Monday, May 07, 2012

Najib Should Not Shift the Blame

The Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak has once again tried to shift the blame over the chaos created by the Police during the Bersih rally to the decision by the Bersih committee to reject the use of Stadium Merdeka as the alternative venue.

Aside from the fact that the venue was only offered to Bersih at the very last minute, there is absolutely not good reason provided by the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) for the rejection to use Dataran Merdeka.

As a result of the unreasonable rejection, the assembly participants were forced onto the streets and the police force had to be deployed to barricade and “secure” Dataran Merdeka perimeters.  It became a most ridiculous and ironical situation where the Bersih rally was tacitly allowed on the streets, but they were not allowed to gather on the field!

The Prime Minister had made the mistake of denying Bersih the right to assemble in Stadium Merdeka during the Bersih 2.0 rally in July last year which resulted in chaos in the streets where the Police force had trapped the protestors and even attacked the Tung Shin hospital with tear gas and water cannons.  He has once again made the same mistake of denying Bersih’s request to sit-in Dataran Merdeka which resulted in the unnecessary violence arising from the face-off between the Police, media and Bersih participants.

Dato’ Seri Najib Razak should look at himself in the mirror when he claimed that Bersih has breached the “principles and spirit of the Peaceful Assembly Act”.  It was the Prime Minister himself which failed to understand and embrace the principles and spirit of the Act to allow greater democratic space for expression and assembly by Malaysians.

His actions and denials have proven that that the “political transformation programme” has been a complete failure and was only a cosmetic public relations exercise aimed to lift the Prime Minister’s image and credentials.


Anonymous said...

The PM full of bullshit! Unfit and and stop blaming the rakyat. Please answer the greatest Malaysian robbery issue or will sent you to Mongolia to apologize for the missing lass Tuya.

Anonymous said...

he is getting the mainstream media but the pople r angriii

Donplaypuks® said...


Please allow me to digress.

With the latest award to Rosemajib of hon PhD by UPSI, you should raise the issue of how the intial grant of $115 million (approved 1 week after Najib became PM) to Permata was spent. There was also a supplementary top up of several more $ millions.

Have the Permata accounts been audited? Who were the beneficiaries?

When Curtin Uni awarded her a hon PHD there was a blurb that there are now some 600 Permata centers in 1M. Huh? That's 46 centers for every State? Possible?

Anonymous said...

Of course, Najib will shift the blame to deflect accusations of his own culpability. As the PM, he could have listened to the people of Bersih and let them sit it out at Dataran Merdeka. This would have, at least, made him look good to the world. Too bad he made this mistake of going against the wishes of the protesters. Now he must pay for his wickedness. The people of Malaysia must vote him and Umno out of office.

Anonymous said...


Referring to a crying mom in TV3:

Very typical mindset especially from hardcore UMNO supporters, which I think too narrow minded.

You know what every ibu always teach their children (all religion):

1. Never talking lies ( e.g Seorang kata itu SOP Polis, seorang lagi kata tidak ada SOP / sekejap kata Bersih tidak bahaya, yang seorang kata bahaya menjatuhkan kerajaan. Semua auta.)

2. Never do harm to humans even if their wromg(beramai-ramai menendang, menyepak seorang yang sah tidak bersalah; tembak air sehingga seorang ibu masuk hospital.)

3. Never boros dalam perbelanjaan (ini sudah nampak siang-siang)

4. Never main rasuah. (he .. he..)

5. Never mempermainkan agama (yang ini haram, yang itu .... senyap)

6. and .... many other issues that our mom teach us.

So ... if what every mom had said " never " and yet we still do dirty work?

Sudah tentu "Derhaka kepada ibu...."

Ingat! Bila ibu diam, tidak kata apa-apa, bukan bererti dia restui perbuatan kita.

Ibu yang berterus terang lagi selamat kita, dari ibu yang mendiamkan diri. Tak kira kita miskin atau kaya-raya. Ingat tu!

Anonymous said...

Granted the statement need to be said. But truly, given Najib's mediocrity, not to expect him to shift blame? Can pigs fly?

The real criticism of Najib is he has been given plenty of opportunity to get this right and he STILL screwed up. UMNO is 0-3 against Bersih. Now many times do they need to get it right? Its not that big a deal. Look at SG - they stack things in their favour too with less but do people go to the streets or they are under threat?

Fact is Najib managed this whole issue of electoral process cleanup badly as he has handled anti-corruption badly. The bottom line is he does not want to. He does not even believe it.

Fact is things has gone badly for him is because he believes in little except the mechanics used by UMNO for decades and he has used up all of those mechanics down to two thing - cheat and buy election and everything else and that is simply not acceptable for a nation that need to change in a changing world.

In other words, Najib should stop wasting ALL of OUR time and money by repeating things that isn't working anymore including these hyper blaming.

We as a nation has a lot to do and a lot to talk about and Najib & Co is simply getting in the way. They are simply pest and nuisance afforded by our wealth and generosity.