Friday, May 27, 2011

"The Tiger That Lost Its Roar" Out Now!

My new book, the first one in English, "The Tiger That Lost Its Roar" is finally printed after countless "interruptions" (like by-elections)! It's a tale on Malaysia's Political Economy, written in such a way that I hope will be accessible to all Malaysians (and everyone else who's keen on Malaysia's political economy).

It's 350 pages thick, covers issues from foreign investment, privatisation, subsidies, NEP/NEM, financial scandals (especially PKFZ), education as well as other problems and solutions to be implemented to resolve our declining competitiveness.  Plus, I drew that sad, scrawny-looking tiger on the cover. ;-)

It'll take a few weeks before it hits the bookshops around the country, but for those who'd like to have it shipped to you next week, send me an email -

Give me the following details:
  1. Name
  2. Shipping address
  3. Quantity
  4. Hardcover (RM60) or softcover (RM30)
There'll be a shipping charge of RM6 for local postage. You can pay via Maybank2U or Visa/Mastercard credit cards.

The book is published by DAP and the profits will of course go towards a good cause by the Party.

Thank you for all your support!


Anonymous said...

why arrr the tiger look like a pig......maa

Malaysianjustice said...

How to make payment?

Anonymous said...

Tony, pre-1997 Malaysia WAS one of the five tigers of Asia which include Spore,Taiwan,Korea.Those nations are great poers now.Now 15 years later Malaysia still struggling to compete with Indonesia,Thailand,Vietnam and yet our cabinet members are pretending all is so well, helped selfishly by the shameful local media(they forgot there's internet!).For sure all these rich and powerful people have already parked their money overseas,got a PR and of course villa ready,when the day comes the country crumbles down, all these bastards will fly out first class with their families leaving the poor and hopeless over-worked working class like us to sort it out ourselves(civil disorder).JUDGEMENT DAY most likely happens in Malaysia first due to our tremendous ungodly actions which challenge God's plans almost daily by so many hypocrites.

CTG said...

Bought the book. WOOHOO!!! Can't wait to get it =)

I don't think it's safe for me to put up his bank acc number here, but if you wanna make payment, you can email Tony at his email and request for his bank account number.

Hopefully this book will give awareness to more Msians abt our beloved country and may we one day achieve a Malaysian Malaysia for all! =D

Anonymous said...

what tiger. its more like a tame cat. poverty is everywhere- urban n rural. our national debt accoerding to teh ( THE BUDGET ) in 2009 is rm 400 billion

Anonymous said...

Does this qualify as Malaysian literature? If so I want to set it as a compulsory text for my students :D

Ngan said...

From 'Roar' to 'Miao Miao', from tiger to pussy cat.

samgoh88 said...


The tiger that has lost its loud roar
Is just like a bird that no longer soars
While it may not be as stupid as a boar
It may soon be chased out of the front door

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Sun. 29th May 2011.

Kenny said...

Is it available at major bookstore countrywide?

PSTan said...

I was wondering whether it will be banned under the name of national security? lolx

Anonymous said...

Do you accept payments by UK Visa Debit cards?

Anonymous said...

Do you accept payment by UK Visa debit cards?

Vincent said...