Friday, July 25, 2008

The Maid

This is hilarious. We members of parliament do often trade horror stories of our experiences with some of our constituents on the type of complaints we receive in our respective offices. Having heard many, I dare say, this one by Gobind Singh, MP for Puchong must rank right up there.

This lady walks into Gobind's service centre with a stack of documents to file a complaint. She started the tedious process showing her documents of her maid application, receipts of payments, the maid's photo and medical report made as well as other documentation to Gobind.

After a while, puzzled by the lady, Gobind then asked, "Well, everything looks to be in order, and you have got your maid. So what's the problem?"

The lady replied, "You see, this maid that I got, she wakes up at 7am. How can a maid wake up at 7am? "

Gobind raised his eyebrows, "Yes...?"

"She should be waking up latest 6.30am! Where got maid wake up at 7am one!" the lady complained.

Absolutely stunned, but maintaining his ice-cool composure, Gobind asked, "Ummm... yes, and how may I help?"

Without missing a beat, the lady responded, "Well, I voted for you in the last elections, so you must come to my house and knock some sense into the maid's head!"



And when the lady left later, Gobinds assistants who heard the conversation outside came into his office sheepishly with tears in their eyes. I certainly have tears in mine now!
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