Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nik Ali: "An Exemplary Officer"

Najib's defence of Nik Ali smacks not only of double standards, it's a signal for senior government officials to continue to refuse cooperation with Pakatan led state governments

Both the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak and the Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin have jumped into the fray in the Penang Pakatan Rakyat government's battle against “little Napoleons” in the civil service by choosing to defend the “little Napoleons” and ignoring their outright transgressions.

Tan Sri Muhyiddin has claimed that the Cabinet finds nothing wrong in the actions of Penang state development officer Nik Ali Mat Yunos who has not only demonstrated open defiance against the state government but has also demonstrated his political impartiality by conducting press conferences under the auspices of Umno.

In Miri, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said the cabinet regretted and found unacceptable the action taken by Lim in degrading the honour of a federal officer, but failed to highlight the fact that it was Nik Ali who first publicly called the Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng “biadap” or insolent.

In fact, Tan Sri Muhyiddin went to the extent to call Nik Ali “an exemplary officer” and saw “no case of insubordination”. Similarly, the Chief Secretary to the Government has reiterated that “no action will be taken against Nik Ali”.

The above prejudicial comments by both the PM and DPM demonstrate clearly that the Barisan Nasional federal government is using the civil service “little Napoleons” to make life difficult for the Pakatan Rakyat state governments to serve their own political interests.

The actions of the PM, DPM and the Chief Secretary sets a dangerous precedent as they serve as an endorsement of recalcitrance by these “little Napoleons” as well as clear encouragement for them to commit such acts towards the Pakatan Rakyat-led state governments.

The Barisan Nasional (BN) leaders are unable to accept the situation where a government founded on “competency, accountability and transparency” will outstrip the performance of BN and have instead chosen to inculcate “little Napoleons” in the civil service to sabotage state policies which serves to benefit the rakyat.

Datuk Seri Najib has also clearly went against his own mantra of “people first, performance now” whereby it is clear in this case that despite Nik Ali's non-performance, he received sky-high praises from the top leaders of the BN government for playing politics with the Pakatan Rakyat leaders. Instead of choosing people first, and rewarding civil servants who serve the interest of the rakyat, the BN government is now focused on getting an impartial civil service to serve BN's own political interest.

The Pakatan Rakyat state governments have no beef with the Malaysian civil service and we have worked well with many top civil servants who have given outstanding performance in the delivery of our policies. However, the Pakatan governments will not tolerate the presence of “little Napoleons” whose only roles are to serve their own personal interest as well as that of Umno and BN.

The continued presence of and encouragement given to these “little Napoleons” will only result in continued leakages, corruption and inefficiency in the government delivery mechanism, and will turn away precious local and foreign investors who will see no practical changes with the Government despite the implementation of the “New Economic Model”.


Anonymous said...

When I heard Najib said 'an exemplary officer', then I know the man is literally crapping in his pants. The guy must wetting himself in bed!

Seriously, they have stopped using their brains. They are basically on auto-mode and have no idea what they are doing.

I suspect they have no idea how much trouble they are in. Saying 'exemplary' just puts them in worst light than they already are. How can even think it was even defensible?

Angry Citizen said...

After reading this article and what transpired in the media recently about the reactions of various parties,especially fr BN,it now make me more determined to vote for PR in GE13.The civil services are supposed to be impartial.If the senior officer felt he is being unfairly treated,he can complain to his superior(i.e the Chief Secretary)and let his superior to sort the matter with the CM.But instead he chose to go to the press,in an improper situation(at the UMNO press conference) and uttered disrespectful words at the head of the state(the CM).This shows clearly his political inclination which is not proper at all!And secondly showing disrespect to the Chief Minister(which is legally elected by the majority of people of the state).We do not need this kind of public officer and he should be reprimended and gave a public apology!Anyway,by the actions and words of the BN leaders in backing Nik Ali,you(BN) are doing a discredit to yourself and doomed to be kick out in GE13!

Lee Wee Tak said...

no wonder the foreign investors are feeling malaysia.

with such leaders and officials, and compare to other countries', Malaysia taking a beating is not surprising

i would categorise Nik Ali in the same bracket as the PDRM who intervened in the Perak power grab and arrest of lawyers in Brickfield or somewhere which drew the rebuke from BAR council.

the PM and the DPM are pretty terrible in defending Nik Ali, just like when the DPM ridiculed PERC, and the hard cold numbers hit back hard

the people who ruin the livelihood of the rakyat is the traitor of this nation. their hideous mask of deceive, divide and rule must be unveiled for all to see

Lynn said...

