleared of corruption and wrongdoings. I had to re-read the MACC statement issued on August 3rd to see if I have read its content wrongly.

“The result of the investigation found that the fund totalling RM2.6 billion allegedly deposited into the accounts of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak was a contribution from donors, and not from 1MDB,” the commission said in the statement.

The MACC statement however never stated that the “contribution from donors” does not involve corruption or gratification as defined in the MACC Act. While the statement said that the money did not come from 1MDB, it did not clarify if it came from parties involved with the multi-billion ringgit transactions with 1MDB.

Furthermore if the MACC has indeed closed the case and cleared the Prime Minister, why would the MACC issue another statement two days later to clarify that "MACC would also ask Najib to give an explanation to the MACC about the donation he received"?

Hence it cannot be clearer that the MACC has never cleared the Prime Minister for receiving such dubious and suspicious “donation” from the Middle East.

What’s more, the MACC also clearly stated that it was still investigating former 1MDB subsidiary, SRC International Sdn Bhd for the RM42 million transferred into Dato’ Seri Najib’s bank account. In fact, MACC has already made several arrests pertaining to these investigations.

In fact, if the MACC has indeed cleared Dato’ Seri Najib Razak, there would have been no need for all the drastic actions taken by the Prime Minister’s Department to intimidate, jeopardize and stall the activities of the MACC.

The police has arrested and investigated MACC officers who were investigating the Prime Minister. Two senior directors of MACC were suddenly transferred to the Prime Minister’s Office on Friday. The Special Taskforce investigating the Prime Minister has also been disbanded by the new Attorney General.

All the above actions by the Prime Minister points not towards a man who is “cleared” and innocent, but to one who is using and abusing all his powers to suppress and obstruct any further investigations into the dodgy RM2.6 billion mysterious donation.

Dato’ Seri Najib Razak is acting like a man who fears the truth exposed and chooses to lie and twist facts in his attempts to sweep the damning evidence under the carpet.

If the Prime Minister really believes he is innocent, he must immediately reinstate the Special Taskforce and grant them complete independence to finish their investigations without fear or favour. Otherwise, Malaysians cannot be blamed for expressing their own judgement on the matter.

Tony Pua

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My Open Letter to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Mr David Cameron

Dear Mr Prime Minister,

Welcome back to Malaysia. It is an honour that you have decided to return to my country so soon after your last trip in April 2012.

Let me first take this opportunity to congratulate you on the recent successful re-election of your government. For all its oft-cited shortcomings, the British democratic system remains among the most free and fair in the world, with the Westminster an institution most countries like ours look up to.

I am also extremely encouraged by the increasing assertiveness of UK’s foreign policy which seeks not only to serve the British national interest but equally to establish a minimum moral and ethical standards in a world increasingly dominated by greed and self-interest.

At a forum entitled “Building the world we want by 2030 through transparency and accountability” during the 69th UN General Assembly on September 24th 2014, you highlighted the fact that “the more corruption in your society, the poorer your people are.” You admonished those who refused to deal with corruption. “Some people don’t want to include these issues in the goals. I say: don’t let them get away with it,” you said.

Just last month, you wrote in the Huffington Post to implore the G7 to place priority on fighting corruption, using the FIFA scandal to provide the impetus. You argued eloquently that

…at the heart of Fifa is a lesson about tackling corruption that goes far deeper. Corruption at Fifa was not a surprise. For years it lined the pockets of those on the inside and was met with little more than a reluctant sigh.

The same is true of corruption the world over. Just as with Fifa, we know the problem is there, but there is something of an international taboo over pointing the finger and stirring up concerns… But we just don't talk enough about corruption. This has got to change.

You have since 2013 led a mission to ensure Britain's network of overseas territories and Crown dependencies, like Cayman and British Virgin Islands, signed up to a new clampdown on tax evasion, aimed at promoting transparency and exchange of information between tax jurisdictions.

As you said, "we need to know more about who owns which company - beneficial ownership - because that is how a lot of people and a lot of companies avoid tax, using secretive companies in secretive locations.”

