Tuesday, April 24, 2012

FokusPRU13: Pilihanraya Bersih

Anthony Loke, DAPSY Youth Chief and MP for Rasah speaks about the inadequate electoral reforms and the need for a free and fair election in Malaysia. Exclusive on Fokus PRU13 hosted by Hata Wahari.


Anonymous said...

Loke fluency in BM is something all DAP rep should have. Even Hata has trouble keeping up with him on the analysis.

By far, DAP proves they are superior technocrats. However, the attempts at inspiration still is short. And their partner for inspiration PKR and PAS it seems gets better as technocrats but not matching with inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Why no comparison of Tunku Abdul Aziz with Chemical Ali? Its so much simpler to explain the whole crap with electoral process?

Anonymous said...

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Tiap2 tahun boleh jenjalan luar negara wooo...masyukkk

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