Tony, I really could not believe the statements attributed to the PM and DPM over this Nik Ali episode. The audacity of them trying to defend a civil servant who has been rude to a Chief Minister. Nik Ali has the right to clarify in his defence but he has no business calling a CM 'biadap', and especially at the press conference of the opposition politician (ie, UMNO) and in an UMNO building!

I have totally lost respect for Najib and Muhiddin and thus will not refer to them by their honorific titles. If someone like me from remote Sarawak can be so furious over the lack of discipline against a civil servant, what do you think will be the reaction of those in Semanjung, esp Penang? I can almost guarantee Penang under Pakatan for GE13.

Odette said...

It would be good for the public to know if the civil servant has done anything wrong apart from his outburst and acts of insubordination.

LUCKY_STRIKE_14 said...

As a student or generation y, I would always tell myself that we shouldn't practice racial action really be a true MALAYSIAN and act fairly. But somehow, even the top leaders in our nation are setting some bad example that influences the younger generation.
May I ask a questions to those top leaders. Is that hard to differentiate a politician and a civil servant?
1 Malaysia???Rakyat didahului??? Walk the talk please.

kl_boy said...

I do think maybe Guan Eng went abit overboard by calling Nik incompetant and other terms so openly (after all, malay are not the type that likes to be call bad names in public if u understand them) However, I sympathise with LGE as I feel that this sudden outburst must have come after a long period of non-cooperative attitude from them all this while hence the problem.

Having said that, this simply does not excuse Nik Ali for breaching the civil service code on impartiality as it will now make it a precedent for federal appointed agencies to openly defy the ruling state administration in future. All this problems could have been avoided if the SDO had done the job in an open and transparent manner especially in working with the state govt.

If the DPM and BN had wanted to settle the problem, all they needed to do was ask DAP to keep quiet, quietly resolve this (if want to transfer Nik, at least it can be done quietly without the civil service losing 'face')thus turning the problem into their favour (i think).
Instead, DPM and his idiotic ppl went openly to fight this by stating their support with some silly reasoning (must be the 'balls' issue). The BN has only exposed their influence - linkage with the civil service making it hard for the civil service to carry out their duties now. The public can now be entitled to ask this. Are you carrying out this order because it is an part of the procedures of a civil service which is governed by law or you are carrying the bidding of a political party irrespective of the violations involved ?

Anonymous said...

Yb Tony ,
Over the weekend I was in Penang , the feed back I received - most of the educated and urban folks are giving the thumbs - up for Pakatan to rule again in the next general election - they are so fed up with the current poltical scenario - BN will lose big amongst these voters

Anonymous said...

I am actually dissapointed at your statement about FDI.

In real relative term, Malaysia IS THE WORST performer in South East Asia. Given the advantages we have cost, savings, oil, commodities etc, we should be exceeding Singapore's numbers just to match their performance. The numbers being close to countries that have HUGE problems and so little advantage except cost, means we are performing WORST THEN THEM.

We are already the sickest man in South East Asia. Its just the manifestation of the disease is not clear yet.

Anonymous said...

well, the challenge has been thrown and DAP has to tread carefully. right now it is not too clear about what had transpired between the two parties; hence, get a verifiable chronolgy of events for the public to form an opinion. by being open the spotlight can focused whoever is wrong.

Anonymous said...

It is good that the CM of Penang exposed this 'little-Napoleon'type of public officer.If not,they will still think and act like we(rakyat)have to kowtow to them.They think they can hold the rakyat to ransom by threats.Please remember,your salary comes from the rakyat taxes which come from our hard labours!Your immediate conscience is to serve for the benefits of the rakyat!

BE FAIR said...

On this affair,I read recently that Utusan Malayu(the UMNO-owned newspaper co) has make a remark that if the SDO(State Development Officer)of Penang is a chinese,will the CM react like towards Nik Ali.Now,I want to tell back to Utusan,if the SDO is a chinese, this thing(of arrogance and disrecpect)will not happen.So,Utusan,what you going to say?

Anonymous said...