Yesterday, your speech in Singapore was pointed and direct. You told the listening Singapore students that “London is not a place to stash your dodgy cash”.

“I want Britain to be the most open country in the world for investment. But I want to ensure that all this money is clean money. There is no place for dirty money in Britain. Indeed, there should be no place for dirty money anywhere.”

You rightly pointed out that “by lifting the shroud of secrecy”, we can “stop corrupt officials or organised criminals using anonymous shell companies to invest their ill-gotten gains in London property, without being tracked down.”

We, Malaysians need you to make the very same points in our country. Making the above points in Singapore is good, but it is like preaching to the converted as our neighbour is ranked 7th in the 2014 Transparency International Corruption Perception Index.

The leaders of the Malaysian government on the other hand, are embroiled in a financial scandal of epic proportions.

In particular, our Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib Razak, whom you are to meet has been recently accused by the Wall Street Journal that he has received in his personal account cash deposits amounting to nearly USD700 million in 2013. It is a damning but substantiated allegation which he has steadfastly refused to deny.

Some, if not all of the money could be linked to state-owned 1MDB which is crippled by USD11 billion of debt, requiring billions of ringgit of emergency bailout funds by the Malaysian tax-payers. I am certain that you have been briefed on leaked documents clearly points to an incriminating trail of plunder and international money-laundering across Singapore, the Middle East, the United States, Switzerland and yes, the United Kingdom.

The New York Times and other media outfits have also raised questions about how his family owns properties, in New York, Beverly Hills and London worth tens of millions of dollars. These properties were purchased with the same opaque “shell companies” which you have rightly censured.

The sheer scale of the sums involved makes the FIFA bribery scandal look like child’s play. This is the very reason for the drastic iron-fisted actions Dato’ Seri Najib Razak has taken over the past two weeks. As you would have found out by now, he has sacked the Attorney-General who was leading the investigating taskforce on the above scandals. He has also sacked the Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin for questioning the 1MDB shenanigans in a Cabinet reshuffle designed to stifle inquiries into the subject matter.

The newly promoted Deputy Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Zahid Hamidi who is also the Home Minister, acted to suspend the country’s leading business papers, The Edge Weekly and The Financial Daily last week because they played a leading role in uncovering the multi-billion dollar scam to defraud Malaysians. Can you ever imagine the UK Financial Times being suspended?

I have on the other hand, been in a relentless pursuit to uncover the conspiracy to defraud the country at the very highest levels since 2010. Earlier in March this year, I became the first Member of Parliament to be sued for defamation by a Prime Minister in the country in a blatant attempt to muzzle my strident criticisms.

When that failed, I have found out last week that I’ve also become the first Member of Parliament ever to be barred from travelling overseas, without any reasons, valid or otherwise, being provided. The only plausible reason for such a drastic action against my right to travel is that I will soon be arrested for my troubles to expose the truth and highlight the staggering size of embezzlement, misappropriation and criminal breach of trust.

If the local media’s police sources were to be believed, I am most ironically being investigated under the recently amended Criminal Penal Code for “activities detrimental to parliamentary democracy”. It is a ‘heinous’ crime which carries up to a 20-year jail sentence.

Mr Prime Minister,

You have written that you “need to find ways of giving more support and encouragement to those in business, civil society and the media who are working to fight corruption”.

Malaysians need your “support and encouragement” today. While we do not need your interference over our sovereign affairs, we also do not need any pretentious praise embedded into polite diplomatic speak which will lend any legitimacy desperately sought by Dato’ Seri Najib Razak’s administration.

We also hope that the worthy mission to increase trade relations between our two countries with great historical links will not relegate your goals to “make the global business environment more hostile to corruption and to support the investigators and prosecutors who can help bring the perpetrators to justice.”

We pray for your wisdom to speak resolutely on Britain’s zero tolerance against corruption and money laundering. For Malaysia, the façade of a moderate Westminster-like democracy masks many ugly truths of social injustice, political oppression and extensive corruption.

