Thursday, March 31, 2016

DAP Federal Territories (FT) and Selangor expresses support for and solidarity with Guan Eng and Kit Siang

The DAP FT and Selangor State Committee and branch leaders met on 31st March 2016 in Kuala Lumpur and we unanimously resolved to express support for and solidarity with DAP Secretary-General Sdr Lim Guan Eng.

Barisan Nasional has launched it’s fiercest and most stinging attacks against Lim Guan Eng that we have ever seen to date.  BN MPs and Ministers are using parliamentary immunity to hurl numerous spurious allegations and outright lies against the Penang Chief Minister.

The  BN-owned  and  dominated  media  followed  up  by  going  to  town  with  the  cooked-up scandal. Both  Lim Guan Eng  and  the  Party  has had  to  endure  the  avalanche of  malicious attacks via “trial by media”, peppered with unsubstantiated and twisted facts.

Such  massive  attacks  serve  to  divert  attention  from  the  multiple  political  crises  faced  by Prime Minister Najib Razak especially arising from the Citizen’s Declaration on 4th March.

The  attacks  also  aim  to  discredit  Guan  Eng  and  the DAP  in  the upcoming Sarawak state election. The Penang Chief Minister was the most potent political figure for the Opposition in the previous Sarawak state election in April 2011.

Both  DAP  FT  and  Selangor  proudly stands  by  the  implementation  of  open  tenders  by  the Penang state government  which  not only improves  transparency but eliminates graft and corruption.

Hence when BN alleged that the controversial land in Taman Manggis was sold to KLIDC in exchange  for  a  bribe  via  a  bungalow  bought  below  market  price,  we know  that  it  can’t  be true. It  cannot  be  true because  the  said  land  was  sold  via  open  tender  to  the  highest bidder. There’s no need for a bidder to pay a bribe when he has to bid the highest price to win. This is unlike the BN states where land is sold and alienated via direct negotiations.

In  addition,  the DAP-led  Penang  government  has  been  accused  of  betraying  the  people’s interest by selling the piece of land meant for low-cost housing.  That has now been proven to be an utter lie, because it was the then BN state government which rejected the low-cost housing proposal in March 2007.  What’s more, the DAP-led Penang government has instead in  2012  commenced  a separate  low,  low-medium  cost  and  affordable  housing  less  than  2 kilometers  away in  Jalan S P Chelliah. Better still,  the  Jalan  S P  Chelliah  land  is nearly  10 times the size of the land in Taman Manggis.

Therefore,  we  welcome  fair  and  unbiased  investigation  into  Guan  Eng’s  purchase  of  his house. We  also  hope  that  the  investigations  will  be  expedited  so  that  his  name  can  be cleared as soon as possible.

DAP FT and Selangor calls on our members and supporters to be cognizant of these political calculations, help the party emerge from these attacks stronger, and support Sdr Lim Guan Eng in his battle to clear his name.

Tan Kok Wai & Tony Pua

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