Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chilling Out with Gavin Khoo

Yes, I was convinced into a "Chill 'n' Chat" session with Khoo Kay Peng, a well known social and political analyst and some say, food reviewer. ;-)

For those keen on finding out what I thought of food at Chef Loong's, a non-traditional dim sum restaurant in SS2 (along Sea Park Police Station), "enjoy" the 10 minute clip. ;-) Or check out Kay Peng's other reviews at "Eat, Drink & Be Merry!"


Anonymous said...

" hmm par moe yeh sek, chooi par hmm hoe sek ...lalalala " so sang ( in cantonese ) the theme song for TV gal, Angel's TV programme

Your this 10 min. clip reminds me of her " RM50/- for 5 meals a day " food review programme =)

but with inflation scares turning really fearful now, I think Angel has to double her meals cost to at least RM100/- now

Anonymous said...

i like "shanghai dim sam"哥哥我去那裏你請我吃;),