Like you, I’ve had the immeasurable privilege of completing my degree in the best university in the UK, which ranks among the best in the world (if not the best). We completed the same course in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) but I was 6 years your junior.

While you received a first class honours and I missed the cut, I hope that our alma mater has embedded in us the moral fortitude to play our little roles in building a better world.

I will end my letter with a quote from our fellow alumnus and PPE graduate, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi who most pertinently said, “sometimes I think that a parody of democracy could be more dangerous than a blatant dictatorship, because that gives people an opportunity to avoid doing anything about it”.

Thank you for listening, Mr Prime Minister.

Tony Pua
Member of Parliament for Petaling Jaya Utara

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Rahman Dahlan, Your Loyalty is Truly Admirable...But the Truth Will Always Surface

Why is Barisan Nasional Strategic Communications Director Dato’ Seri Rahman Dahlan trying to protect those who are guilty to embezzlement, misappropriation and fraud by citing non-existent rules which prevent the Auditor-General Interim Report on 1MDB from being made public?

On Thursday, I had called upon the Finance and Prime Minister to direct the Auditor-General to make public its findings in the Interim Report on 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB). Based on the information which is provided in the report, all questions of whether the 1MDB-Petrosaudi data which was exposed by The Sarawak Report and other media outlets such as The Edge was tampered, fabricated, doctored or otherwise will be immediately put to rest.

However, Barisan Nasional Strategic Communications Director, Dato’ Seri Abdul Rahman Dahlan prefers to keep the truth in the dark by citing non-existent clauses in the Parliamentary Standing Order which alleged prevents the Prime Minister from making public the report.

Malaysiakini reported on Friday that Dato’ Seri Rahman Dahlan argued that “the prime minister doesn't have the power to make the AG's interim report on 1MDB public since it's bound by a parliamentary standing order. In fact, information submitted or discussed in the PAC cannot be made public by members of the PAC until they are submitted to Dewan Rakyat.”

The Minister’s claim is complete and utter nonsense. While the proceedings of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) cannot indeed be made public until the PAC’s report is tabled in Parliament, that’s the PAC’s report and not any Auditor-General’s report. PAC has absolutely no power to prevent any document submitted to the committee to be separately made available to the public or any other party.

I’ve taken the trouble to relook at the Parliamentary Standing Orders, the Audit Act 1957 and the Federal Constitution with regards to the role and responsibility of the Auditor-General (AG). I found that there is absolutely no clause which forbids the making public of any investigations, audit or findings by the AG.

All that is necessary for it to happen is a directive from the Finance Minister whom the AG reports to. The question is therefore, what is the real reason why Dato’ Seri Najib Razak is stubbornly resistant to making public the Interim Report which contains more than sufficient information and documents to confirm or dispel the various confusing allegations and counter-allegations around 1MDB?

For instance, Malaysians will be able to confirm, once and for all, if The Sarawak Report has indeed fabricated or tampered documents relating to the 1MDB-Petrosaudi investment transactions. Or whether The Edge which have had their publication licenses suspended, did indeed print damaging reports against 1MDB based on “unverified information”?

Perhaps more importantly, the Interim Report can testify to whether there was an evil conspiracy to bring down a democratically-elected government as alleged by Barisan Nasional leaders or, was it a coming together of patriotic, right-thinking individuals who want to ensure government leaders and individuals behind billions of ringgit of corruption and misappropriation are punished for their evil crimes?

Dato’ Seri Rahman Dahlan should stop giving flimsy and untenable excuses to prevent the Interim Report from being made public. The more he does so, the more the people will believe that the Najib administration is hell-bent on hiding the truth and the truth is billions of 1MDB funds have been lost through embezzlement and criminal breach of trust. It will reinforce the perception that the Minister is doing his utmost to protect the criminals guilty of the above fraudulent multi-billion ringgit transactions.

The Minister must realise that the truth will always find it’s way to the surface, and it will never be successfully suppressed. Hence the faster the Interim Report is made public, perhaps the less damaging it will be for the Prime Minister’s and Barisan Nasional’s credibility.

