Friday, July 15, 2011

Putrajaya Must Apologise for Tung Shin Hospital Assault

The Inspector-General of Police, the Health Minister and the MCA President must immediately issue a public apology to Tung Shin Hospital for violating its sanctity and to all Malaysians for trying to cover up the misdeeds of the police force

Eleven doctors who were present at Tung Shin Hospital have bravely stepped forward to present their eye-witness accounts on the fact that the police force has violated the sanctity of the hospital and to express their disgust at the authorities for having "shamelessly denied publicly, the occurrence of these incidents..."

All three leaders, Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Ismail Omar, Health Minister Dato' Seri Liow Tiong Lai and MCA President, Dato' Sri Dr Chua Soi Lek were extremely quick to deny the incidents where the police deployed tear gas and water cannons onto the hospital compounds and entered the hospital to arrest, sometimes violently, Bersih supporters who had sought refuge there.

They had defended the actions of the police despite the avalanche of visual evidence that the hospital was attacked with the most pathetic and incredulous of excuses, like the "wind" blowing the tear gas into the hospital compound or that the police "only brought in some injured demonstrators for medical treatment".

After being criticised heavily for his 'valiant' but futile attempt to defend the police, the Health Minister had attempted to salvage his reputation by pushing the blame to the Hospital board of directors instead and asked "everyone to wait for the results of police investigations into all reports on incidents that took place on Saturday."

While he was initially very quick to absolve the police from blame, Liow had the cheek to then ask "everyone to wait for the results of police investigations" after having seen the evidence otherwise. Worse, his party president, Dr Chua persisted in arguing that the videos and pictures were "unclear", proving that the former Health Minister is either physically blind or acting blind.

Now with 11 distinguished medical specialists testifying what Malaysians already know as the truth, are the IGP, Health Minister and MCA President going to procrastinate further by claiming that they need to send the video recordings and photographs to experts in the United States, this time to prove that the evidence have been, forgive the pun, 'doctored'?

The IGP and he BN Government should stop making fools of themselves to the entire watching world. The IGP must take responsibility for the infraction, and apologise immediately to the hospital for the "scant regard for the safety of patients, staff and the general public who were at the buildings that afternoon," to quote the good doctors.

The Health Minister must apologise to all Malaysians for failing to protect the hospitals under his charge by demanding accountability from the police force, and to the hospital on behalf of the federal government. He must also retract all the lamest exuses and lies he had provided to defend the actions of the police earlier, if he is sincere about respect for hospitals as a "place of convalescence", as he preached in his tweet yesterday.

Dr Chua Soi Lek, himself a practising doctor, should give voice to Malaysians who are disgusted with the actions of the police and prove that MCA is not without a backbone, remaining completely voiceless in Barisan Nasional and subsevient to Umno. He must apologise not only for MCA's failure to defend what is morally and ethically right, but also for becoming apologists for the BN state apparatus used to repress ordinary Malaysians defending their constitutional right.


Anonymous said...

I believe they need to apologize but its may not be for what they said. I think they need to apologize for NOT giving an explanation of how they could have been so stupid as EVEN TRY to cover up the attack.

Why did they try SO HARD to cover it up? Either they are truly stupid or they HAD TO TRY i.e., they were acting on guidelines and instruction. In which case, they should apologize for being stupid or following stupid instruction and immediately resign.

We don't need stupid robots as ministers. We need leaders who can tell the dumb guy on top he is dumb if we have to live with the dumb top guy.

I really don't care if they apologize to Tung Shin. Make no difference to me they are ill-will. Its the stupidity - that is just unforgivable..

Anonymous said...

Dear Health Minister,
PLEASE for heavan sake just say yes or no whether the rakyat(yes,those were our people not illegals)at Tung Shin were attacked or not .DONT GIVE CRAP HYPOTHESIS THAT SOMEONE SOMEHOW SOMEWHERE WANTED TO GET YOU RESIGNED.....also PLEASE tell your boss CSL DONT make another clownish statement like "just a political perspective" over the Tung Shin incident! When does MCA wants to grow up like all of us and be a man?

Anonymous said...

Stupid. Bullying and arrogant BN Minister. Liow should resigned immediatedly rather than be paranoid saying people trying to bring you down. Absurd. Pathetic and complete lack of morality like Chua Soiled Leg. Disgusting we got such so called Chinese represnting us.

Anonymous said...

YB Pua, heard from reliable sources that DCNS will secure another deal for the second generation patrol vessel project. It seems that MINDEF is accepting unproven design from the French. The Netherlands have a proven design and cheaper yet better packages to offer but it seems that they are being used just for the sake of covering the tender participation. THE NAVY DOESNT ACCEPT THE SPECIFICATIONS BUT ZAHID HAMIDI STILL INSIST! I pity the NAVY.

Anonymous said...

My hats to you Tony making your comment about coalition today. Absolutely sharp to show some teeth when your opposite co-horts think they can show theirs when they lose. Now is not the time for political convenience for anywhere down the heirarchy - did not give in to Hindraf, don't need to give it to the bunch of jokers.

cityiklan said...

what's wrong with the goverment nowadays??