Thursday, August 26, 2010


This has to be a classic - the MACC lawyer, Abdul Razak Musa attempting self-strangulation. Check out the full 805MB video on the Attorney-General's website.


Ngan said...

Abdul Razak Musa is a lawyer of comedian?

I think he watched too much cartoon.

NS said...

"We called four experts, and they all said no strangulation, so I want to inform you that after 3.30 there's no reason anyone would want to harm the deceased."

What does that even mean? Or is it out of context in this video?

The guy in the middle at the front row is the best throughout the video. The moment the DPP mentions self strangulation he does an epic face-palm knowing the shit storm that's about to hit.

The full video has been taken down from the AG site. Shocker, I know.

Anonymous said...

Why is DAP arguing about hudud law and Ronnie Lui again? DAP needs to be mature enough to handle these issue wisely. Are we trying to allow BN to use it against Pakatan? Maybe it's hopeless for us.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree with Anonymous 9.37am. DAP pls have close discussions with PAS about any of that Hudud thingy and not make it public.

Don't give idiot BN the ammo to fire back at you guys. Wrest putrajaya from them is the main priority.

And yeah, that's one retarded lawyer (Don't mean any disrespect to mentally challenged people, because they are no where the level he is in) I have ever seen. Pea brain.



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Anonymous said...

Got any bruise marks on His neck or not? If not, ask him to press harder untill they appear...

Anonymous said...

Ayohai..Hebat sekali..ini laoyer pasti buatan Malaysia..!Malaysia Boleh..!