Tony Pua

Saturday, July 25, 2015

1MDB Interim Report Transparency Will Clear the Storm of Unsubstantiated Allegations

The 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) farcical circus which is making Malaysia the butt of international derision, can be ended today if the Finance or Prime Minister instructs the Auditor-General to make public its findings in the Interim Report on 1MDB.

The sheer volume of information and misinformation, allegations and counter-allegations thrown in the media and public space is staggering and mindboggling. Not only the consumers of news – regardless of whether it is in the mainstream print media or the internet news portals – are baffled, even well-intentioned reporters are often left confused.

Take for example, the oft-repeated allegation that the Thai police have stated that a Malaysian opposition leader had met with former Petrosaudi executive, Xavier Justo who was arrested for alleged blackmail in Bangkok.

The only official quote given by news sources from Lieutanant-General Prawuth Thavornsiri was “He (Justo) met a very important person from a certain country, in Singapore. He then negotiated the selling price of the documents and later sold them to the buyer.”

Separately, in an interview with The Straits Times Singapore, he said Justo met with “many people, about 10, from the media and from political circles, even from the same party as the PM (Datuk Seri Najib)”.

It was however The New Straight Times (NST) which claimed that the Thai police confirmed Justo admitted to meeting a very important person from a Malaysian opposition party without an attributable quote. This slight of hand has since been taken as the gospel truth allowing the Barisan Nasional leaders to go on a witch-hunt against the leading critics of 1MDB.

Before this, BN leaders and many mainstream media alleged that the Thai police had confirmed that Xavier Justo tampered the information sold to third parties. For example, On 24th June in Malacca, Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi announced that based on information obtained from the Thai authorities investigating the case, several Malaysians were alleged to have directed Justo to manipulate and tamper with information stolen from his former employers, PSI.

However, nobody could find any quotes attributable to the Thai police then which confirmed any such findings above. The allegation which was blown up by BN leaders valiantly defending 1MDB was also finally proven false when Lt Gen Prawut Thavornsiri confirmed last week that Justo “didn’t make any changes to the documents and sent the original documents (to the buyer) as digital copies.”

The entire farcical 1MDB circus has reached the heights of international scorn and derision for Malaysia. Our country’s reputation has been torn to shreds with the sheer volume of information and misinformation which has made a complete mockery of our governance system, transparency and accountability.

The Finance and Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Najib Razak has a very simple way to end the entire fiasco, by ending the exceedingly unhealthy speculation over whose allegations are the truth, and whose are fabricated. All he has to do is allow the Auditor-General to make public the Interim Report with the relevant attachments which was submitted to the Public Accounts Committee.

Based on the information which is provided in the report, all questions of whether the 1MDB-Petrosaudi data which was exposed by The Sarawak Report and other media outlets such as The Edge was tampered, fabricated, doctored or otherwise will be immediately put to rest.

There will be no more need to for Lester Melanyi paid video confessions. There will be no more need for countless unsubstantiated allegations and insinuations by BN Ministers against opposition leaders’ involvement in tampering data. After all, the Second Finance Minister, Dato’ Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah had issued a statement last week that “the Auditor-General investigating 1MDB’s activities has found no evidence of wrong doing” in the Interim Report.

Therefore, I call upon the Finance and Prime Minister to stop dragging Malaysia’s good name through the mud and immediately direct the Auditor-General to make public the 1MDB Interim Report to put to finally prove if the allegations from the 1MDB critics like us were based on hard facts and documents, or prove the BN leaders’ claims that we have cooked up our allegations with fabricated information.

Tony Pua

Do What Is Right For The Rakyat !

Are there no Ministers with any integrity and moral conscience left in the Cabinet?

As darkness descends over the country when the powers that be abuses the country’s laws to protect the despicable criminals, is there no integrity and moral conscience left in any of the 30-odd Cabinet Ministers?

The country’s most established and reputable financial newspaper group, The Edge had two of their publications suspended yesterday. The Ministry of Home Affairs stated that The Edge weekly and The Financial Daily were "prejudicial or likely to be prejudicial to public order, security or likely to alarm public opinion or is likely to be prejudicial to public and national interest".

