Saturday, June 08, 2013

Dr Mahathir Redefines Racism

The UMNO DDD brigade, exposed by Member of Parliament of Gelang Patah, Lim Kit Siang has continued their non-stop inflammatory propaganda to cast the DAP as a racist party.  The DDD brigade led by none other than former Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamed has now claimed that the proof that DAP is a racist party is that the Chinese voters voted for them, and the Chinese turn out for the recent Pakatan Rakyat rallies are high.

This accusation must rank as among the biggest piece of gibberish coming from the 88 year old UMNO President.

When Malays vote overwhelmingly for UMNO in the past, it is never “racism”.  When a 100% Malay crowd hold weekly protests against the Pakatan Rakyat government in Penang, it is not “racism”.  When Chinese voted for MCA in the past, that can’t be racism.  When Chinese also voted strongly for PAS and PKR in the current elections, PAS and PKR are not accused of racism.

When Malays increased their support for the DAP candidates in the same election, Dr Mahathir accused DAP of spreading “propaganda” that influenced educated Malays into perceiving the Barisan Nasional (BN) government as corrupt.

However, when the Chinese also voted strongly for DAP, that is proof of DAP “racism”. When many Chinese turns up at Pakatan Rakyat events, that is beyond shadow of a doubt, Chinese “racism”.  What type of senile perverted logic is that?

Dr Mahathir and his DDD brigade should perhaps look up the dictionary on the definition of “racism”.  Racism is defined in as “a belief… usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others” or “a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination”.

By the above definition alone, it is proof that the real racists of this country are UMNO, Dr Mahathir and his DDD brigade.  In fact the multi-million ringgit DDD brigade has via influential blogs and the UMNO mouthpiece, Utusan Malaysia completely rewrote the definition of “racism” to fit their own political objectives.  Their objectives are to brainwash Malays and Malaysians into believing “anti-racism” as “racism”, and “racism” as their birthright.

Where else in the world can you find a party like UMNO which calls for “ketuanan Melayu” or supremacy of the Malays as its sole raison d’etre being able to dispel all notions of its racism?  While at the same time, DAP, a party that fights only for equality of opportunities, justice regardless of race and religion as well as for free and fair elections, being demonised as the most racist entity in the world.

Just because we support the doctrine of “ketuanan rakyat” or the supremacy of the people, and oppose the doctrine of the supremacy of any single race, UMNO has since the end of last year made DAP their biggest enemy to ensure the survival and continuation of their racist policies. The concerted non-stop onslaught by the DDD brigade led by Dr Mahathir, funded with hundreds of millions of ringgit is resulting in DAP facing the single biggest fight of our political history.  Their objective is nothing less than the total demise of the DAP whether via de-registration by the Registrar of Societies, the imprisonment and disqualification of our leaders via the abuse of Sedition Act and other draconian laws, and the total rejection by Malays and Malaysians of DAP as a “racist” party it is not.

The DAP will stand firm on our principles and fight all racist attacks from UMNO and Barisan Nasional.  The leaders will stand on our principles without fear or favour and are prepared to suffer all injustices meted out by the UMNO regime to ensure that our future Malaysian generations will not be trapped in the racist framework we endure today.

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