Tuesday, August 01, 2006

DVDs & VCDs Sale

Well, a little bit of party promotion will not harm. I'm sure regular readers know that the DAP organises a fair bit of forums with regards to issues of public interest in Malaysia. While the forums are usually held in KL, not all are able to be able to join these forums for one reason or another.

Well, for those interested in finding out more about these issues, don't fret, we have the forums and the speeches by the respective speakers all recorded and are now available in DVDs and VCDs. They are available for sale right here on this blog and you'll have the DVD/VCDs shipped right to your doorstep ;).

They are cheap by any standards, just US$3.00 (~RM10.35) per disc, excluding shipping (US$1.00 for local and US$2.50 for international shipping).

1. Malaysia, After Lina Joy: A Dialogue (June 2007)

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