They were not informed of any specific instance where their reporting were allegedly prejudicial to “public order” or “national interest”. Malaysians can only guess, in all likelihood correctly, that it is due to their coverage and exposés over the RM42 billion 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) scandal.

Similarly earlier on Monday, the Government blocked the Sarawak Report website which was responsible for the exposé of the joint venture agreement between 1MDB and Petrosaudi International Limited as well as other incriminating emails and documents relating to the above transactions.

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) even admitted that the website was blocked as a preventive measure despite not having any proof of wrongdoing by the website.

On Wednesday this week, I became possibly the first Member of Parliament in the history of Malaysia to be barred from leaving the country for unknown reasons. Again, I can only guess that it is due to my strident criticisms of the Najib administration over its management of 1MDB. In fact, if the Malaysiakini police source is to be believed, outrageous as it may be, I’m actually being investigated under Criminal Penal Code for carrying out “activities detrimental to Parliamentary democracy”.

All of the above draconian actions, perhaps with more to come, are carried out despite the clear facts which have been established against 1MDB. Despite previous assurances to the contrary, the Malaysian government was forced to grant 1MDB an emergency loan of RM950 million to service its mountain of debt in February this year. Subsequently in March, the Government gave 1MDB another “letter of support” which effectively guaranteed another RM540 million of loans from Bank Exim.

More recently in June, the Ministry of Finance had to be a party to an agreement with Abu Dhabi’s International Petroleum Investment Corporation (IPIC) to indemnify the latter of its advances of at least US$1 billion to 1MDB. This desperate move was done to enable 1MDB to repay its US$975 million debt to a consortium of lenders led by Deutsche Bank.

All of the above proved beyond doubt that 1MDB has been disastrously managed. Documents which were leaked and published widely, only provided additional corroborating evidence of misappropriation, embezzlement and criminal breach of trust.

Hence, questions have been asked by many as to how the exposé of a multi-billion ringgit financial scandal of a wholly-owned Government subsidiary against national interest? The only way it could be against national interest if it were based on lies and fabricated information.

But if all these documents were indeed lies and fabricated information, why has 1MDB never disputed them and provided the undoctored versions? As the 1MDB imbroglio boiled over, there was never once 1MDB specifically refuted the allegations by The Edge, or the Sarawak Report or myself. The 1MDB executives have at best provided blanket or vague denials.

As a matter of fact, 1MDB President even lied to Malaysians that there was US$1.1 billion of cash sitting in a bank in Singapore, when in reality it was merely illiquid assets presented as “units” of indeterminate value.

Surely, we can expect some of the Ministers in the Cabinet, especially those who appear to be more intelligent like UMNO Youth Chief, Khairy Jamaluddin or Pemandu CEO, Datuk Idris Jala to see through the façade of lies and realise the sheer scale of shenanigans committed in 1MDB.

However, despite some presence of intelligence, there is clearly no moral conscience or integrity left in the souls of these Ministers. They may not be stupid, but they no longer care for what is right or wrong.

It appears to matter not that the country is being robbed, and the eye-witnesses and whistleblowers are being shackled and punished. They will not speak against corruption and injustice because they are only interested in preserving their own political status and power.

Tony Pua

Friday, July 24, 2015

Rahman Dahlan's Not Very Strategic Strategies Against Me

It is laughable how Barisan Nasional Strategic Communications Director Dato’ Seri Rahman Dahlan has to continuously shift goal posts in his attacks against me, each time after getting eggs on his face.

First Dato’ Seri Rahman Dahlan did his chicken dance to insinuate that I had met Xavier Justo without the courage to accuse me directly of meeting Justo in Fullerton Hotel in Singapore to alleged fabricate documents against 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB).

Suddenly this line of attack goes quiet after I showed my passport which had only one stamp to Singapore over the past year on 19 March 2015, well after the documents were leaked by Sarawak Report at the end of February. (I was no where near Fullerton Hotel either, by the way.)

