Friday, January 27, 2012

Khairy should Get Out from the Racial Mindset

I read with bemusement and disappointment not for the first time, MP for Rembau, Khairy Jamaluddin asking DAP to declare its number of Malay members to prove our 'multiracial' credentials.

It is unfortunate that Khairy is not able to rid himself of the UMNO paradigm of race-based ideology and politics. The DAP has never denied the fact that Malays form a small proportion of our membership base, and this "weakness" has been exploited by BN politicians stuck in the racial mindset to the hilt to frighten the Malay community into submission.

Khairy and his fellow BN leaders subcribes to the quota-based "multi-racial" definition where it can only be multi-racial if 70% of scholarships are awarded to Malays or if 30% of corporate wealth is in the hands of bumiputeras (excluding Government ownership).

The DAP's political ideology is based on social justice, democracy, freedom and equal opportunity and not based on race.  Hence we are multi-racial because we do not ban membership based on the colour of one's skin, unlike the key BN parties of UMNO, MCA and MIC.  The DAP accept all Malaysians, regardless of race, religion or geography as members, as long as they believe in our struggles and subscribe to our political ideals.

There is no question that we face the uphill task of convincing the Malay community to join our struggles over the past decades, especially in the light of UMNO's use of racial arguments to fan sentiments, attract and retain members. However, our leaders have never been dismayed by the uphill battle and have no intention of sacrificing our ideals by doing a "Perkasa", just to attract more Malay members.  The means will not justify the ends.

Instead we believe that over time, the principles of social justice, freedom, democracy and equal opportunity will emerge victorious against race-supremacist ideologies.  Increasingly, we can see greater dissatisfaction among the Malay community of UMNO's antics of hiding corruption, cronyism and abuse of power under the guise of the New Economic Policy. We are happy that there are an increasing number of leaders and activists in the Malay community who have joined DAP recently because they believe in our cause.

The numbers will only increase once the Malay community, and Malaysians at large see past the lies printed in BN-owned mainstream media, and understand that the DAP causes will benefit all Malaysians, regardless of race, religion and geography.  Hopefully Khairy, of all people, will be able to rid himself of his preoccupation with race by then.


Anonymous said...

Dearest Khairy,howdy mate? As one of the lesser classmates of yours-we bunch of pea-brained guys -we had high hope that you'd be the next great politician in Malaysia, but of late,we noticed you tried hard to be in the same league with those great jokers Pekasa Ibrhim,Zul,Pekim Tee & Mr King Kong,Pekuda bullies....which grouping is all about racial,sexual and religion intimidation of minorities.Bit of advice from a lesser classmate....focus on big real national issues (Cowgate,Subgate,PKFZgate,Mongoliangate,etc) and leave those kiddy stuff to those national jokers to entertain themselves.

Anonymous said...

Well said!

Anonymous said...

Continue with your good work in exposing the abusing, misusing and corruption of those in high office with the public money.
Do not fear or be intimidated by anybody or the authority if you have the facts and evidence to back you up.


Anonymous said...

Lets not kid ourselves what this is. He can't be this dumb. He don't believe its an important issue and yet he is revving it up. The real issue is that KJ has a lot of issue on his plate and real things that need to be done and yet he is doing things purely for political reason regardless of what he believes in and for no apparent reason than to attack.

Politicians and everyone do things they don't believe in all the time but the difference is that KJ has a lot of things to do and THIS is all what he CHOSE to do. He don't have to and he does. THIS is at the core is how Corruption gets out of hand - there is a way to do things legitimately, it just a lot easier and a lot more indulgent to do so..

Anonymous said...

DAP has proved to be the MOST PRINCIPLE Party subscribing the Noble ideal of Malaysian Malaysia.

With the admission of 'principled' Malays into DAP now, there is no way for DAP to move but UP!

Hope that with weeks n months to come before GE13, more 'quality' Malays will come forward.

Donplaypuks® said...


Permit me to digress a bit and refer you to my piece on the piratised 60-Year toll highway deal at

Like the NFC and $9 billion patrol boats con jobs, DAP should focus on this issue too and make sure this contract is NEVER signed.

Please start sending out a powerful message to civil servants, Ministers and BUmNO/BN croney businessmen that they will pay later when Pakatan comes into power with long prison terms if they cheat the Rakyat!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

ps, we met oustide the jln duta court complex on 9th Jan together with Bernard.

Anonymous said...

Its sad KJ is not being his true self. Leave politics a while, KJ you have lost your friends too. at the rate its going BN can't self heal it has to be purged. Leave politics get back into business and ferrari club. That's all. You have lost a lot more than you think. Sad man! for those who have read your work before knows you are forced to comply. leave politics for now.