Then there was the cock-sure press conference where the BN Strategic Communications Director “dropped a bombshell”, as reported by The Star, when he claimed to have seen a video confession by an individual allegedly involved in falsifying information contained in media reports on 1MDB.

Dato’ Seri Rahman Dahlan said the complainant, Lester Melanyi claimed to have substantive evidence of malicious intent on the parties involved in executing a mission dubbed "Mission to Criminalise Datuk Seri Najib and 1MDB".

But that too ended up with more eggs on the Minister’s face as not only was Lester paid for his “confession”, Lester was a bankrupt and the information was fabricated to include a “master forger” who was really a transport company employee in Norwich.

After days of bravado over the video, the Strategic Communications Director finally accepted his strategic errors and ditched his video attacks on the critics.

Yesterday, Dato’ Seri Rahman Dahlan shifted the goal post again, this time, calling me “a prophet of doom”. I must say, I was somewhat stunned when he raised the matter that I had warned of the economic impact of Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary’s market dominance and cumulative debt in his companies.

He took issue what what I argued “that the Syed Mokhtar business empire's debt of RM34.3 billion could "genuinely cause fears of bailouts with taxpayer money". I said this fear was "especially real in the light of a global economic slowdown and a fallout from the Eurozone financial crisis". I had warned the government that "in the event of default, the rakyat's monies would not be made to pay for the follies of BN cronies".

I’m responding to him now asking, what’s wrong with my statement? The debts are huge and some of his companies such as Proton, are desperately seeking support, directly or indirectly from the Government. If an economic crisis hits Malaysia, the there is no doubt that a massive bailout will be required, just like what happened to UMNO-controlled Renong Bhd in the 1990s which had RM28 billion of debt.

But even without a crisis, the people are suffering from high prices due to monopoly of the rice and sugar trade. In fact, the rakyat has to foot increased taxes in the form of GST because the Government has awarded many directly-negotiated sweetheart deals to Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar’s companies, for example, the ultra-lucrative RM7.55 billion contract to supply of armoured personnel carriers.

Hence I absolutely standby everything which I’ve criticized on the Syed Mokhtar deals which are still published on my blog today.

At the same time, I’ve been questioning the highly dubious 1MDB transactions since March 2010 as well. Is the Minister serious suggesting that the RM42 billion indebted company isn’t doomed without a monster bailout from the Federal Government?

Was I not right to argue that the mounting debt was unsustainable? Isn’t it true to say that had the Government listened to the 1MDB critics way back in 2011 and 2012, the scandal-ridden company may not have needed such a massive bailout today?

So, Dato’ Seri Rahman Dahlan, what’s your point? Or you had none? Or that you merely want to distract attention from the Prime Minister who has yet to admit or deny that he had received nearly US$700 million in his personal bank account?

Tony Pua

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Curious Case of Lester Melanyi - How Low Can One Go ?

Lester Melanyi will receive a Letter of Demand from my lawyers this week and will have 7 days to retract and apologise for his widely publicized video statement.

Lester Melanyi has via his 2-part videos to date directly accused me of conspiring with other parties, foreign and local to fabricate and falsify information about 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) in order to “cheat and lie” to achieve whatever alleged objectives.

The self-confessed paid “confession” by Lester Melanyi is packed with incredulous tall tales which even the most hardcore of Barisan Nasional supporters would find hard to believe. In the latest video, he even alleged that 90% of what is published by the Sarawak Report on 1MDB was fabricated and only 10% was truthful.

If it were indeed made up of 90% lies, then I am certain that the Sarawak Report stories would have been debunked and humiliated a long time ago by 1MDB. Instead, 1MDB had over the past 6 months steadfastly refused to rebut the specific allegations which were backed with attached documents.

That is the reason why Housing and Local Government Minister, Datuk Seri Abdul Rahman Dahlan did his “chicken dance” to capitalise on the above allegations politically, but was too much of a coward to accuse me of the above crimes directly.

What stunned me was Lester’s “confession” that I had “communicated once” with him in January. Allegedly I had asked him whether he was “on this 1MDB mission” and he had responded to me that he wasn’t. Instead, he had allegedly told me “to communicate with Clare (Rewcastle) directly”

I was stunned because I’ve never known or heard of a “Lester Melanyi” in my entire life before the first video, much less “communicated” with him! I almost doubted myself and actually took the trouble to search for his name in my emails and contacts list, in case my ageing memory failed me. Fortunately, or unfortunately, Lester’s allegation was completely fabricated.

However, Lester’s videos weren’t just a mere work of fiction. It is a malicious attempt designed to destroy the reputation and credibility of those who were most critical of 1MDB. Lester’s accusations meant that I had cheated and lied in my criticisms against the scandal-ridden company and that I had also conspired with other individuals to do the same via the Sarawak Report.

It is shocking how low BN Ministers will go to – relying on a fictitious confession from someone with no credibility in order to taint the critics of the Government. They don’t even bother to do some simple background checks on their dubious sources. Perhaps that is understandable because they are so desperate to distract the people’s attention from the scandal-ridden Prime Minister who has yet to deny receiving nearly US$700 million in his personal account.

Unlike Dato’ Seri Najib Razak however, I will not be writing to Lester Melanyi to seek “clarification” on his video. I’ve directed my lawyers, Gobind Singh in Klang Valley and where necessary, Chong Chieng Jen in Kuching, to issue a letter of demand against Lester and anyone else who republish or repeats his utterly baseless accusations this week.

They will have 7 days to retract and apologise publicly for their false and malicious allegations, failing which I will immediately commence a legal suit against the relevant parties.

I certainly hope that whatever fees Lester received from BN or its affiliated NGOs for the made-up “confession” is worth his while, and more importantly perhaps is to request Dato’ Seri Rahman Dahlan to foot his legal bills.

Tony Pua

Thursday, July 16, 2015

PAS Has Every Right to Contest Against Us in the Next GE

It is the democratic right of PAS to contest in any and every seat in Malaysia, but perhaps they should be more worried about hanging on to most of their gains in the last General Elections.

I have read with mild amusement the announcement by PAS Election Director, Datuk Mustafa Ali, that the party will field candidates in DAP-contested seats in the next General Elections.

Let me state clearly that it is the democratic right of any party to field candidates in any seat throughout the country, and that would obviously include PAS. Datuk Mustafa Ali is even welcomed to field a candidate in Petaling Jaya Utara to provide the voters with an additional choice for selection.

As PAS has officially terminated all forms of political cooperation with DAP, this will include all cooperation between the parties in Selangor despite the fact that PAS representatives remain in the state government.

DAP Selangor has met and confirmed that we will not be providing any assistance or support to any PAS candidate in the state for the next general election.

Instead, I will direct all DAP leaders and branches in the state to start active work in certain seats contested by PAS with the objective of contesting them in the next general election.

These seats will include, but are not limited to:

No Constituency % Malay voters Majority % PAS
1 Seri Serdang 45.5% 16,251 62.9%
2 Dusun Tua 50.9% 4,701 55.1%
3 Taman Templer 50.9% 7,467 58.2%
4 Tanjong Sepat 52.0% 682 51.4%
5 Chempaka 53.1% 9,608 63.1%
6 Lembah Jaya 54.0% 8,713 60.5%
7 Paya Jaras 56.2% 5,522 57.2%
8 Meru 58.6% 9,079 62.9%

In addition, DAP Selangor would like to express our unequivocal support for PKR and any other parties contesting in Selangor which subscribes fully to the common policy framework. These parties should be able to work in a coalition built upon consensus, in the interest of protecting of all Malaysians in a democratic multi-racial environment.

The final list of seats DAP Selangor contests will ultimately be subjected to amicable negotiations with our new post-Pakatan Rakyat coalition parties which does not include PAS. The objective will be for the new coalition to continue our record against Barisan Nasional in Selangor and contribute towards winning Putrajaya in the next General Elections.

Tony Pua